The Painter


Being a single woman, I often tried get as much sex as I could and I did. With my body most men can’t resist me,  I’m 5’4 brown springy hair, a little more than medium sized breasts, a slender waist silky skin, and smooth round ass. I’ve had sex almost every week, sometimes even twice a week.

One week, I had a painter come to my house to do a painting on one of my walls. The moment that painter stepped into my house I knew he was going to fuck me sooner or later. I introduced myself as Julia Lee. He said, “Hello, my name is Corlo.”

“Corlo” I said, “Come with me and I show you the wall.”

Corlo picked up his painting tools and walk with me to the wall. “Okay, here you go. I’ll just be upstairs if you need anything okay?”

“Sure” Corlo replied.

Around lunch time I went downstairs and put on a pot of tea.I removed two cups and a jar of honey from the cabinet, and brought them to where I Corlo was working and looked at the painting that was coming to life.

“It’s beautiful,” I said.

“Like other things in this room.” he said referring to me.

I blushed. Corlo stepped down from his latter and made his way toward me, shirtless.

Corlo was a stunning man with his short-cut, brown hair, built chest and jeans. He came to me, put his hand on my cheek and we moved to kiss each other when the tea began to steam. I moved back and said, “Would you like some tea?”

“Sure” Corlo muttered.

Corlo stepped into the kitchen after I moved the tea pot off the stove. Corlo came up behind while I was putting the honey in the tea.

Suddenly, I felt his waist push against my ass. He grabbed my waist and spun me around. We kissed he each other wildly.

Corlo picked me up and sat me down on the island in the middle of the kitchen. He unbuttoned my dress to  my waist where the buttons stopped. He turned around grabbed the honey and placed it next to me. He dipped a a paint brush into the honey and let it drip all over my chest. He dipped it again and rubbed it between my breasts.

He made his way around my right breast and encircled my nipple with honey he dipped the brush again and did the same to my left breast. He leaned forward and sucked the honey from my tits. I moaned in plaesure. Corlo licked the rest of honey from chest. He tore the rest of my dress apart exposing my crotch ch and long legs. He dipped his brush in the honey again and rubbed the bruch on my clit. I moaned loudly as Corlo lowered his mouth onto my clit and licked the honey off it. He moved his mouth to my cunt and inserted his tounge. He rubbed the walls of my pussy with his tonge and then sucked my juices out of me.

Corlo then hopped up onto the island, stood up, and dropped his pants releasing his fat cock. It was nearly 10 inches long and 6 inches around. I picked up the brush and dipped it in the honey. I rubbed the brush all over Corlo’s cock. I put extra honey on the head of the cock. I licked up and down his shaft and finally slid it into my mouth. I slid his cock in and out of my mouth, but I could only fit three quarters of his cock in.

Then he pulled the back of my head towards his waist. His cock traveled deep down my throat and he came. Corlo then removed me from his cock and laid me down. He rammed his stiff cock into my cunt stretching it beyond its limits. I moaned loudly in pleasure. He repeated this ramming motion again and again till he shot his cum deep into me.

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