The real deal

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My fiance Xander was in the shower and figuring he would be a while.I threw off the bed covers,practically tore off my panties,and spreading my legs wide open,tried to force a dry finger into my virgin anus.It didn’t go very far.So I rolled over to my stomach and before I could try again ,my ass cheeks were spread open as far as they would go.I looked over my shoulder and saw Xander smiling slyly.His 8″,thick cock fully erect.The fat mushroom head glistening.His eyes arew glazed over.”Oh,Hi honey.”I say casually,hoping he wasn’t getting any ideas.”I see the searches you do on anal sex stories.I know you want it.”Worried I start to try to get up,but he is stronger and easily keeps me pinned down.Xander positions him and I feel the tip of his dick scouting its target.Strangely,I reach back to help it find the center,where it is easiest to get in at.His hands are around my waist,as he pushes forward.”You know you want my cock up your ass.”He laughs sadistically,when I resist him.Finally I have to relax a bit,instantly I felt the tip of the head lodge itself about half an inch inside my sphincter.Xander gave it one more shove and in a split second my sphincter gave and snapped shut behind the fat mushroom cap.The pain is awful.I pushed out trying to force him out,yet all that did was help him thrust in deeper.I surrendered to Xander.

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