The Weekend, Part 1


I stood in Master’s house as he circled me, staring intently. He said very little the whole way back from the airport except for establishing some safe words and an exchange of medical papers.  I was here at Master’s house for one purpose only – to live the weekend as his slut and earn my place in his kennel. We both knew it. We both craved it. The very thought of raw uninhibited sexual submission to a virtual stranger of a Master made me wet just standing there.  What began as a fantasy was about to become a reality.

He stopped behind me and spoke into my ear, “This will be a weekend of many firsts for you, my pet. Now, remove your clothes.”

The butterflies in my stomach were flying as I began to unbutton my blouse. Slowly and nervously I removed my jeans until I was before my Master in just my panties and bra. I caught his slight smile of approval as I shed my undergarments.  I stood before him completely naked and exposed, staring straight ahead as he examined my nakedness. He caressed my nakedness with a slight smile of approval. I winced as Master stopped over my nipples and give them a slight but firm pinch and tug. I gasped as his hand reached down my stomach and between my legs to feel my wetness. He slid a finger in as I moaned ever so lightly.

“Wet already, my pet? First things first.” He went over to the table and picked up a collar and leash.
“When was the last time you ate, my pet?”
I replied, “On the plane, Master.”
He thought for a bit then said, “While you are here this weekend, you will be fed a very strict diet. This diet will consist of water from your dish, vitamins, your birth control pill and of course, cum. You will learn to appreciate your offerings of cum and learn to savor the delicate nuances between semen like a fine wine. This diet will also keep your other fuck hole relatively clean for the weekend so it can be readily used.”

Master walked behind me and fitted the collar around my neck and then attached the leash.

“Well, now we have to get you prepared;”  he led me by the leash slowly to the back door and outside.
“Come along slut, it’s time for you to do your business.”

The backyard was shielded from other’s view and Master took his time walking me around the lawn on all fours as his bitch.

He led me up to a large tree and said, “Use the tree like a dog, bitch.”
I squatted by the tree and Master quickly corrected me, “On all fours and lift your back leg like the filthy dog you are!”

I quickly obeyed and sheepishly waited what seemed like an eternity to pee. When it finally came, I sprayed the tree while some trickled down my leg making a mess of myself.

“We will clean that up in a moment. But first, we need to clean out that fuck hole.” Master opened up a bag and brought out a disposable enema.
“Put your cheek to the ground and put your hands behind your back,” he ordered.

I awkwardly complied, such that I was on my knees and the side of my face with my hands behind my back. My ass was pointed high in the air and completely exposed for my Master. He inserted the tip of the enema into my ass as I let out a slight gasp.

Squeezing the enema into me he said, “Now you will stay in this position for a few minutes while this does its job.” After what seemed like an eternity, the cramping began to set in.
“Now squat by the tree and relieve yourself, my pet;” my ass noisily exploded as I squatted and sheepishly expelled the enema at the base of the tree.
I bowed my head in embarrassment as Master sternly tugged on my leash, “Look at me, my pet. How do you feel?”
I gazed at him submissively, “Humiliated, Master.”
He chuckled a bit and said, “Good. Stay squatted on your feet and bring your hands up front. Now, drag your ass on the lawn and clean yourself like a real bitch.”

I complied only to feel even more humiliated and embarrassed and yet still very much turned on.

“Now get on your elbows and knees and stay like a good dog.”
Master came up behind me and examined my backside, “Hmm, you filthy animal, you’re covered in your own mess.” He stepped away for a minute and returned with the garden hose.
“Let’s get you presentable, shall we?” With those words, Master turned on the hose and directed the cold water onto my naked body. I shrieked as the ice cold water drenched me from head to toe.
“Stay in that position, bitch! Don’t move an inch!” ordered Master.

I cringed as Master directed the cold spray at my crotch, cleaning off the grass and dirt. Finally, Master turned off the water as I did my best to stay in position while shivering and dripping like a dog left out in the rain.

“Shake like a dog,” he ordered. I paused briefly then did my best to imitate a wet dog shaking dry as Master laughed at my humiliation. He grabbed a towel and wiped me down, still in the doggy position, until I was just damp.
“There, all nice and clean.” He led me back into the house by collar on hands and knees and into a bedroom with a large bed. As I knelt at attention, he undid the leash and ordered me onto the bed.

“On your knees, slut. Now beg and whine for some cock like a good dog.”

I sheepishly brought my “paws” up in front like a dog begging for a treat and began to whimper. Master smiled approvingly at my display of humiliation and servitude.

“Well, who I am to deprive this horny pet of a nice juicy bone?” he said as he began to disrobe. He ordered me onto my stomach and directed me to bring my head over the edge of the bed.
“Spread your legs, whore; bend your knees and bring your feet up in the air. Now reach back and grab hold of your ankles and don’t let go.”

I complied with my Master’s orders and laid in this prone and submissive position. I felt Master grab the hair on the back of my head and lift my head up to look straight ahead. I gazed upon my Master’s erect cock that was mere centimeters from my hungry lips. He grabbed the base of his swollen member and slapped me several times across the cheeks.

“Open,” he said as he pressed the tip of his cock into my mouth.
“Don’t move,” he ordered as he began to slowly but firmly fuck my mouth.
“Stick your tongue out,” he said as be slowly began to go deeper and faster.

I gagged a bit and he pulled out to let me breath. But then he returned his cock to my throat and grabbed both sides of my face and started again until I began to tear up and gag some more. I wiggled in vain as I struggled to take his cock deep in my throat, though not daring to disobey Master and let go of my ankles. Finally he pulled out as I gasped and coughed.

“Good little slut. I see you are experienced in taking cock very well in that fuckhole. Now, get on your back and hang your hips over the edge of the bed.”

I got off my stomach quickly and onto my back as Master grabbed my hips and adjusted my position to better suit him. He grabbed a small bottle of lube from his nightstand and squeezed a small dab onto his fingers.

“Bring your knees to your chest and put your feet in the air. Now grab your ankles and don’t let go of them no matter what,” he ordered.

I complied as Master began to rub the cold lube on the outside of my asshole. I moaned a bit as he circled my fuck hole, massaging the lube all around the outside but never penetrating me.

“I would loosen you up a bit with a finger or two slut, but I need to see how adept you are at handling cock with this fuck hole.”

With that said, Master brought his hard cock up and slowly began to push the tip of his cock into my tight fuck hole. I gasped as he penetrated my horny, yet non-prepared hole, thankful that the lube eased his entrance. Grasping my hips, he pushed into me in one slow, yet firm, forward stroke, and held himself in as my tight rectum swallowed his full length. I groaned and squirmed in shock and obvious mixed pain/pleasure, which only seemed to bring a smile to Master’s face. I continued to squirm uncomfortably as I dug my nails into my ankles making sure not to break grasp. Master continued to hold himself deep inside and began to tense his cock on and off, laughing every time I jumped at the sensation of his swollen cock stretching me inside. He began to stroke in and out of my ass, slowly but always at full length, pausing when I was fully penetrated to ensure I felt all of his manhood and superiority. My groans slowly began to show more ecstasy than discomfort as I became more stretched and Master began to fuck me harder and faster. Again I dug my nails into my ankles as my clit ached to be touched.

“Yeah, that’s it, slut; take it all in your ass,” he said as he continued to pound my hole. Just as his strokes were getting rhythmic, he suddenly pulled out of my gaping hole and grabbed my wrists. Pulling my hands from my ankles, he pulled me towards him until I slid off the bed onto my knees on the floor in front of him. “Suck,” he simply stated.

I paused hesitantly, staring at the throbbing sticky wet cock mere inches from my mouth. I had known that this moment would come and prepared myself for it, but paused nonetheless. Master slapped me across the face to break my daydream.

“I know this is a first for you, my pet. But you will keep your hands behind your back and savor every taste. Now, show me that you are a worthy slut for my kennel.”

I wet my lips and took his cock into my mouth, tasting the mix of juices from both myself and my Master. I worked his cock clean, licking and sucking every inch of my Master’s throbbing cock. Master held still, watching me work his cock with my slut mouth – making me work to taste my own ass rather than fucking my face.

“Crave it, slut. Savor the taste of your ass on my hard cock.” Master then swiveled me towards the bed and pushed my chest down onto the bed such that my knees were still on the floor.
“Hands behind your back.”

I moved my hands behind my back as my chin dug into the mattress. I felt the cold hard feel of handcuffs go onto my wrists and the sound of them snapping shut. I felt the tug as Master grasped the chain between the cuffs with his hands as he maneuvered his cock once again to my now loosened, but sore ass. I groaned as he began to once again have his way with my backside. He began to fuck me faster and harder in an unrelenting way.

“Now beg me to let you taste your ass, slut!”
Between grunts caused by his forceful strokes I managed to utter, “Please…Master,…I … want.. to…….ass.” Master continued to fuck me forcefully.
“You don’t sound very convincing slut! You had better make me believe you want to taste your ass off my cock or I will be pounding your ass for the rest of the night!”
I regrouped my thoughts a bit as he continued to punish my ass, “Please…Master…may this…worthless..slut…have…the…pleasure…of…tasting…her…ass…off…your…cock…Sir?”

Master quickly withdrew and pulled me down onto my knees again in front of him with my hands still cuffed behind my back.

“You may, slut,” he replied.

I quickly wrapped my mouth around his cock and began to suck it hard and fast, not even thinking twice about the fact that just moments ago it had been balls-deep in my tight ass. I bobbed my head to and fro, sucking hard and tasting the mix of my ass juices and my Master’s precum. I could tell he was getting near and making him cum was all that mattered now. After a few minutes of hard sucking, Master pulled out of my mouth and began stroking his hard cock.

“Lick my balls slut,” he ordered. I began to hungrily lick and slurp his jewels as he jerked up and down on his cock.
“Tilt your head back and open your mouth, slut. Stick out your tongue and get your just reward.”

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as Master began to cum. He angled his cock such that every squirt either coated my tongue or squirt into the back of my mouth.  Expertly, he made sure every drop landed into his slut’s waiting mouth. I stayed there holding that position as Master filled my mouth with his precious seed for what seemed an eternity. He wiped the last drop from his cock onto my tongue and smiled down at the sight of his slut holding her reward in her open mouth.

“You may swallow it now, slut,” he said as I gulped down my Master’s precious seed and licked my lips.
“Thank you, Master” I gratefully said.
“You have done well so far my slut,” Master said as he helped me to my feet.  “Your pussy must be aching for release,” he said as be undid the cuffs binding my wrists. “Understand that I had to ensure that your other holes were as prepared as I am sure your pussy is, slut. I am not an unreasonable Master and I will grant you the release you long for. I will retrieve your luggage from the other room – I take it you brought all of the clothing I requested?”

I nodded as I had remembered to bring all the things my Master had requested.

“Good”, he said. “Then you will now get dressed in the following items: your black lace bra and panties, your black lace stockings and garter, and black heels. You will also take the time to freshen up and put on new make-up. You are to look especially inviting and slutty with your make-up. If your Master is going to allow your pussy to experience release, then you will look as fetching as possible. Under no circumstances are you to touch yourself. When you are finished getting ready, come into the living room.”

Master left the room closing the door behind him.  I began to clean and freshen up with my ass a little sore, but still excited for release.  I made up my face and began to get dressed in the lingerie as Master wished. After a final check in the mirror, I was satisfied that I was dressed as sexily and slutty as any man would want. I slipped into my stilettos and opened the door and strutted my way into Master’s living room area. As I got there, it surprised me to see Master there standing behind a camcorder on a tripod.

I must have looked a little shocked as Master smiled, “You look absolutely delicious, my pet.” I stuttered, a bit unsure about the presence of the camera. Master, obviously feeling my reluctance, began to reassure me.
“Slut, your whore pussy is going to get release, and I will be taping this session.  Only you and I will have a copy of this tape.  I will not release it ever to anyone; however, the power of you knowing that I could, is what this is all about. Obey me always and you shall never need to worry about anyone seeing your tape or photos. As always, I will never make unreasonable requests of you, and this collateral, much like your photos, are merely for our play – that you are my sex slave physically, mentally, and emotionally. Rest assured I will not blackmail you with it in a serious nature. The only exception is that I may show your tape to other prospective sluts who come for a weekend such as yourself for the prospect of joining my kennel. It will serve as a training video for viewing here only and they will not be given a copy. They too will make such a video of themselves for my collection.”

I still felt a little nervous, but the fact that Master had kept my previous photos private for this time left me with some feeling of reassurance.

“You truly look like a cock-loving whore dressed like that, my pet.  And any Master would appreciate his pet dressing like that for him. Even a Master such as the one over there.”

Master pointed to the other side of the living room and I glanced over to see a large German Shepard sitting patiently in his kennel cage.  I gasped a little, knowing that I was about to have another sexual fantasy fulfilled. Butterflies began swarming in my stomach as the thought of finally being bred like a dirty bitch was at hand. Nervous, excited, and anxious, I gazed back at my Master.

“But first things first, slut. We need to have you sit over here for an on-camera interview.”

I somewhat reluctantly walked over to the chair Master had placed in front of the camera and sat down as he began filming me. He started at my feet and slowly panned up my body to my face.

“Uncross your arms – we need to see all of you, dear,” he said. He zoomed in on my face and I began to look away.
“No, my dear – look into the camera and answer truthfully. First of all, what is your name?”
I looked away and nervously answered, “Jane.”
“Jane what?” he said.
“Barker,” I replied.
“And Jane Barker, where are you from?”
“Good, Jane Barker from Canada,” Master repeated. He was clearly enjoying the humiliation I was experiencing. “And why is Jane Barker dressed like this today?”
I paused for a moment before quietly saying, “I don’t know.”
“Of course you know, Jane Barker.  Is it because you are a slut?”
“Yes,” I replied.  “I am a slut.”
“And Jane Barker the slut, is anyone forcing you to do any of this today?”
“No,” I answered.
“Is anyone paying you to do this today?” he asked.
“No,” I repeated.
“And what exactly are we going to do today Jane Barker the slut from Canada?”
“Have sex,” I said somewhat nervously.
“Have sex with whom?” he asked.
I pointed over at the kennel and said, “Him.”
Master panned the camera over to the German Shepard and said, “That dog? You’re going to fuck a dog?”
“Yes,” I replied sheepishly.
“And why are you going to fuck a dog Jane Barker if no one is forcing you and no one is paying you?”
I paused again, looking humiliated that I was admitting my darkest secrets on camera, “I dunno…cuz I’m a slut?”
Master chuckled a bit, “As good a reason as any I suppose. Have you ever fucked a dog before Jane Barker, slut from Canada?”
“No,” I said.
“So,this will be your first time then Jane? Are you a submissive Jane?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Then you will breed with this dog today and he will be your Master. You will serve him like you would serve any other Master. Your pleasure is secondary to his. Do you understand this?” I nodded in affirmation.
“Good.  Then stand up and go release your Master from his kennel.”

I walked over to the kennel and lifted the lever to let the dog out.  He came out and sniffed me and jumped up towards me. His paws were already covered in socks so that he could not scratch me. I was a little taken back, not being quite used to dogs.

“Come over here and he will follow,” my human Master said. “Sit,” he commanded. The dog complied sitting down about five feet from me.
“That command was for you as well, my little bitch.” I quickly sat on the floor as my Master continued to film. He removed the camera from the tripod and brought it over towards me.
“Now, leave your bra on but pull the cups down so we can see your breasts.” I complied, letting my boobs hang out over my bra. Master reached out while still filming and gave my left breast a slap and pulled on the nipple.
“You  nasty little dog whore. You can remove your panties now too, Jane.”  I squirmed out of my panties on the floor and tossed them on the couch.
“Now, sit with your legs open Jane. Spread your lips with your hands,”  I did so and he brought the camera towards my crotch, zooming in on my spread pussy.
“This is what your pussy looks like now Jane – before getting bred by a filthy dog. This is a K9 virgin pussy, isn’t it?  Soon it will never be the same. Soon you will give up your K9 cherry won’t you?”  I nodded as Master panned the camera back up to my face.
“And this mouth…it’s a K9 virgin mouth. Just thirsting for its first taste of sticky dog spunk, I can tell.” With that, my Master called over my K9 Master and began petting him.
“Pet him Jane, so he will be comfortable with you.” I began petting and playing with him until he flopped over to one side.
“Now, gently grab hold of him and begin jacking him.” I started to jack my K9 Master and before long, his red cock began to peek out.  After several minutes his cock was engorged and he began to squirt some watery cum.
“Now Jane, use that slut mouth and serve your K9 Master. Taste his seed,” he said as he continued to film.

I wrapped my lips around the bulging red cock and began to suck him and felt him squirt in my mouth. I swallowed down his salty juice and began licking and sucking away, lapping up all the juice I could.

“Look at the camera while you’re doing that,” my Master said as I gazed into the lens while stuffing the red cock into my eager mouth. My nervousness was beginning to fade and I began to enjoy the moment, even playing to the camera.
“If you’re watching this video and you’re about to lose your K9 virginity, don’t forget to try the doggy cum…it’s delicious,” I said with a wry smile. Master looked pleased as he cut the camera footage and put the camera down.
“It’s almost time, my pet,” he said. “But first, we need to set a few things up.”

He brought my K9 stud over to the table and leashed him out of reach. Then my Master brought out and handed me 4 poles and Velcro wraps as he started up the camera again.

“Place a restraint on each arm above the elbow and one on each leg just above the knee.” I attached the wraps as ordered and looked at the wooden poles.
“Now, get on your elbows and knees, my little bitch.”

I did so and Master began to connect the restraints with the poles such that my knees and wrists formed the 4 corners of a box. The poles were about two and a half feet long, forcing me into a position that had my legs spread wide and my arms restrained.  I began getting very nervous being in such a helpless position for this first time.  Master brought the camera behind me and zoomed on my pussy as he reached out and spread my lips even further.

“Nice and wet,” he exclaimed for the camera. “But just to make sure there are no problems, we will add a little lube.” I felt the cold touch of the lube as Master spread the lube on my already wet lips. He came to the front with the camera and zoomed on my face. “What do you want, Jane?” he asked.

“Dog cock,” I answered without hesitation. “Big, hot, throbbing dog cock!”

Master smiled as he mounted the camera back on the tripod and angled it in my direction. He unleashed my K9 Master and brought him to my exposed and helpless back side. I suddenly felt the ticklish nose of my K9 Master in my crotch. I giggled and then fell into a wave of ecstasy as his warm wet tongue lapped the length of my pussy. I moaned in pleasure as my clit finally got some release and I shuddered. I could hear my Master jerking my mate and exclaiming he was ready and bulging. I felt his paw come up around my waist and my Master hoisting him onto my back. I could feel the pointy cock thrusting around my crotch area as my K9 Master furiously humped looking for his mark, drenching my ass and legs in his cum.  I could feel my Master guide him into me and the sudden startling thrust as my K9 Master took my doggy cherry. I shrieked as he thrust hard and fast into my wet pussy, pounding relentlessly in raw, animal abandon.  This was the true definition of fucking – raw, emotionless breeding. His only concern was to fill me with his seed. I was merely the receptacle of his seed to him, nothing more. My master retrieved the camera from the tripod and began getting close ups.

He brought it up to my face and asked, “What’s going on Jane?” I looked into the camera briefly, my face contorted in obvious mixed sexual distress/pleasure and moaning loudly.
“He’s fucking me!” I exclaimed.
“Who’s fucking you, Jane?” he asked in a matter-of-fact tone.
“My doggy Master!” I screamed. “My doggy Master is fucking me with his fucking huge dog cock!”
“So that officially makes you a doggy whore I guess. So say it Jane…look into the camera and say who you are and what you are.”
“I’m Jane Barker…and I’m a doggy whore,” I muttered between moans.

My master smiled and moved around to the back for some close up shots as I continued to shriek in painful delight as the dog cock continued its merciless assault on my womanhood. I orgasmed time after time, knowing a beast was making me his bitch. After a few minutes, I felt him slow and could feel him knotted in my pussy. I gasped at the swollen feeling as my Master remained behind me filming. I could feel myself getting filled dog sperm even though gallons seemed to have covered my legs and the floor around me. He was still quite swollen when I felt my K9 Master shift off of me and begin to pull out. I screamed as he pulled out and stretched my already tender pussy, leaving a sea of dog sperm flooding out of my pussy. Before I could even realize what was going on, my Master was behind me having his go at sloppy seconds. I groaned as he entered my sopping wet hole and begin a fast, hard fuck. I heard him grunt and slam into me hard, filling me with even more hot cum. He pulled out and quickly grabbed a tall wine glass from the table and held it against my clit.

“Push it out, Jane.” I pushed and out poured a stream of cum from my used pussy – a sticky mix of both my Masters’ seed.

After a few minutes of collecting about a half glass, my Master walked in front of me and presented his still sticky cock for me to clean. I sucked and licked the pungent mixture of human and beast cum off his cock. As my Master released me from my restraints, he presented me with my dinner – a glass of human and beast cum straight from my pussy.

“I know how you like a nice glass of wine, so I made you a special blend Jane.” He retrieved the camera and filmed as I gulped down the warm cocktail and licked the glass.
“Thank you, Masters,” I humbly said.

My Master smiled and told me to remove the rest of my cum covered clothes. He attached my leash to my collar and walked me to the kennel and told me to get in. Inside was a water dish and a dog pillow.

“Tonight, my pet, you will sleep here. And your K9 Master will take the guest room. Sleep well my little dog whore, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.”

I nestled in my nakedness on the pillow, my whole body still covered in sperm.  I laid there nervously thinking about what tomorrow would bring, but too exhausted to worry about it.  I drifted into sleep after only a few minutes as cum continued to slowly seep out of my fuck hole through the night.

To be continued…


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