Wife Substitutes To Help A Friend

My wife Mary works at a bank as a teller with her good friend Jessica.  Jessica is a part time party planner to supplement her teller income.  This Valentine’s day weekend she had a party she was hosting and asked Mary if she wanted to earn extra cash by greeting guests as they arrived at the party.  Mary agreed to help out a friend in need, plus she could use the extra money.  Jessica also needed a person that could video tape this event so she could use it on her website as marketing for her future parties, so Mary asked me if I could tag along and I graciously agreed.

The event that was planned was a formal bachelor party that was going to be held at a hotel ballroom.  The party was being attended by several men who were sending off a colleague who was getting married soon.  Mary was very excited to be a part of this upscale event, she got her hair done, nails polished and selected a formal lace gown that fit beautifully on her.  Under the lace gown she had a nude colored slip that from a distance looked like she was naked underneath.

Mary’s responsibilities were to greet the gentleman as they arrived and to sign them in.  My job was to record the festivities and exciting moments for the website.  As the party went on, several men commented on how organized everything was and how beautiful and sexy the greeter (Mary) was.  Mary did look lovely this night, with her charming smile, sexy green eyes, and Latin booty that was enhanced with the tight gown she was wearing.  None of the men knew she was my wife.

There was a lot of chatter going on among the men about the surprise of the night for the bachelor which was to have a stripper dance for him.  When I found out about that I became excited that I was going to be able to capture some great footage of this stripper.  Jessica seemed very pleased with how many men had attended the party she planned.  I counted approximately 25 men.

Jessica received a phone call on her cell and her face suddenly changed from being pleased to scared and nervous.  Mary noticed her reaction and asked her what happened.  Jessica pulled Mary aside to a back room and informed her that she just received some terrible news that the stripper that everyone was anticipating called in to say she had become ill and could not make it.  Jessica did not know what to do.  Jessica recalled that Mary had told her that she pole danced a few times at a club in Miami we frequented, and always found it exciting when others observed her dancing.  Jessica begged Mary to fill in, promising that she would be compensated well.  Mary nervously agreed to fill in.  I was unaware that the original stripper was going to be a no show.

Sexy music started playing and the men started clapping with excitement because they knew that the stripper was about to perform for the bachelor.  A chair was placed in the middle of the floor and the bachelor was told to sit in the chair.  All the men gathered around him in a circle in anticipation.  I had the video camera going, ready to capture the grand entrance of the stripper.  Suddenly, in came the stripper wearing a very sheer mini-dress that was see-through when the spot lights shined on her body.  When she began to dance I pulled the camera away from my face for a second and to my surprise noticed that the stripper was my wife, who was now wearing only the sheer slip that was underneath her lace gown!  Mary gyrated to the music as she danced around the bachelor.  From the way that all the men were cheering, I could tell that they also noticed she was not wearing any underwear!  Through the sheer material were revealed her hard nipples, her large areolas, her awesome Latina ass and her freshly shaved pussy.  I loved that she hated wearing underwear.  A lot of men commented that they did not know that the beautiful greeter was also going to be the stripper for the night.  They were mesmerized by how sexy her body looked.

Mary began to straddle the bachelor in the chair as he rubbed his hands all over her ass and breasts.  Mary pulled off his shirt and trousers, leaving him completely naked in the chair.  The men began to shout; “fuck him, fuck him!” The bachelor’s best friend approached Mary and pulled down her slip, watching as it fell down to her shoes.  Mary stepped out of the slip, and now she was also completely naked, only wearing her sexy high heels.  Mary climbed on top of the bachelor and guided his erect cock into her glistening wet pussy.  Mary rode his cock up and down in front of all the men until he erupted with an orgasm that flooded Mary’s pussy.  When she raised up from his cock, his dripping cum could be seen oozing out of her swollen pussy lips.  I captured all this on video!

I panned the camera to the men surrounding my wife and the bachelor and noticed that their pants were down and they were stroking their erect cocks from this awesome performance.  The bachelor got up from the chair and guided my wife to replace him in the chair as all the men came closer.  All the men began taking turns inserting their cocks in her pussy, ass and mouth.  After all the men had an opportunity to fuck my wife, they finally exploded cum all over her body, covering her from head to toe with the sticky creamy white stuff. This was an unbelievable sight!

As a grand finale to this performance by Mary, Jessica approached her as she was spread eagle on the chair and began to lick the cum off Mary’s body as if she was a hungry kitten lapping up milk!

The night ended and all the men were pleased with the party.  Mary was well “compensated” and I had obtained enough footage to view over and over again to remember this very hot moment.

When Mary returned to work Monday morning, all the other tellers commented on how smooth and soft Mary’s skin looked.  If they only knew that it was a result of the biggest cum bath of her life!


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