You Auto Get Fucked

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“Get your slutty bare ass into my car!” Jimmy told BethAnn.

“You stay there, you whore! Don’t you dare put that blanket over you. You wanna be the town sleaze, guess what I’m bringing you down to Peterson’s Auto Body so Old Man Peterson gets a nice look at the whore that was sleeping with his teen-age son!”

BethAnn was terrified, she knew Old Man Peterson did not like her from day one and she knew how protective he was of his dim-witted but gigantic dicked 19 year old son Elmo. Elmo did not have any handi-caps not learning disabilities, he was just a goofy teen age guy who even though he was 19 and looked 25 he had the maturity level of a horny 15 year old boy, it was that attribute that made BethAnn lust after him, she also really wanted to see and feel that big dick that he was famous for.

“Please Jimmy..don’t do this! Please I know Old Man Peterson is a mean son of a bitch and he doesn’t like me. Please don’t! Or let me wear something. I told you I only did it once with Elmo.”

“Nope you are going to get punished. Too bad if you don’t like it, shoulda thought of that before you let Elmo pork your pussy!” Jimmy said as he locked the doors in the backseat and pulled the blanket with him and got in the car and started it up.

“Please Jimmy I’ll do anything you want! I’ll give you blowjobs every morning and night! I’ll let you pee on me, please don’t!”

Jimmy just shook his head and glared at her in the rear view mirror.

BethAnn sat lower and lower in the seat until she was on the floor she was terrified someone would see her nudity. She had just gotten her new breast implant and it was difficult to sit squished down between the front and back seat and she felt bits of gravel and leaves on her bare pussy and ass from the floor. She wasshaking as she looked up and saw the huge Peterson’s Auto Body Shop sign. They pulled in and she could tell Jimmy was going to the back garage.

“Get out tramp!” he bellowed.


“Get the fuck out of the truck! If I have to get you out I’ll drag your bare ass on the grass.”

“NO!” she screamed. So Jimmy went to the door handle and BethAnn quickly locked it. Angry as hell, he unlocked the front door using the automatic unlocker on his keychain and he held the outside door handle and opened it.

BethAnn started shrieking so loudly that Old Man Peterson came out, big fat belly held up by his big buckled belt,wearing baggy big jeans and suspenders that were stretched tight over his chest and gut.

“What the hell is going on here?” he yelled in his deep voice.

He looked and saw Jimmy grabbing BethAnn’s ankles and pulling her nude body out of the car, her ass hit the grass with a thud. Old Man Peterson’s dick hardened seeing a completely nude woman in his yard. Her pussy eposed in the sunlight, her big moutainous full breasts nude. He tugged on his dick and looked at her lasciviously.

“Here’s the whore that’s been fucking Elmo.” Jimmy sneered. He let go of her for one second and BethAnn ran to the opened door. She got in, but Jimmy hit the unlock and went over and dragged her out again, this time by one ankle so her pussy was really exposed and her breasts shook violently as he dragged her back over to Old Man Peterson.

“Look at that! A nice naked slut in my yard!” Old Man Peterson said as he let his eyes just look at her exposed body. “So this whore’s been fucking my son?” he asked.

BethAnn gulped as she watched Old Man Peterson unbuckle his belt. “Get her over by the tires! I’ll whip that ass good!” he said so Jimmy, dragged her by her foot over the soft grass.He stopped and told her to stand up and hug the tires. She did not want to but she figured she had no choice. “I’m leaving now!” Jimmy said, “You punish her as you see fit!” he told Old Man Peterson. Old Man Peterson held her still by pressing his hand over her bare ass, he held her there, she felt the roughness and thickness and heat of his hand on her smooth soft tight ass. After Jimmy was out of sight, Old Man Peterson spanked her with his belt. He slapped her, not too hard but hard enough. “Yeah that ass needs some reddening up before I fuck you good and hard!” he said. BethAnn turned back with a scared look on her face. “Oh yeah you’re getting fucked by me, you like Elmo’s big cock, you ain’t seen nothing till you see mine.

BethAnn immediately oozed out her come, a slick warm ooze of wetness, she knew Elmo’s dicck was big and thick and gave her intense pleasure so she only imagined how Old Man peterson’s was.

She felt his fat thick hard finger rubbing her ass all around over and over, then he slid down to her pussy and rubbed. He stooped and took a tire, he placed it on it’s tread side, jamming it between two high piles of tires the hole looking out, “Get your ass through the hole!”

“What?” BethAnn asked.

“You heard me, get it through the hole I’m fucking you auto-style. I’m gonnsa burn rubber in your pussy! No git in there!” he dsaid as he slapped her ass very hard he got part of her pussy in that slap.

She walked over rubbing her sore ass and was trying to figure out how to do it, not knowing if she should go in head first or go around and back her ass through it. Almost as if he could read her mind he said, “Ass backed into it, now!” She looked and Old Man Peterson had taken down his suspenders, taken off his shirt, damn he had a huge belly and lots of hair on his chest, she was shocked to see his dick sticking out over the waistband of his unzipped opened pants, right out of his underwear, a lot of shaft and head was showing on that anaconda. His huge cock was almost past his belly button. She gulped and squatted and pushed her ass through the tire hole. “I’m gonna rotate your tire!” He laughed as he watched her reddened perfect super shiny and very round ass push through the hole. The only thing he was was her ass framed by the tire. She could move around a little in there and she noticed in that position her pussy was very exposed and vulnerable. Shestayed there holding onto the tire that was in front of her on the ground. She felt a hard wet squishy thing poke at her ass crack and pussy and then it found her hole, her pussy hole was tiny and quivering, sacared of his huge cock, he slowly slid it in, it just slid in for ever and ever never stopping, she gasped at the smooth nude softnes of his cock skin as it just moved in her deeper and deeper.”ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh yesssss yessss yesss ohhhhhh.” she almost whispered feeling his dick get deeper and depper, finally he was all in, he grabbed the sides of the tire and shook it her hips bounced around with his dick deep inside. He rubbed her ass with his groin. He waited asecond and then he fucked the hell out of her, some points she begged him to stop because her pussy hole was tightening. He felt it and said, “Tighten that hole all you want slut you are getting Big Daddy’s dick now! and he laughed and pumped. In and out his big dick fucked her her pussy kept getting juicier and juicier, soon her ass was sweating, “Yeah now I know I’m fucking good if the ass gets wet I’m fucking good!” he said and he pumped harder. BethAnn was feeling that dick go at her like it was actually a part of her, her pussy muscles were tugging on his dick while her pusy watered for it.

He pumped her for what seemed like ever and then he slowly pulled out, he pulled all the way out and she begged him to get back in. He laughed and she felt his hand rubbing her pussy she was drenched he rubbed ad rubbed, he reached under and foreward and rubbed her clit she orgasmed right on his hand, he pulled his hand back and he quick as a flash rammed that big dick right back into her super tight, drenched, horny, sore pussy as she orgasmed, his dick felt those pulsations and he came. He waited pumping out all his cum then he withdrew and sensually slapped across her ass with his still hard and huge cock.

“Yeah!” he snorted. He slapped her ass and
rubbed it and watched a tiny stream of his cum and her horny juices run out of her now stretched op
ened pussy hole, her lips were totally apart and her hole that before was a teeny slit now looked like a tiny fish mouth opened and gasping for air. He smiled seeing that peeking out through the tire.

“Next timeI’m gonna give you a rear-end alignment!” he laughed and said as he walked away.

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