Training Day III The Final Chapter

Mistress helped Cherie to her feet. Cherie was week and her ankles buckled. She almost couldn’t stand after the hours and hours of beatings and fuckings. She forced herself so as not to shame Madame. She would be a good little girl and make her o

Training Day II

Madame handed Cherie over to Ms. Stark, a strict, but loving mistress. Mistress put a black leather collar around Cherie’s neck and slipped a little gold leash into the ring. Then she took the leather cuffs that Cherie wore on her wrists and clampe

The Little Housemaids Training Day

The room was cool and dark. She had never been in this one before. Cherie was hired 3 months prior to this day to clean Madame’s home and to be prepared to train as her personal maid. She was not quite 21 years old and had only been with one boy b