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Training Day III The Final Chapter

Mistress helped Cherie to her feet. Cherie was week and her ankles buckled. She almost couldn’t stand after the hours and hours of beatings and fuckings. She forced herself so as not to shame Madame. She would be a good little girl and make her owner proud.

Mistress undid the spreader bar, and this helped Cherie a little, she placed her feet flat on the floor and stood straight. Then Mistress took her wrists and secured them to CHeries side onto a leather belt she had placed around Cherie’s waist.

Cherie was led to yet ANOTHER room, and she groaned and sighed, thinking, oh no, here we begin again.

The blindfold was firmly in place, Cherie could make out nothing, not even shadows, but she was sure of one thing, that Mistress was still at her side, and someone else was feeling her breasts. These hands were work worn and rough. Then she heard the voice attached to the hands as it directed Mistress to have Cherie stand here, face there…IT WAS A MAN!!!! Cherie’s heart skipped a beat. She was frightened. Was she being given to a man? O GOD NO!

The mad placed some wooden clamps onto her breasts and said, UUMMM> Then Cherie felt the stabbing pain. Her nipples were being pierced!

She let out a little scream and her knees buckled. Mistress held her up straight as the man finished both breasts and inserted tiny rings.

Then he turned her around so that her back faced him and bent her over a chair of some sort with a leather back. He took off his belt and smacked her a good four or five blows. He felt his work on her ass, and swatted her six or seven more times. Cherie cried and whimpered, but the man didn’t seem to notice. “May I?”, he asked Mistress, and she obviously nodded yes, because Cherie felt his massive hands reach underneath her and fondle her clit. He inserted two huge fingers into her wet slit and inserted his thumb into her anus.

Massaging her like this with one hand, she heard him unzip with the other. Just as Cherie was beginning to relax and move against his palm, he removed his hand, belted her across the ass about twelve times, and then, while her cheeks were still afire, he entered her from behind. Her cunt had never felt so full, she moved her hips to meet his rhythmn. She moaned and felt his cool firm stomach meet her red hot butt cheeks and it felt almost too good to be true, and it was. Just as suddenly as it had begun, the man stopped and withdrew. Then he oiled up her anus and in one large massive movement, inserted his swollen throbbing memnber into Cherie’s asshole. She cried out and tears flowed beneath her blindfold, but this seemed only to excite the man even more. Her whole body shook as he punded her ass, fingered her clit and they came and again and again.

Finally he left her, She was sure she could stand no more, swollen, sore and torn, beaten and welted, she need some sleep, but sleep would not come for many hours.

Mistress then straightened Cherie out and led her to the bed. She was still wearing the ankle cuffs. She was secured to the bed by the little chain around her neck and then her ankles were chained to the bed posts, and there she lay, once again, spread eagled and opened up, blindfolded and vulnerable, waiting to find out what was to become of her. Silently she began to weep, feeling very small and sorry for herself.

She was left like this for maybe an hour, then she heard the door softly open and the bed moved and some soft hands began to carress her. Her nipples were sore and felt inflamed. She winced when the hands brushed against her knewly pierced breasts. She felt a tonge flick around inside her ear and then onto the left side of her neck. She could feel the hands rubbing lotion into her vagina and massaging her clit. Cherie couldn’t help herself as she began to feel excited. The tongue drew circles around her breasts and moved down to her belly button where it darted in and out until it traced a path to her vulva. It flicked across her clit and darted in and out of her pussy like an expert untill she sighed and moaned with an orgasm.

Then the hands unchained her ankles and brought her knees up to her shoulders. Her anus was once again oiled and fingered, but this time in a loving way, then a dildo was inserted and the body rode her gently to another orgasm.

With her knees still bent, Cherie was given six to eight firm hand slaps that carried quite a sting, and then the hands left her, and she was allowed to sleep.

She awoke with the sun streamin into the little bedroom. She was still leashed to the bed, but she could see that this was Madame’s bedroom, because she had cleaned it many times. Beside her on the night stand was the largest dildo her eyes had ever seen and she wondered if this was the one used on her during the night. She allowed her eyes to wonder over the many whips, crops, paddles, straps and oils laid out in different places around the room. She saw the punishment chair she had been bent over and the cane she had felt on her bare bottom. She saw the spreader bar and the hooks and chains hanging from the ceiling and thought, Had she been in this room all night without realizing it?

Suddenly the door opened, and Madame rushed in. She carried a tray with sweet rolls and coffee on it.

“Oh, Cherie,” she smiled as she unfastened the girls hands, “you were a wonderful little slut these last two days. How’s about some breakfast and a bath, so Madame can begin again?”

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