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Training Day II

Madame handed Cherie over to Ms. Stark, a strict, but loving mistress. Mistress put a black leather collar around Cherie’s neck and slipped a little gold leash into the ring. Then she took the leather cuffs that Cherie wore on her wrists and clamped them together through the little silver circle on each wrist. She led Cherie down the hall into yet another room that she had never been in.

This room was also dark and cool, and as Cherie’s eyes grew accostomed to the darkness, she was able to see that there was a bed and a bathroom here. There were also many things hanging from the wall above the bed, including a cane, a riding crop, a leather spanker, a wooden paddle with little holes bored into the wood, a strop, and a bundle of birch. She barely made out the tip of the flogger and the single tail whip, and knew there would be other things on the wall that she could not see.

Next to the bed, on the night stand, was an assortment of dildos, butt plugs, paddles, an enema bag, lots of lube, some rubber gloves, a ladies razor, a harness made of leather with a large double dong already in it, a speculum, some nipple clamps, and other things that the darkness hid. Cherie was glad for the darkness. Her frightened eyes didn’t want to see it all. Her body ached and she longed to rub her swollen butt.

Mistress led her to the bed and secured her hands above her head to a bold on the wall. Then she placed a spreader bar at her ankles. She then told Cherie to bend her knees, and attached the center of the spreader bar to the same bolt in the wall that Cherie’s hands hung from.

“Your body is not your own, Cherie. It belongs to your Mistress. I will never allow you to touch yourself, pleasure yourself, or close yourself to me. Now I will remove the gag, but I do not want to hear a sound out of you, or things will go badly for you, do you understand?”

Cherie trembled and nodded yes. What could she do? She was completely open and vulnerable. She felt Mistress carress her sore body. Cherie thought she had been abused enough, but her body began to respond anyway. She felt herself become wet. Mistress tightened the nipple clamps and Cherie squeezed her eyes shut in pain and bit her lip, but didn’t make a sound.

Then Mistress took the leather slapper and stroked her pussy with it a few times, then gave it a good slap. Cherie gasped with surprise and opened her eyes wide. Mistress slapped her again and again and again. Cherie’s tears began to fall silently. Mistress seemed not to notice or to care, as if this was just one great big experiment and Cherie was the science project.

When Cherie saw Mistress trade the slapper for the bundle of birch, she shivered with fear and expectation. The birch zipped through the air and crashed on her pussy with a stinging blow. Cherie whimpered and tried to move, but she was tied tight.

Mistress hit her again and then stuck her fingers into Cherie, finding her wet. Mistress smiled an evil smile and said “Good, whore, good”, and whipped her again with birch right on her mound. Cherie’s eues grew wide with pain and fear as the birching continued on her inner thighs and pussy until the whole area was red, inflammed and burning.

Mistress sat back on her heels on the bed and looked at her handy work. She grabbed some oil from the bedside table and rubbed Cherie all over, inside and out. She pressed her fingers into Cherie’s anus and massaged the muscle open. Cherie’s body couldn’t help but respond as she began to girate as best she could to meet Mistress’ pumping hand. Cherie was beginning to like all this attention.

Almost as if the thought was overheard and forbidden, Mistress glared at Cherie in a very evil way and pulled her hand away. She gave Cherie some very hard slaps to her ass and then reached up toward the wall. Cherie couldn’t see what Mistress pulled down, but a few seconds later she heard the unmistakable whiz of the single tail whip as it shot through the air and hit home on Cherie’s exposed, bare, open, upturned ass. Cherie let out a scream, then caught herself and bit her lip. The whip struck again and again. Cherie counted, 8,9,10,`12,15,18, then lost count. She thought she might have lost conciousness for moment, too, because the next thing she remebered was Mistress looming over her with that evil sadistic look wearing the harness with that huge double cock in it. One end in Mistress and the other end, greased and glistening, pointing at cherie.

Mistress mounted Cherie, placing her legs inside Cheries spread open ones, and the tip of the well oiled cock touched the inside of Cheries thigh.

“Well, little treasure, are you ready to be had?”
Cherie was not quite sure how to answer. She had very little sexual experience and had never seen a penis so huge. She was frightened by it’s size, and wondered if it would hurt, but her body longed so for it.

“Fuck me, Mistress”, she breathed, in a new voice that didn’t sound at all like her own.

Mistress slowly lowered her body onto Cheries and guided the large dildo into her waiting, wet slit. She put the head in and gently rocked in a circular motion giving Cherie some time to get used to it’s enourmity and want more. Cherie strained to push her body up into the cock. MIstress rewarded her by thrusting the full length in hard, pulling out and jamming her with the beast again. Mistress fucked her hard like this for several minutes. Cherie’s breathing changed from gasps to whimpers, then little moans. Mistress was perspiring and tiny droplets fell on Cherie’s chest. Mistress pummelled Cherie’s tender, sore and swollen vagina until finally, in a shudder and a groan, she cam crashing down on Cherie.

Mistress lay like that for some moments, then pulled the cock out of Cherie, and with several strokes of the can to Cherie’s unexpecting ass, jammed the cock into her anus and rode her angrily. It seemed that Mistress was upset with Cherie, she thrusted with such force that the poor girl rocked back and forth against her restraints and cried out several times. Mistress never let up, she rode her and pummelled her asshole and pulled out almost the whole way and then drove the cock back into Cherie hard and deep. Cherie thought that her anus must be split in two by now, she felt wide open and as if she were bleeding, but Mistress ignored her pleas and sobs and continued on.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Mistress pulled the great cock out of Cherie’s ass and began to spank her with the wooden paddle from the night stand. The holes in it made the swats sting more, and Cherie counted 27 before Mistress was spent. She collapses beside Cherie and slept for a while, leaving Cherie tied up like a prize calf at a roping rodeo.

Cherie allowed the tears to run from her eyes down her cheek. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t comfort herself with her hands, or even get into a comfortable position. How long had Mistress punished her, and when would she be released? Would Madame take her back or would she be passed on to another to train her? When would it all end? How much could she take?

Cherie felt sleepy and warm, a surprise since the air in the room was chilly at first. Although both her holes seemed to on fire, she also felt wet and horny and wondered what she could do to awaken Mistress so that she could be fucked and beaten again.

That thought startled Cherie. Was she beginning to enjoy her training day? She knew she was getting wet, and let out a little yelp and a gasp. This awakened her tired Mistress, and she didn’t seem happy about the interruption to her sleep…..

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