Janine had been flirting with me shamelessly from the corner of the bar where she sat with her fiance. She came over to talked to me several times and finally left her phone number on a napkin so that she could have a final fling before she got marr

Thanksgiving stuffing part one

Eighteen years old, in the Navy, on a ship, 1,500 miles from home. No family, no girlfriend and it was Thanksgiving day. I was in my rack, listening to(and smelling)Doc Bags farting in the bunk below me. “Holy shit, Doc, go take a shit or just

Young and sweet

Playing bass in a rock and roll garage band had certainly increased my exposure to girls. Especially the future groupies who were trying out their charms on local bands like us. As a 16 year old boy, I craved the attention of the young girls and enj

She surprised me

I couldn’t believe that Marie had called me that afternoon to join her for a martini. She was a former student and she was incredibly good looking and totally hot. Even at 36 she looked better and sexier than most of my younger students. The fact