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Young and sweet

Playing bass in a rock and roll garage band had certainly increased my exposure to girls. Especially the future groupies who were trying out their charms on local bands like us. As a 16 year old boy, I craved the attention of the young girls and enjoyed lot’s of kissing and heavy petting. But, I’d never had the opportunity to get laid.
Karen was adorable. The cutest face and prettiest, most sincere smile I’ve ever seen. Her teeth were brilliant white and perfect. Her eyes smiled with the rest of her face and I immediately felt like I knew her from another time. She had a voluptuous body for a 14 year old girl. During a break in the practice session she came over to me and sat in my lap as if she had always belonged there. She told me she was my age and I had no reason to disbelieve, especially when we started to kiss and she told me to meet her outside in the band van. I waited a few minutes as requested and then got up to meet her in the van. My buddy Mark laughed and handed a package to me as I passed him. I looked at my palm and saw a single Trojan condom. He laughed and said I would be needing it.
It was fall and rather nippy outside, but inside the van, away from the wind, I crawled up next to Karen and she giggled as we cuddled together and started to kiss. Softly at first but as we warmed up, so did our playfulness. Our tongues were gently exploring as our arms wrapped around each other. Karen was so sweet to help me unbutton her blouse and her look said that she was happy to be here with me and I knew then that we would share something very sweet and special.
It was still a bit chilly in the van so, instead of getting completely naked, I opened her shirt and undid the front clasp of her pretty lavender lace bra and watched as her beautiful, full young breasts bounced as they were released. Karen unbuttoned my shirt and pulled me close to her. My young smooth chest pressed against her soft, full breasts. As I kissed and fondled her breasts her nipples stiffened in my mouth and between my fingertips as I stroked and pulled and sucked each one. My hand moved to her blue jeans and I undid the buttons, one by one until I could slowly push my hand in between the jeans and the soft silkiness of her panties. She spread her legs to give me a little more room and our kisses became much more passionate and deep as I massaged her warm wet pussy.
Soon, I began to pull her pants down slowly, first exposing her matching lavender panties and then the smooth, perfect skin of her legs and finally pulling them off of her lower legs and sexy little feet. One of her feet began to massage the full erection that had been begging for relief since she first sat on my lap. My pants were next to come off and I was almost out of my mind with the thought of going all the way with such a pretty and willing young girl.
Karen peeled off her pretty panties as I was fumbling with the comndom package. I wasn’t having much luck, since my attention was being paid to this naked cutie in front of me. Karen took it from me and opened it up with a quick tear on the corner of the package. She pulled the condom out and placed it on the tip of my cock and rolled it out down to my balls. She spread her legs as she laid back and pulled me down to her. I was having a little trouble finding the opening to her pussy and she reached down to position me where I wanted to be. Slowly, I pushed in.
Oh My God! I was in ecstasy! I pushed farther in and it felt even better. It was better than any jerk off sessions I had ever had. I pushed the last few inches of my cock in until I was buried deep inside of Karens warm, wet pussy . This was the absolute best feeling yet. I pushed my cock as deep as I could inside of her, pressing my hips against her and moving in slow circles, trying to go even deeper. I pulled out slowly and pushed back in again, marveling at the heat and passion and lust that was taking over my body. The sexual sensations were moving over my entire body as I pulled out again and thrust my cock back in until I was again filling her cunt with my throbbing erection. The next thrust of my cock sent me over the edge and I came for what seemed like five minutes. I felt wave after wave of pleasure roll through my body as I came deep inside of Karen’s sweet cunt. We laid there together and kissed as we held each other closely. The feeling was warm and sweet, as if we were melting into each other. I can still feel it today as I recall that special time.
This story is dedicated to KS and all music lovers! It’s too bad I only had one condom Karen, we could have done it again for another 20 seconds! Muchas Gracias!

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