A Teasesr gets her due

I have been told that I have a nice body, and it is always nice to hear that. I live in an apartment complex and in order to maintain my so-called “nice figure” I jog around the apartments. Since I have been jogging I have noticed a certian man tha

My first BI-Sexual experience Part 2

Contd from first bi experince part 1…
I walked over to her table and said I couldn’t help but notice that your drink is almost gone so I brought you another one. She said thank you. Would you like sit down? I said you sure I am not emposing? s

My first BI-Sexual experience Part 1

I have had Bi-sexual feelings for about 2 years now ever since my boyfriend allowed me to taste my on cum. I liked the taste of it and have wanted to explore another womans juices as well. My boy friend has encouraged me to “go for it” but I have r

Meeting in a Chat Room

One August night in 1986 it was late amd I was sitting at home I had just finished talking to some friends on the computer. I decided to play a few games or two that I have downloaded in the past. After an hour or so of playing I decided that it wa