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A Teasesr gets her due

I have been told that I have a nice body, and it is always nice to hear that. I live in an apartment complex and in order to maintain my so-called “nice figure” I jog around the apartments. Since I have been jogging I have noticed a certian man that lives in the same apartment complex normally standing or sitting outside on his steps. Each time I jog by him he always smiles at me and I just smile back. I have been divorced for nearly four years now and have not dated much and to say the least I get a little on the needy side in certian areas if you know what I mean. I have never been one to relieve my needs at the expense of another man. I have had a few dates since my divorce but they all turned out to be the same o thing, the man wanted sex right off the bat and when I was not willing to give in to his desires we would not see each other again.
I have found the guy that I jog in front of more and more in my thoughts not only each day but at nights as well.
When I first started jogging I wore long jogging pants and jacket. The more that I would think of the man sitting down on his steps watching me as I went by the more my thoughts went to maybe wearing something a little more revealing. It started out as me wearing shorts that came to my knees and that was the only thing that I changed about my attire. The first time that I went by his apartment it seems he looked at me a little longer than normal. I found that funny but also stimulating. After about a week of wearing this attire I changed to a shorter pair of shorts revealing more legs in public than I had ever shown, unless i was in a swiming pool.
The thought of what I was doing to this guy was really beginning to turn me on well I would not say turning me on I would say more like fun. This game was getting more fun as I would try to think of ways to get him to look at me more and more.
This day I decided to take a break to sip some of my water right in front of him. I had no idea that he would even talk to me but I can also say I was hoping that he would at least I think I was hoping that he would. As I stopped he looked at me and smiled and as I sipped my water that was the end of it. He did not say a word to me, that was almost like a slap in my face, I am not sure if I was disappointed or hurt.
Two days later on my next scheduled jogging day I disgarded my top and wore only a halter top a top of my loose fitting sports bra, this allowed my 40 DD breasts to bounce freely as I jogged along. As I jogged past him I noticed that he looked at me a little more longer. I could not help but smile when I got past him. On my next scheduled jogging day I decided to once again stop in front of him and see if he would start a conversation. Again he said nothing. I found myself becoming very irritated. I did not even know this guys name but yet I was wanting something from him, could it be just for him to talk to me or was it more? At work I kept thinking of a way that I could get his attention, I would try to get those thoughts out of my head but those thoughts kept coming back to me. I finally had it figured out.
The next session I was jogging and when I got to his apartment I stopped as normal to sip my water only this time I beant over (and with the top I had on it showed plenty of my clevage) grabbed my leg. “Oh my gosh I think I have a leg cramp. He offered me to sit on his steps. I was massaging my calf and I was really complaing that it was not helping. He said may I help you? I said I do not want to put you out none he said you are in pain I think that I might be able to help. And when I did not object he placed his hands on my calf and started massaging it. He asked me if it felt better I said a little (even though there was no pain at all I was only trying to get his attention). And then it happend. He stated talking to me, we talked about my family life as well as his. I learned his name was Jason. I also learned that he too was divorced and his childern all lived out of state as did mine. And then out of the blue he asked me if he could take me out to supper on like a saturday night. I said NO I do not date. And with that I told him my legged seemed to be feel better and I better go ahead and go back to my apartment and try to rest it a little. The next three times that I would pass his apartment he would say “have you changed your mind about supper yet?” And I would just ignore him and kept on jogging.
It was a saturday evening and I had just gotten home from work and shopping it was not to terribly late but I was bushed and I felt the need for a hot shower and a wine cooler to relax me a little, it had been a very challenging day at work and I was just plain mentally drained. The warm water felt good on my naked body and I was really enjoying just the thought of being alone in the apartment, it was times like these that sure made me glad that I had no company or anyone else living with me. When I relized that I was about to turn into a prune as my oldest daughter would call it I figured it was time for me to get out. I dried off and blew dry my hair and brushed my teeth and walked over to my dresser to get me a nightgown for the night.
After going through the gowns that I had I held up this paticular one and decided that it was the one that I wanted to wear when a hand clasped around my mouth. I dropped the gown and took ahold of the arm and tried to free the grip from my mouth. At this point I felt a stinging in the side of my neck and still struggling suddenly I felt my hands begin to loosen there grip and they fell to my side. My legs were getting limp and I was loosing my fight to keep my eyes open, then everything went black.
When I woke up I was laying face down on my bed I was blindfolded and my hands were tied behind my back. When I started coming around he took me to the dresser and laid me on top of it on my stomach, my legs and feet were hanging freely. I was asking questions but he was not saying anything. He then placed a strap across my back holding me in place then he untied my hands and then tied them again to each ankle so when I would try to move or free my hands it would move my legs as well. My intruder then went and got something out of the refrigator. I could not figure out who this person was that was invading my home, my privacy and me.
I finally said again: “who are you and what do you want?” The reply that I got was not one that I expected. “For months now you have teased me you have jogged in front of me wearing your tight short little shorts, you have shown me your clevage of your tits and when I ask you out you say no and when I try to talk to you you just ignore me. Well I am gonna show you what a teaser gets when she teases me and maybe you will learn your lesson.” I started to say something and he then gagged me.
He then started calling me a bitch and a tease. I would never admit it to him but his dirty talking was actually turning me on. Then I felt the WHACK on my butt. “Maybe this will teach you a lesson,” he said as he laid the board to my butt again, all during this he was talking dirty to me calling me names and once the intial shock wore off of getting spanked I felt myself getting moist between the legs. I thought to myself my god this guy is spanking me and here I am getting turned on by it. He then reached down and felt my wet pussy and said: “oh so you like this do you?” I managed to shake my head NO but in my mind I was saying yes. He then inserted a finger in me and I almost came right then it had been a long time since strange fingers had touched me there and it felt good. But it did not last. He took his finger out. And he then put ice cubes on my back letting it move down the middle of my spinal corde all the way to the crack of my anus the coldness almost sent me over the edge. The next feeling that I felt was something going in my anus, he put it in slow until it was all the way in and then he stepped around in front of me and laid what smelled to be a switch from a tree across my cheek I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes and he said we are a long ways from being done. And with that he hit me across the back and he hit me again and again and again all the time he was talking dirty to me calling me names. Telling me I was nothing but a whore and a slut and a flithy tease and it was time someone taught me a lesson. With each hit across my back and the back of my legs it almost brought me to an organsim, but I was doing everything I could to hold back. I could not believe that what Jason was doing to me was actually turning me on. How could this be happening to me? And then he stopped. I was so mad so infuriated.
He untied my hands and the strap across my back and rolled me over on to my back. He then tried to put the strap back across my stomah but I would sit up, he would push be back down, after the third time of him pushing me back down the fourth time when I sit up I saw this black thing come at me and felt it crash against my head. When I woke up I was totally tied again same as before but this time I was on my back. What had I gotten myself into? I kept thinking to myself but subconciously I wanted more of what I was getting.
I felt the switch come down on my stomach and then across my legs. I jerked with each hit. Once again I felt mositness in my crotch. He then went around to the front of me and started licking my pussy OH MY GOD that has never been and I mean NEVER been done to me. Just when I was about to explode he stopped. He then came up and started switching me again and this time he even hit my breasts still calling me names and talking dirty to me. I just new I was going to cum at any second and then he stopped again.
He untied my hands from my legs and pulled me up on my feet my knees were wobbly and he had to help me stand, then he tied my hands behind my back again. He then leaned me over a chair and once again started spanking me with the paddle. He then stopped and put the buttplug back in my anus. I cried under the gag from the hurt it was doing to me. Then he put something else in my wet pussy and it was throbbing so I knew it had to be his cock. Once again just as I felt like I was going to explode he stopped. He removed the buttplug and then took me over to the bed and pushed me backwards on my back. He told me that he was gonna give me what I was missing or what I needed. And with that he put his cock inside my pussy. I had NEVER had something so big inside of me before. He was going in and out and doing it at a rapid speed. He then told me that if I thought he was gonna cum in me and run a chance of me getting pregnant I was crazy and when he did cum then I was going to clean off his tool with my mouth. I shook my head NO and at the same time I exploded I have NEVER had such and intense organsim in my entire life. All of a sudden he pulled out and shot his cum all over my chest I could feel the warmth of it on my tits and stomach. He then reached up and grabbed my head and removed the gag and said now clean it off. I shook my head NO and started to speak and when I opend my mouth he shoved his cock in it. I had never been allowed to go down on my husband in all the years we were married but this felt good.
When I was finished. He untied me, removed the blindfold. And said I would not blame you if you called the police and reported this and if that happens so be it. But maybe now you will change your mind about teasing.
And as he was getting dressed I asked him if he could stay the night, just lay with me and hold me. That was 2 years ago and we are STILL together. And I have never been happier in my life and I do not tease anymore unless it is to him.
I hope you all have enjoyed this story and look forward to more of them from me. Thank you.

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