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Meeting in a Chat Room

One August night in 1986 it was late amd I was sitting at home I had just finished talking to some friends on the computer. I decided to play a few games or two that I have downloaded in the past. After an hour or so of playing I decided that it was time to go to bed, but i was not real tired just yet so I decided to see what these things called chat rooms are like, (I had not had my computer to long and had NEVER been in a chat room before). I looked at what there was to offer and decided on one that was titled Divorced Texas women.
I was there for a little while and was not saying to much as I had never experinced this before but I like to talk and if someone is willing to talk then I will acknowlege them. I was beginning to get into some of the conversations that were being talked about and this one lady kept asking me questions and talking to me. Finally she got the nerve to ask me if I would like to talk in private…….I said well if you want to I suppose we can. So we both left the chat room and started an instant message between each other.
She introduced herself as Jacquline and I told her that my name was Roger. She basically was the leader in the talk I just kinda answered her questions, but soon there after I got into it and started feeling more at ease. I asked her if she was married she said no she was divorced duh remember the chat room we were in. She asked me the same question and I told her that I too was divorced. We discussed where we lived at in Texas and determined that we were about 100 miles apart. We talked about our childern and just basically made small talk, it was getting late and she said she had to go to bed. I told her I really needed to do the same thing.
I could not get her off my mind the entire next day and decided that I would ask her to go out with me if I came to her town.
That night when I got online I could not wait till she got on line as well. It was late again when she got online but that was fine I was kind of a night owl anyhow. We talked for several minutes and I finally poped the question, “if I come to your town would you like to go out to eat?” Her answer was: “No” I can not do that. Asked why? she said her girls would be alone and she did not want to leave them alone. Well we had already talked about the ages of our childern and she had stated in a conversation earlier that they were at the movies with some friends. I let it go as her not wanting to meet me. Not long after we signed off.
The next night we talked again and again I asked the same questions and got the same answer NO. I even offer to come up and take her and her girls to an amusement park nearby, she said no that would not be a good idea. We talked for an hour or so longer and I was getting no where with her. But we signed off and went to bed.
That night while I was laying in bed it hit me…….she was either married or she had a boyfriend and she did not want to be seen with me. But why would she say she as divorced if she was married I kept asking myself. But I knew that something was surely wrong with this picture. The next day I got my answer.
The next day I got an email from her…..”I’m so sorry that I lied to you and that I led you on. But I am married, I do not love him, we are like friends. I have been married to him for 22 years. I do not know why I told you that I was divorced, maybe it was because you talked to me in the way that I wished my husband would. I do not and would not blame you if you would never want to talk to me again and I will understand it if you wont. Again I am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” I knew it I just knew it I knew something was wrong and I had already guessed it, and I told her that in the reply to her mail she sent me.
Maybe I should have given up right then, but I had to keep on trying, we talked some more each night and I found out a lot about her and her life and it as totally sad. She told me that from where she lives to where she works is about 40 miles apart, so I asked her if one day I could come up and maybe we could just sit and talk person to person. She never answered me. The next day I got an email from her saying that she would meet me if I still wanted too but it would have to be on her lunch break, I told her that I did not have a problem with that and the next time I was headed her way I would let her know.
About a week later I was able to take a trip to her area, we made it a point to meet in the parking lot of her work place and go from there. Once I got to her work place she was in her car and I finally got to put a face to the words on the screen and she was the most beautiful person that I had ever laid my eyes on, she drove her car and I drove mine and we went to a park nearby. She got out of her car and got in the van that I was driving. It was hot outside and even knowing that she was married I had a gut feeling that it could get hot in the van as well. I kept the motor on the van running and the AC going full blast. We sit and talked and talked an talked some more. She was telling me about her job, her daughters and her husband and the way that he treats her and the girls. I took her by the hand (later I found out that when I did that she dang near melted in her seat) and I told her that she was not in a marriage she was in a dictorship and her husband was the dictator. You know life is way to short to be unhappy, that is why I left my wife. I wanted to stay for the kids but I sit back and relized that one day the kids would be grown and gone and I would have been in a miserable relationship and would have been unhappy for years and years so when I came to grips with that I left.
It was not long before I looked in her green eyes and touched her cheek with my finger and I leaned forward and I kissed her on the lips, just a small kiss, but I could sense she wanted more, so I gave her more. We kissed passionatley and I begin to massage her breasts she never said no. Three hours later she said she had to go back to work, which was probally a good thing because it sure was getting warm in that van.
We talked an talked more and more everyday on the computer and I would even call her at work on the phone.
In September she asked me if I could take a day off work and come up to her town I said I bet I can she said she would take a day off also. Finally I was going to have her to myself just her and I for a whole day. The day got here and I made the 100 mile drive to meet her and she got in my van and we drove and drove and drove and she told me she wanted me to make love to her. I wanted to find a hotel so bad but one was not near, so I pulled the van down a dirt road in the country and we make love in the back of the van in broad day light. It was a wonderful experince she was so tight, when she saw me naked she said that will not fit. I said you have been married for 22 years you have had sex you have two childern to show for it. She said yes but it is maybe 1/2 inch long when he is hard. WHAT? I said. How in the world did you ever get pregnat? She said by accident I think. He has not touched me in over a year he goes to porn shows and comes home and jacksoff in a towel. I said YOU have been deprived for 22 years then. To make a long story short I did fit it was tight it felt good but I did fit.
That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship that has endured a lot. She has since filed for and been granted a divorce from her dictator, she has coustody of both of her daughters. The girls have met me and have told there mom and dad both that they wished there dad was like me, that they would be able to talk to him like they talk to me
OH what a compliment for me for those to girls to say that.
Now it has been over 2 years and we are still together seeing each other on weekends and having more fun than we either could have or would have imagined. I have wrote stories and we have acted them out. And those will be included in the near future under this same name.
This story was important so you as the reader will be able to know what and how we met and when the other stories come along you as the reader will be able to sense that I have one sexualy deprived wild woman on my hands.
I hope you will enjouy them

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