Malena Trades Bad Grade for Corporal Punishment



Who said that foreign languages aren’t useful? Teaching them is a good way to meet lovely young girls. That’s what happened to me…

Among my students is Malena, a coy — and hot — young Latina, with lovely braids, a sexy miniskirt and sizable breasts.

She’s studying French because she wants to become a chef.

This time, Malena’s predicament is that she got an F in her French paper. She comes to my place, asking if there’s anything she could do to fix the bad grade. If she fails, she’ll lose her scholarship — so she’s rather desperate. Her nervous coyness is very enticing, but I tell her that it’d be unfair to the other students to let her get away with a bad grade.

Malena keeps begging me: “I’ll do ANYTHING that you say or wish, to get a better grade in this course.” I tell her that the “F” is a form of punishment; if she wants to drop the bad grade, she must accept alternative punishment.

When she eagerly agrees, I swing her across my lap and start spanking her! She’s very surprised but, realizing it’s her only option, she submits. I spank her till her butt turns red, and begin to strip her. I smack her hard with several paddles and whips.

After gradually undressing her, while spanking her at length, I lube up her asshole. I take off her panties and shove them up her mouth; after probing her pussy with a finger, I stuff the panties up her pussy.

While she’s still on my lap, I violate her butt with a finger. Then I give her an enema with a squeeze bulb. After taking off her socks, I give her another bulb enema. Then a 3rd one. I place her on her back, with her legs folded back on her, and give her a 4th enema. Not content with that, I fill her up for a 5th time while she lies on her side: one squeeze-bulb enema for every group of mistakes she made in her paper!

Now, I finally pull out the panties from her pussy.

She needs to pee. I make her squat on a bucket, but instead of peeing she ends up expelling the enema water.

Then she again complains she needs to pee; this time, I first shove a speculum up her pussy. She pees only a few drops; so, I make her kneel and then I spank and paddle her till her butt is red. I also fondle her nipples. She finally pees a little into the bucket — and a lot more sitting on the toilet, taunting me!

When she comes back, I make her kneel on a chair, and spank her at some length. Then I strip her naked and, as I rub her belly, I tell her that I’m going to fill her up — again, and a lot more. I make her straddle the chair, facing the back, and I completely tie her up to it — hands and feet. I drench Malena in baby oil, and put clothespins on her nipples.

I fill up a red enema bag, and connect it to large green nozzle, using a flow indicator. I use the nozzle to fill up all of Malena’s openings: first her mouth, then a good douching, then up her butt.

I pull the nozzle out of her butt and shove it right back again, forcefully. A little water leaks out of her butt during the enema, but she soaks up the whole bag. During enema, I drip hot wax on her butt and back.

I make Malena expel into a bucket — while she’s still tied up to the chair. I place a candle underneath her, and she blows it out with her flow! She expels a good bit of water. When she stops, to verify there’s no water about to come out, I stick 2 fingers up her butt and stretch it out. Nothing indeed comes out…

She’s having cramps; I rub her belly at length, then she expels some more.

I drip a lot of hot wax on her, then I shove the lit candle up her butt, twice, and fuck her butt with it. I tell Malena that her grade has so far climbed to a B+… She expels some more.

I rub an ice popsicle all over her back, breasts and legs — while she’s still in bondage. I make her cup her hands together, and I “fuck the hole” with the ice popsicle. Then I rub the popsicle on her pussy, and masturbate her with it. I even shove it inside her pussy!

I ask Malena if she really wants an A. To her chagrin, she learns that she must have yet another enema! I release her from bondage, and make her lie down on the bed. I cover her top half with the large umbrella she had brought in when she first arrived. Only her butt sticks out: very sexy… I spank her at length, so much that the dry wax flakes off her butt and back! Then I paddle her butt and legs at length. I shake off even more wax with a good whipping! At length, on her butt, back, breasts, belly and legs. In particular, I whip her breasts for a delightfully painful, long time.

I bring out an 18″ colonic tube, and attach it to a red bag and a flow indicator. I lube up Malena’s rear and shove a finger up her butt. Then I insert the colonic tube — “to the hilt.” While tube is up her butt, I slide the handle of the huge umbrella up her pussy.

I reel out the long colonic tube. Then I shove the tip of the umbrella up her butt — and pronounce that her grade has finally become an “A+”! I make Malena expel in a bucket, while she lies on her back.

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