Jessica Alba shows me just how fantastic she is

I work on a lot of sets so it’s no surprise when I see a movie star. One actress caught my eye, and that was Jessica Alba. She was so hot. Every part of her body was perfect. Her eyes,hair,skin, her large 34c breast and her heart shaped ass were enou

Bam Margera and Me

I was turning the age of 24, I loved to skateboard and loved the music of the time. Yet, something amazing happend…

At 3 am i was woken up in a scream of terror. My cell phone had rang to the song of Escape From Hellview for cKy. It was my f

Jessica Simpson cheats on Nick with a nobody… me

Jessica and Nick were staying at the same hotel as me. I was so excited when I heard this news,, thinking I might get a glimpse of one of the most beautiful women in the world. Little did I know, I would get much more then a glimpse.

As I sat

LindsayLohanshowsmewhat she thinksofme part 3

I woke up and saw Lidsay sleeping with her head on my shoulder and arm on my chest.I just admired her beauty and gentlely touched her face with my hands.Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me.Lindsay gave me a kiss and got up out of be

LidsayLohanshows me what she thinksofme part 2

It was morning and I made Lind say and myself some breakfast.After I finished I went to take a shower. Then I put my clothes on since regetfully I had to leave for work.
“Hey are you going somewhere Ray?”
“Sorry,Lindsay I have to go to work. If

Heathen Fest

Keep in mind that, in this fantasy, all people and celebrities are alive and in the prime of their careers. It’s my story, I can do what I want, so there! Nyah! Nah, seriously though, let me know if you like this one.

“Yeeeeaah! Breakin The L

Lindsay Lohan shows me what she really thinks ofme

I was walking down a street in the pouring rain.Unfortunately I didn’t have an umbrella. It was about 11pm at night and I was leaving work and was heading home. As I was about to going inside my apartment I heard a scream. I ran into the alley and fo

Avril and I part II

After a shakey walk between Soup and Avril they finally got to his car. Avril got into the passenger side and within 3 minutes fell asleep while Soup drove to his small appartment only about 5 New York blocks from the WTC. He shook Avril awake and th

Avril and I part II

Soup stared blankly at his half full bottle of Jack Daniels that stood infront of him on the counter. He staggerd over to the stage in which his band was supposed to perform in under 2 hours, Soup was way to shit faced to play his guitar right now. <

Aaron Carter’s 18th Birthday

Aaron shifted his body as he sat on the big plush chair at his own 17th birthday party. Nick Carter, Aaron’s big brother, had thrown him a big Hollywood bash that December. Aaron didn’t want that. He had wanted a private cozy little party. He hated b

Saving The Prince

William was tired of it all. He felt trapped going from table to table and talking to boring, uptight people who only wanted to speak with him since he was a prince. Pretty rich girls dressed in beautiful designer dresses gathered around him giggling

Marykate and Ashley and Me

Please forgive any errors, Enjoy!

My name is James and let me just say that I’m in love with two girls, their names are Nikki and Ray.(Marykate and Ashely will be in my story in just a bit) They’re twins ofcourse, and I really do enjoy talking

Manisha, A Nice Experience

Manisha The Experience

I am Raju aged 18. I am staying with my uncle in a posh apartment in Chennai. I am studying for Hotel Management course and was doing my training at one of the five star hotels in Chennai. I used to go to a Gymnasium .I

Jessica Simpson Cheating on Nick

“NICK STOP!” Jessica Simpson yelled in a whinney at her husband Nick Lacey .”What?” he said annoyed at her as he removed himself off of her . “Not tonight I can hardley walk from last night baby give me a break” she said with a pouty face. Nick

i love my girlfriend!

i was flirting with my girlfriend for 4
months but nothing interesting was happening. she was, if you kinda think, a fuckbuddy. just two pep talks and straight to sex. our interests were different and we had nothing in common, but truth be told, s

Justin Timberlake's heartbreak

Joel Madden, singer of the band Good Charlotte, and Mike Shinoda member of the band Linkin Park sat inside of a luxurious limousine outside of Radio City Music Hall. It was the night after the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. They were setting up a nice

I'm fucked my rap stars

That evening I was really horny and was going to arap concert. My boyfriend and me planned to have sex afterwards.In the middle of the concert,my boyfriend said however that he changed his mind, and does not want to do that. We had an argument and he

Bisexual Orgy, Part 4 (Smoking Sex)

(Continued from Part 3)

As I arrive back into the room, she has me sit on the couch. She closes the door as turns back around to me with a wicked smile, as she has an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth and I can see her nipples are s

Bisexual Orgy, Part 3

(If you haven’t already, read the other 2 parts first.)

As me and Miranda walk into the kitchen, I can’t help but noticing that it seems like a kitchen from some fancy restaurant. This place is so big, it seems like it could hold the entire pa