Bam Margera and Me

I was turning the age of 24, I loved to skateboard and loved the music of the time. Yet, something amazing happend…

At 3 am i was woken up in a scream of terror. My cell phone had rang to the song of Escape From Hellview for cKy. It was my f

Avril and I part II

After a shakey walk between Soup and Avril they finally got to his car. Avril got into the passenger side and within 3 minutes fell asleep while Soup drove to his small appartment only about 5 New York blocks from the WTC. He shook Avril awake and th

Avril and I part II

Soup stared blankly at his half full bottle of Jack Daniels that stood infront of him on the counter. He staggerd over to the stage in which his band was supposed to perform in under 2 hours, Soup was way to shit faced to play his guitar right now. <

Aaron Carter’s 18th Birthday

Aaron shifted his body as he sat on the big plush chair at his own 17th birthday party. Nick Carter, Aaron’s big brother, had thrown him a big Hollywood bash that December. Aaron didn’t want that. He had wanted a private cozy little party. He hated b

Saving The Prince

William was tired of it all. He felt trapped going from table to table and talking to boring, uptight people who only wanted to speak with him since he was a prince. Pretty rich girls dressed in beautiful designer dresses gathered around him giggling

Manisha, A Nice Experience

Manisha The Experience

I am Raju aged 18. I am staying with my uncle in a posh apartment in Chennai. I am studying for Hotel Management course and was doing my training at one of the five star hotels in Chennai. I used to go to a Gymnasium .I

Jessica Simpson Cheating on Nick

“NICK STOP!” Jessica Simpson yelled in a whinney at her husband Nick Lacey .”What?” he said annoyed at her as he removed himself off of her . “Not tonight I can hardley walk from last night baby give me a break” she said with a pouty face. Nick

i love my girlfriend!

i was flirting with my girlfriend for 4
months but nothing interesting was happening. she was, if you kinda think, a fuckbuddy. just two pep talks and straight to sex. our interests were different and we had nothing in common, but truth be told, s

I'm fucked my rap stars

That evening I was really horny and was going to arap concert. My boyfriend and me planned to have sex afterwards.In the middle of the concert,my boyfriend said however that he changed his mind, and does not want to do that. We had an argument and he


This is my first one, so it is probably shit, but let me know any way.

What the WWE superstars REALLY get up to backstage.

Trish Stratus had just come from the arena and couldn’t wait to get back to her dressing room so she could have