I had been pestered to go out with a rather large but attractive nurse ,I had declined her offer numerous times
But finally I accepted her offer
We were to go too the movies have a nice dinner and few drinks that was my big mistake

Must of been the waves

Having a few brews one night idling about the bay on my pals boat, my pal, and my wife his wife and I were having a great night. Stars out, warm weather, music “rippers” on the radio from days gone by. Pete was driving the boat as I stood next to

Serving Michelle's Wishes

Serving Michelle’s Wishes

Eric was a typical 12 year old, but was highly advanced in puberty, having facial hair and an above average cock size. He was black, 5’3, and muscular, so naturally, any girl in the school old enough to like guys, l


Hillary and I approach my apartment at quarter past midnight, and I am very excited. I can’t recall when I ever wanted a woman as much as I want her. It is not only that she is gorgeous, but she has the kind of personality that really turns me on.

My Neighbors 17 year old joy

I live by myself, I have done so since i was 17, I own my own home. For 2 years I have noticed the nice plump tight breast on my neighbors daughter. She has the body that would drive a gay mn insain to have.

A few times a looked across the ya

A little Justice

I guess I was a lousy bastard growing up now that I think looking back. One night while hanging out around the campfire at our regular party place, my girlfriend, then 19, her 2 twin sisters then 16 and a bunch of other people were partying hard with