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When Mar’e Met Ariel

I read an e-mail from my online friend Ariel, saying that she would be flying into New York this weekend for business and staying for a few days. The news made me jump and cheered. I felt as if God had answered my prayers. I was finally going to meet her.

Ariel was a Brazilian bombshell! She had a tanned complexion, pretty face, and the body of a sex goddess! She was a webcam model that posed for a few adult magazines. We first communicated in 2004 on PlentyofFish, a free online dating site. After a while, we conversed through e-mails. Our e-mails were mostly flirtatious. The dirtier we talked, the more we insisted on meeting. I knew we had to meet in my city.

Finally, the weekend was here.

I arrived at the Plaza Hotel feeling both excited and nervous. As I walked down the hallway on the fourth floor, many thoughts roamed in my head. I prayed that Ariel was the gorgeous woman in all the pictures she e-mailed me over the years. I knocked on the door three times and took a deep breath. The door opened, and I was all smiles like a war soldier that just came home to his family. Ariel was short with long straight black hair, an incredible body, and pretty face. I was happy that it was she in all those pictures. I love her hypnotic smile!

“Mar’e, I finally get to meet you. How are you?” Ariel said, as she hugged me. “Wow, I don’t believe this.”

“This is definitely a surprise. You look incredible.” I told her.

“Thank you. You are hot yourself. Come on in, silly.” Ariel grabbed me inside the room. “You are the reason I am in your hometown. Do you want anything to drink?”

“No, I’m fine, goddess.” I answered. “I’m just so happy to finally see you. What do you think of New York City?”

“Well, everything is here. It really is the center of the world. I went to the Empire State Building, FAO Schwarz, and Trump Tower. It was great! After my meeting with my business partner tomorrow, I want to visit Ground Zero and ride the subway. Ha!”

“Come on, let us go out, and explore this great city. Let’s go!” I said.

We walked out of the hotel and immediately attracted attention from people. I wondered was Ariel used to all the stares she received from strangers. We got inside my platinum-colored Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and hit downtown. On the road, we had heads turning from all directions. Ariel felt so carefree that she exposed her firm breasts. One middle-aged man wearing red glasses driving a Cadillac did a double take at the sight of Ariel, and nearly ran over a motorcyclist. I laughed my ass off!

I took Ariel to Justin’s, a neo-soul food establishment in the Flatiron District. I took the liberty of ordering for her. We consumed chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and grilled shrimp. Beside the delicious food, what I enjoyed was our conversation.

“Do you want to know what one of my biggest fantasies is?” Ariel said.

“What?” I asked.

“To have sex in Central Park,” She answered with a smile. “I think it will be great to do it there.”

“Well, we should make that fantasy into a reality.” I told her. “Let’s make your first trip to New York a memorable one.”

“Then let us have sex in Central Park!” Ariel suggested. “You have me excited.”

Later on that night, I took Ariel to a semi-secluded spot in Central Park. We had a view of Manhattan’s skyline and the bright stars. I felt anxious that I was about to have my first sexual encounter in the city’s most famous park, where police officers or park rangers might see us. Once I saw Ariel stripped down, I could not hold back even if I had tried. Her sex-hungry grin had me set to fuck that sexy pussy of hers.

As she lay down nude on my old powder-blue towels, I climbed on top of her and kissed her stomach and breasts passionately. Then I licked and lightly bit her erect nipples. I felt Ariel squeezed my balls, which had me soaring up to heaven. It was time for me to taste that Brazilian pussy of hers. I licked and spat away. The way she moaned and squeezed her tits had me in a hot frenzy. I licked up her love honey like a vacuum cleaner as it flowed smoothly out of her pussy.

“Fuck me, baby.” She moaned.

I slid my condom-covered dick into her pussy and pumped away at a rapid pace. Ariel’s pussy was extremely wet, and she screamed her excitement. The feeling was so exquisite! Ariel climaxed on the head of my dick. Her cream coated my dick. I looked into Ariel’s eyes, and I could tell she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. She climbed on top of me and shoved her pussy down on my dick. Ariel rode and fucked the shit out of me. She looked sexier sweating like a pig.

“Fuck me anyway you want, baby. You are amazing!” I told her.

“Your cock is so good.” Ariel sighed. “I want it to stay in my pussy.”

“I want to cum all over you, sexy.” I murmured.

Sensing I was about to ejaculate, Ariel hopped up and pulled the condom off my dick. That moment, I shot one of the biggest loads of cum ever all over Ariel’s torso. What a sight!

We rested for a few minutes; we cleaned, and began putting on our clothes. We laughed at what we just did. I ranked this sexual experience as one of the best in my life.

“This was the greatest sexual experience I’ve ever had.” Ariel confessed. “We have to do this again.”

“No doubt, you know I’m with that.” I said.

Suddenly, a tall pale-skinned park ranger with a walkie-talkie in his left hand stopped in front of us.

“Don’t worry; I’m not going to turn you two in. I take my girl here and have sex with her. I thought I was the only person who knew about this spot. I’m just warning y’all that many robberies have occurred here and the cops will be here in ten minutes, so you might want to leave now.” The park ranger informed.

“Oh, we’re out of here. Thank you for the warning.” I replied.

After dropping Ariel off at the hotel, I drove uptown thinking to myself what a perfect night it was. Ariel sent a text message thanking me for a memorable New York night. I cannot wait for the next time we explored the city that never sleeps!


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