A History of Betrayal – Part Three

The next day Elizabeth felt elated. Buoyed up by the heady rush of power. All throughout her father approached her with pleading eyes and a large bulge in his crotch. Again and again she denied him. Sometimes with a tender kiss where her body lightly brushed against him. At other times she would turn away without a word, ignoring him completely. Even once he approached her in the garden whilst they were standing on the opposite side of the rose bushes. She got down on her knees. Slowly undid his pants. Took his large almost bursting cock in both hands, licked it fully along its length, deep throated him once, then got up and walked away leaving him in the agony of need. Her face was pink and excited. Her heat throbbed in her chest. She owned him.
At around mid afternoon her mother and brother came home from visiting her grandmother. Elizabeth promptly dressed in her most alluring gown and pinned her hair high above her head, showing off her long white neck and ample breasts. As she entered the courtyard her father was already greeting the arrivals. Elizabeth walked up and hugged her mother, ignoring her father completely, knowing he watched every movement of the fabric against her tender frame. Her mother commented that she looked fabulous. Glowing. If only she knew why, Elizabeth smirked.
Turning around she noticed her brother staring slack jawed at her breasts. She smiled to herself.
“How was your trip brother?”
His head snapped up. As well as his eyes.
“It was good. You should have come grandmother misses you.”
With her new liberated view on things Elizabeth was openly appraising her brother. He was younger and still not a man. Gawky and thin in appearance. But he did possess their families good looks and she new above all the he was innocent. Within her she instantly new that she would defile him. She would have power over all in their family. She felt like a god.
Soon after they came home her brother went out to visit friends as it was only early afternoon and Elizabeth kept busy by teasing her father. She walked by the room where her mother was showing her father what she had bought on her trip. Mementos. Her father was obviously bored. So Elizabeth leaned against the doorway where her mother couldn’t see her in full view of her father and slowly felt her way up her body. Resting on her leg. Slowly tracing the crevasse between leg and body. Spreading her fingers and moving up to cup her breasts. Slowly squeezing. Then she moved her hand back down so that it was between her legs. Miming rubbing motions. Of course she couldn’t feel anything through the layers of her dress but it turned her on anyway. She saw her fathers cock go hard. He looked at her and shook his head begging her to stop lest she reveal their secret.
Her mother noticed his pants swelling. “Richard!” she admonished. “It’s the middle of the day.”
Her father realized that he had only one option. As Elizabeth realized what was about to happen she ducked out of the doorway. Her father walked over and closed it then moved back to her mother.
Elizabeth couldn’t see anymore. Disappointed and horny knowing that someone in the house was getting sex Elizabeth walked back toward her bedroom. The was a hair brush waiting for her.
Halfway to her room she was startled by the sound of the front door slamming. She turned and ran to see what the noise was about.
Her brother had returned home and was obviously in some sort of rage. He’d thrown all his belongings on the rack near the door and was hurriedly trying to tug off his scarf. She could help but laugh.
He looked up at the sound.
“I’m sorry brother I do pity whatever had made you so angry but by god you look comical at the moment.”
“You pity me? You pity me for the disgrace you have done to our family?”
Oh he’d found out. Well it would have to be all over town. Such a scandal.
“And what disgrace is that brother?” Elizabeth replied deadpan.
He walked over grabbed her arm and tugged her into a side room. Pulling her close to him he whispered. “Don’t pretend you don’t know. You saunter round in dresses you refused to wear just months ago when Uncle Leroy bought it for you. Flaunting yourself. Where is father? We must take actions to save our families reputation.”
Elizabeth smirked, “He’s currently indisposed. I wouldn’t try to disturb him.”
“You try to trick me woman.”
He threw her away from him and started to search the house. Elizabeth ghosted after him smiling. He was suddenly at the door and Elizabeth positioned herself to get the best view when he threw it open. As he flung open the doors her brother bellowed “Father!”
The were confronted by the sight of their mother leaning over a chair groaning. Her skirts over her head. Richard positioned behind her thrusting into her behind eyes tightly clasped. Elizabeth new he was thinking of her. His eyes opened and he glared at her brother.
Taking stock her brother obediently closed the doors. Elizabeth knew her father was to far gone to stop. No matter how her mother objected her would have his way before they finished.
“I did warn you brother”
He turned around to face her. She could see his cock straining through his pants.
“Of course this would not bother a whore like you.”
“Of course this would bother a child like you.” She replied.
“How dare you flaunt your shame in this way. When father finds out.”
“Father already knows dear brother. He punished me. Then I returned the favor. Would you like to know how?”
She stepped close to him and lightly stroked the increasing bulge in his pants. A moment of pure pleasure crossed his face before he stepped back in revulsion.
“I don’t believe you. Our father is an honorable man. He would never despoil our family.”
“You say that but you have just seen how he despoils our family.”
“That’s different”
“Really? I can see you will not believe lest you see for yourself. My window seat has curtains billowy enough to hide a person. Come tonight and you will see how similar it can be.”
She walked away hips swinging.
Later that day her father came to her asking of her brother. After the incident he had disappeared. Elizabeth smiled.
“He will be alright. We’ve talked and he is ok.”
Her father seemed relieved. She stepped closer to him. Pushing her body against him and he collapsed against the wall. She kissed him deeply and reached her hands down into his pants to caress his cock. It was hard in an instant and she slowly rubbed it up and down.
“I hope you’re not to tired for tonight?”
“tonight? But Margaret. She can’t find out.”
“Then drug her.”
Elizabeth walked away her plan perfectly set.
That night the family sat down to dinner. Just Elizabeth, her mother and her father. Her brother was absent.
Her mother embarrassed about what they saw was quiet. Pensive. During dinner Elizabeth dropped her fork near her father and Elizabeth went under the table to get it. Down on her knees under the table she took out her fathers cock and started to viciously suck it. Her father thrusting at her under the table whilst trying to maintain a normal eating fa├žade. Caressing his balls she could fell his thrusting get more urgent and she simply stopped retrieved her fork and resumed her dinner. She watched him trying to compose himself. Closing his eyes. Deep breaths.
She finished and walked up to her bedroom. She knew her father would not be able to resist. Walking in it was completely dark so she lit some candles and made her way o
ver to her bed. Lying down she looked at the mirrors she had positioned earlier. She had a
perfect view of the inside of the window seat. One side of the curtain would not close fully because of the curtain rail and she could see her brother sitting on the seat watching through a gap on the other side.
Slowly she stripped of her clothing. The overdress. The under dress. The chemise. The corset. And finally her underwear. Positioning herself so that her pussy faced the window seat she lay down on her bed and started to feel her slit. It felt so good to be touching herself knowing her brother was watching. From her mirrors she could see the emotions playing over his face. First the disgust. He looked around to see if there were any way for him to escape without her seeing. Finally giving up and resigning himself. He tried not to watch. So she began to moan. He looked quickly and his cock started to grow. Encouraged she leaned over to her dresser and got her hairbrush. It had a long thin handle. Perfect. She worked the handle over her clitoris rubbing and moaning. Her brother had clasped his hands tightly to try and keep from rubbing his now massive cock. So she inserted the hairbrush into her hole and started to work it in and out while rubbing her clit with her fingers. He absently started rubbing his cock with his clasped hand through his pant fabric. She thrust the handle fully into her hole and groaned. He hastily got his cock out and furiously started to rub.
At this moment her father crept into the room and watched her writhing on the bed with the hairbrush. She looked up at him and smiled.
“As you can see father I’ve been waiting for you. Get down on your knees and fuck me with your tongue.”
He hurried over, lifted her legs over his shoulders and buried his face between her legs. She gasped as he licked her clitoris.
“oh my god Mother taught you well.”
He started to work the hairbrush in and out while licked and sucking her clit. She began to buck.
“Fuck this I want your hard cock in me now.”
He continued for a bit.
“Father NOW”
He got up pulling the hairbrush out and took out his cock. Sprawled on the bed Elizabeth looked up at him.
“Come on. Fuck me like you fucked my virgin mother sixteen years ago.”
He grabbed her hips and rammed his cock into her.
“Oh FUCK!” Elizabeth screamed.
She worked her hips in time with him and they set a furious pace.
She turned her head to the side and saw her brother in the mirrors. His cock was fully out. A massive 8 inches. His legs were splayed out on the window seat and his face was pressed against the slit in the curtains. He was furiously rubbing his cock.
She looked into her fathers face as he worked in and out of her. She reached out and started to rub her breasts. Sucking them while her father pumped into her. He came soon after standing stone still while he pumped his seed into her. He moved to pull out so that he could kneel down and lick his seed out of her when she stopped him.
“I’ve had enough of you father. Leave.”
He stopped. “But…”
“If you haven’t had enough go fuck you’re drugged wife. She won’t care. No go.”
He got up and walked out. His cock dripping with vaginal fluids and his own seamen.
After he closed the door she got up and walked to her dresser. She knew her brother couldn’t see her from here. She watched him. Frozen, Anxious. Hoping she doesn’t hear his labored breathing. He still held his cock in his hands. And she could see seamen everywhere. He must have come several times.
She crept up to the window seat still from view and just as he was about to peek out the curtain, she swept them open and quickly stuck his seamen covered cock in her mouth. Shocked he sat still. His eyes wide and he watched his cock being pumped in and out of her mouth.
“Elizabeth…” He breathed “You shouldn’t be doing this.”
His cock was so large she could barely fit half in her mouth. She pumped her hand at the base in time with her mouth. So soft.
She got up and tugged him into a standing position. She pressed her body hard against him and kissed him. She could feel his cock against her body and she felt him press it into her. He kissed her furiously.
She turned him round and threw him on the bed. Descending on his cock she turned and put her pussy on his face.
“Suck your father’s juices out of me brother.”
Before he could reply she started to suck his cock again. Licking around the rim of the knob at the top. Sliding her tongue down its length only to pump her hand and insert the tip back into her mouth.
At first he just sat there then as he started to get more excited he tentatively licked her. Then started to suck. He wasn’t very good but it was a nice sensation.
After he’d cleaned all the juice out of her she turned around and lay down face up.
“Brother I want you to do the honors.”
He slowly got up and looked at her naked body. Climbing on top of her he hesitantly rested his cock against her.
“Elizabeth I don’t know…”
“Fine. Then leave.”
She watched his eyes traverse his body. Her pussy rubbing against his cock. Closing his eye made it worse. He could feel her warmth. The wetness. Involuntarily he lowered himself. His cock now at the entrance to her pussy. The sensation pushed him over the edge and he plunged himself deep into her. He came instantly. The pleasure to much for his body to handle.
Elizabeth waited patiently for his erection to subside. He collapsed on top of her. Slowly she stroked her long fingernails down his back. Over his shoulder blades. Down his spine. Grasping his tight butt cheeks. After a minute she started to move her pussy over his deflated cock still inside her. She could feel it harden and grow. As she clasped and unclasped his cock she could feel him begin to thrust of his own accord.
Suddenly he grasped her shoulders and started pumping in and out of her like a freight train. She could feel herself coming and this time did not repress it. Clasping his butt while he worked in and out of her she wrapped her legs around his angling her hole to give him more access.
She clenched her hole and bucked underneath him. The sensation tingling then overriding her hole body. As he thrust the feeling echoed long after she had truly finished coming and suddenly she was taken again.
Suddenly his cheek goose pimpled and he jerked in and out of her. Spent again.

Still inside her, legs wrapped around each other, brother and sister fell asleep.

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