A History of Betrayal – Part Two

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Elizabeth slunk down to breakfast feeling every eye upon her. Thinking everyone knew her dirty secret. Her father looked up at her and smiled jovially.
“You missed all the excitement darling. At about eleven o’clock Manuel announced that he was to marry Stephanie. You know Henry Taylor’s daughter.”
Elizabeth’s jaw dropped. That would have been just after he’d come out of her bedroom. She sat heavily into her chair. Her father was instantly concerned.
“I’m sorry darling. I had no idea you felt for him that way. You always seemed so harsh with him. If you work on that we might eventually get you married some day.”
With that he got up and walked from the room. Elizabeth was left to eat her breakfast in shame. After five minutes she lowered her head to the table and cried.
For the rest of the day she wandered around the house moping. Doing embroidery over here. Looked through some swatches of fabric. Mostly wasting time till her father got home from his business in town. When her mother was away at grandmothers time seemed to drag.
She was in her fathers study reading when she heard the door slam. She instantly looked up with anticipation when she heard him yelling with some of the maids. It mustn’t have been a good day. Eventually she heard him banging around the house then calling out her name. She froze. He didn’t know did he? He couldn’t possibly know. Manuel would not have told, it would damage his reputation as much as hers.
Her mind was suddenly made up as her father stormed through the door. He had to know. His face was red. His hair disheveled. His eyes screamed murder. In his hands he held her corset. The cut ribbon dangling loosely.
“Is it true girl?”
She stared at him in horror.
She stammered a reply, “Issss… wwwwhat … tttrue?”
“Don’t play dumb with me whore.”
Suddenly he grabbed her and through her on the love seat face down. Her ass poking upward. She was to shocked to move as he lifted her skirts and yanked down her panties. She could feel his fingers prodding at her vagina.
After minutes of searching and not finding her maiden head he turned, picked up and threw the closest object. It just happened to be her book.
“Girl you are useless to me now. USELESS. No man will marry used produce. How am I supposed to clench the deal with Gyllson now? He will certainly not buy you after he humiliated me by telling me he would not buy soiled goods when I brought the topic up. Then after as I was laughed at by many gentlemen did I find out our maid had told the town you had had someone in your bed last night. Ambrosia will no longer be working for us.”
“but father he… “
“He what? Raped you? That doesn’t help girl you’re still no good. Plus the way you acted this morning keys me otherwise. So Manuel led you on then left to marry someone else? Well no wonder girl. If you’d had enough sense to refuse him he may have married you but no man is going to go to all that trouble if they can have you anyway. You stupid, stupid girl.”
He turned away with his head on his hand.
“Father I’m sorry.” Elizabeth whispered as she turned to try and get up.
Her movement stirred her father into action.
“Don’t move whore. You know what we do to stupid girls?”
He turned and retrieved a whip from his desk drawer. He hadn’t used it on Elizabeth since she was a girl. She instantly started to plead with him.
“No father. Please no.”
“I’m sorry Elizabeth but you went to far this time. None of my love for you will save you this.”
With that he unfurled the whip and smacked it hard against her exposed legs. Elizabeth cried out. He whacked up again and again making Elizabeth cry out every time. After one particularly hard smack she let out a long wail.
“Christ girl even when you’re in pain you sound like you’re in ecstasy. We’ll see about that”
He rammed the with handle into her pussy. At first Elizabeth was shocked and appalled. This was her father but as her worked the whip inside of her a hunger that she recognized from last night surfaced. At first she tried to continue to cry and carry on as she had when he whipped her but as her heat began to grow she started to match the rhythm of the whip and a groan escaped her lips.
At this her father stopped instantly and dropped the whip. Disgusted at his daughter. As he stopped she shuddered and whispered.
“No… Please don’t stop.”
“Elizabeth I am your father.”
“Please don’t stop”
She turned around and spread herself wide so that her father could see the whip dangling out of her pussy. She reached down and tried to move the whip herself. One hand massaging her clit while the other attempted to move the whip. She peeked over her skirts to see her father backing against the bookshelves a look of disgust on his face. But as she glanced down his cock flexed and she could see he had an enormous boner.
She whispered, “Father come to me. You know you want to…”
He shook his head.
Elizabeth stood up and undressed. Standing naked before him. She rubbed her breasts with one hand her clit with the other.
“You know you want to…”
She stepped closer to him her face inches away. Her hands moved down his body and massaged his large throbbing cock. She moved her move to his ear and whispered again.
“Let me suck you.”
And as she moved down his body to uncovered his cock he whispered her name.
She held his cock in both hands and looked up at him with those bright blue eyes. Smiled. Then opened her mouth and sucked his cock. Instantly her father pushed himself against the bookshelves as she had done the night before and writhed in pleasure. But she did not pump him full force until he came. No she teased him. Alternating between quickly moving him with both her hands and mouth to licking his nob, sucking his balls and kissing his shaft. Within seconds he was groaning. In minutes he began to plead with her.
“Elizabeth please. Oh please don’t stop.”
At that she stood up holding his cock in her hands. Massaging gently. Then she raised herself onto her tiptoes. Looked him straight in the eyes and inserted his cock into her vagina. She could see his eyes register what has happened. No longer was it simply bad that she had sucked him off. Now if they continued they would be committing incest. He would be fucking his own daughter.
He opened his mouth to protest when she clenched her muscles and enveloped him down to the base then raised herself so that she only covered his head. He gasped in pleasure. She was much tighter than what he was used to. Not to mention that he had coveted his daughter for years. Chiding himself and punishing himself when he imagined his dick inside her when she bent over. Now it was all coming true.
He began to rub his body into her straining his abdomen up. Trying to push his penis in further.
She grabbed his hand and forced him to massage her breasts. All the while keeping only his head covered. Then she took his face in both hands and kissed him. She was overwhelmed with what she was doing to her father. She could feel how wet she was. How hot she was from the simple fact that everything her life had told her this was wrong. But it felt so good.
Suddenly she stepped off him.
“Elizabeth.” He gasped, “Why…?”
She grabbed him harshly and pushed him toward the love seat. As he fell onto the cushions she grabbed his cock and sucked it once then straddled his legs and lo
wered herself onto him.
“How does it feel father? To be pleasured so by your own daughte
She began to grind her hips against him.
“Elizabeth… This is wrong… We must stop.”
She slapped him and stopped moving.
He began to strain against her.
“No… I’m sorry… Please… Please”
She started to grind him again.
“I will ask you again. How does it feel?”
He whispered, “Perfect. Just as I imagined.”
She began to move faster.
“Oh so you imagined yourself fucking me father? You dirty old man.”
He moved his hands to her hips and thrust up with his cock. They both felt him penetrate her deeper.
“I’ve never been fucked like this before.” He muttered.
She moved faster.
“Of course not old man. You’ve never fucked your daughter before. And never have you imagined she would like it.”
At that she came and collapsed on top of him while he pushed still inside her. After a moment she rose.
“Father this is uncomfortable come over here.”
She stood up and leaned over his desk her perfect ass in the air. He hesitated.
“Father hurry up and fuck me!”
He rushed over and without warning pushed his cock into her pussy. She groaned and rubbed her clit.
“Come on father stop being a pussy and fuck me!”
He began to ram his cock into her rougher and rougher.
“You can do better than that.”
He took her hips in his hands and pushed as hard as he could against her. She came again letting out a high pitched squeal as she pushed back into him. By this time her father was close to climaxing and she could feel him slow as if to pull out.
“If you pull out father I will never fuck you again. You will live out the rest of your life regretting this moment. I want to feel you cum inside me.”
He continued to thrust then seemed to make up his mind and hammer into her again. Then suddenly she felt him shudder and she could feel him ejaculate inside her. Could feel it run down her thighs. He pulled out and collapsed on the love seat behind them. She turned around her legs spread and bent her knee lifting her leg so that she could rest one foot on the bench. A long trail of cum glinted on her leg. With one finger she scooped up the residue and sucked it off her finger. She looked up and saw him watching her again his cock growing hard. Smiling she pushed herself up onto the desk lay back and fingered her pussy.
“Fuck me again father.”

He stood up. All mind gone. All that was left remained the need to fuck his daughter.

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A History of Betrayal - Part Two, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Ramrod

    Very hot story. I loved it!

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  2. redkitten

    When is Part Three?

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  3. blowhard

    I jerked off 3 times to this story.

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  4. blowhard

    I jerked off 3 times to this story.

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  5. i loved it

    i found it so hard to not cum while reading this. cant wait for next part!

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