A History of Betrayal

From the balcony Elizabeth had a perfect view of the ball. The women in their dresses twirled and fluttered like flower petals. But of course Elizabeth did not care. All she could think about was Manuel. He was below her dancing with Henry Taylor’s daughter Stephanie. The pair were laughing as they danced. How dare he parade like there was no bond with her. Had he not told her in the garden that he would meet with her tonight. That they were meant to be.
Suddenly the music stopped and the dancers parted. Manuel bowed to Stephanie and kissed her hand. Stephanie blushed and Manuel led her back to her friends. As he walked away the girls giggled and clasped hands in excitement. Elizabeth scowled.
To her left she noticed Manuel making his way up the stairs towards her. Surely he didn’t expect to come to her after ignoring her for that trumped up debutante all night. She would not give him that satisfaction. Gathering her skirts about her Elizabeth left the party for her room.
Hurrying in she shut the door behind her. Her father would punish her for leaving the party early but what could he do? Ground her. A stint of isolation would be good for her. When the news of Manuel and Stepanie broke she knew she would not wish to show her face for a while. Of course she didn’t know for certain that manuel was courting Stephanie but had it not been obvious.
She sat at her dresser and began to undo the pins in her hair. She watched as long blond strand fell to surround her face. Taking out her brush she began to smooth out her tresses in slow strokes.
From behind her the door opened and Manuel seeing that she was inside stepped into the room.
“Elizabeth I was coming to see you. Did we not have plans to meet tonight?”
Elizabeth turned sharply.
“I would not see you were you the last person on earth. Did you really expect me to lower myself after you have so plainly wooed that, merchant, all night?”
Manuel smiled
“Darling my father wishes to develop better trade routes along the east and to do this we need Monsieur Taylor’s advise and assistance. He has been much more agreeable since I have pretended to woo his left footed daughter.”
He strode over and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him with pleading eyes when she shook her head. Wrenching her shoulder from his grasp Elizabeth got walked over to the window.
“I don’t believe a word you say.”
Manuel walked over and closed the window. Covering the glass with the curtains.
“You think I would court that homely wench for the sake of trade? I don’t think so. Now stop this nonsense. How can you keep me waiting like this. I’ve spent all night watching you. Watching the way your skirts sway as you walk. Your sweet, pink, lips as you talk. Your ample breasts rise and fall as you breathe.”
At this he placed his hands at her waist and slid them up until the caressed both sides of her bosom.
Elizabeth slapped Manuel hard on the face.
“How dare you touch me in this manner.”
Manuel stepped back.
“Fine be like that.”
He moved as if to turn and walk out the door only to suddenly push her violently against the wall. Lightening fast he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head mashing his body against hers. Before she knew it he was kissing her roughly. She struggled. In her mind she knew that if she did this she could never show herself again. She would be exiled. And if she became pregnant. Disowned. No her father would never disown her. He loved her to much. Besides after this Manuel would have to marry her. He would have no choice wouldn’t he? As she struggled with her conscience Manuel adjusted his grip and now only held her wrists with one hand. His spare hand worked its way around her body. Softly squeezing her breasts, then harder. She struggled again. He stopped kissing her for a second.
“Lets see if you’re still opposed in ten minutes.”
His spare hand moved down grasping her skirts. She could feel a draft as at first her ankle and shins then her thigh became exposed to the night air. Her breath came in gasps. She could feel a tingle between her thighs and her chest became tight in anticipation. His hand touched her exposed thigh rubbing the smooth skin. His fingers trailed higher and he caressed the crevasse where her leg met her body.
“You are a dirty girl. No underwear?”
Elizabeth blushed.
“I… I… don’t wear it when I’m not flowing. It gets hot and sweaty down there if I do wear undergarments at balls. With all the exercise I…”
She scowled
“Why am I explaining myself to you? Stop this at once and release me!”
Suddenly his hand moved and he began to rub her clit. She gasped. Her mouth formed a large surprised O and she began to moan. She began to feel very warm and the tingling became more excited.
“I thought you’d like that,” he whispered into her ear.
Between moans she stuttered, “Manuel… please… listen to me. We… can’t… do this”
He slid his middle finger into her pussy and began to rub and thrust at the same time. She let out a long low moan. Her breathe started to pant in and out to the rhythm of his thrusting.
“I don’t think you want to stop.”
He released her hands and they dropped loosely to her sides. He slowly got down on his hands and knees until he was level with her now wet pussy. Suddenly he disappeared under her skirts and she could feel his tongue between her slits. He inserted his finger in her pussy and licked and thrust at the same time. Elizabeth could not believe how good it felt. She pressed her hands against the wall and writhed in pleasure.
Then he stopped and stood up. She moaned.
“Please, please, don’t stop,” She begged.
“Why should I?,” He said.
She got on her knees as he stood before her.
“Please… please… I’ll do anything.”
“I thought you might”
He lowered his pants so that his cock dangled in front of her. It was large, hard and straight. The nob on the end was slightly red and the shaft has wrinkly. She wanted to touch it.
“Have you ever seen one of these before?”
She looked up at him with her doleful blue eyes.
“Of course not you’re a good girl aren’t you. Well if you’re a good girl you will kiss it.”
Elizabeth nodded. She shuffled forward. She could feel the new wetness against her thighs. She held the cock in both hands and kissed the tip. He seemed to shudder. Satisfied that she had the right idea she began to kiss her way up and down the shaft. She glanced up and noticed he was watching her. He smiled.
“There’s just one thing missing,” He said
He reached down and eased her breasts out of her corset so that they rested above her dress.
“Much better. You know it would be much better if you would suck it for me.”
Elizabeth licked her lips and slowly wrapped her mouth around the nob of his cock. Still grasping with both hands she began to suck and lick. Her mouth just reaching the ridge of his cock. Licking the crevasse around the top.
“is this right?”
She looked up again and he nodded. From above she thought she must have looked terrible. Her hair disheveled in soft curls about her shoulders. Her breasts jiggling with every movement. The sucking at least seemed to please him. She began to move her mouth up and down over his cock. Her hand making the same movement. He grabbed her hair and started to thrust with the same movement. It got faster and faster. She tried to stop him from goi
ng deeper. Almost gagging then she felt his cock pulse and he thrust deep into her mouth. Warm liquid fl
ooded into her mouth and she gagged. She tried to move to spit it out but her held her tight. His cock deep in her mouth.
“Swallow,” He order her.
With effort she stopped gagging and swallowed the liquid down.
“Good girl”
He stood her up and grasped her breasts roughly.
“Had enough whore?”
Elizabeth bristled, “How dare you…”
Roughly he threw her on the bed pushing her skirts so that they covered her face. He inserted two fingers into her virgin pussy and moved then in and out.
“How dare I what?”
She didn’t reply. She began to moan again.
He turned her over and undid the back of her dress while still thrusting with his fingers. He got up, walked round the bed and yanked the dress over her head.
“Now my friend here is feeling a little worn out. See if you can cheer him up.”
With that he thrust his now lip cock back at her. Knowing what her wanted she sucked and licked until it grew hard again. While she sucked her reached over and grasped her white butt.
“God I want to pump that.”
Elizabeth looked up at him in confusion.
“Be quiet whore”
He pulled her up to her knees and began to examine the corset. Coming to a sudden decision he pulled a knife out of his jacket and cut the laces. Her breasts fell out and rested against her chest. He smiled again.
“I knew your family breed them well but I had not expected this.”
Elizabeth smiled. She knew she was gorgeous now naked. Her skin was pristine white, her breasts large and her figure hourglass. She preened at the attention. He quickly stripped and rubbed his cock in front of her.
“Turn around and get on your hands and knees.”
She turned around and stuck her butt out.
“Are you going to lick me some more?”
Her stuck two fingers back in and pumped her a bit.
“Something much better.”
Suddenly he rammed his cock into her. She cried out in pain and a small amount of blood trickled out of her pussy. He began to grunt and he thrust in and out of her. Elizabeth shocked by the pain simply stilled. Noticing her silence Manuel reached down and rubbed her clit while her thrust.
“How do you like that whore?”
Elizabeth gasped. Her pussy was tingling uncontrollably. She felt hot and flustered. She began to move with him in the same rhythm.
“Oh god”
He thrust and rubbed faster and faster. She could feel the heat rising. Suddenly the warm feeling exploded, she clenched her clit and all her muscles spasmed. She cried out in pleasure but he didn’t stop. He thrust and rubbed again and again until she exploded a second time. But he didn’t stop. She came again and again until he finally stopped rubbing and thrust so deep she felt like her insides would split in two. His body shuddered and worked in tiny jerks until he stopped. Warm liquid flooded inside her and dribbled out of her pussy. He pushed her down onto the bed and got up. Before she new it he was fully dressed and out the door. Gone without a word.
Elizabeth spent that night in silence. Unable to move. Unable to sleep. Shocked at what she had done and what had been done to her.

In the morning at breakfast she found out Manuel was engaged to Stephanie.

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