A Small Gift

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A Small Gift

Why had the mail man winked so suggestively as he handed her the parcel! He pointed to the store label prominent on the packaging. Vicky certainly wasn’t expecting a delivery and didn’t recognize the store name.

In the house she located the letter opener and slit open the wrapping. Inside was a nondescript small black box devoid of any hint as to its contents.

With anticipation the lid was eased open; Vicky peering through the tiniest of opening trying to anticipate the contents. The darkness inside thwarted her efforts.

Her hands began to tremble slightly, she felt like a kid with a surprise present. Finally there was no alternative but to fully open the container.

What greeted her eyes was small golden cylinder; for an instant her mind was blank, what was it? Then, as all became clear, she inadvertently let out a small but not too quiet scream.

Hubby Danny looked up from his newspaper, “more bling darling, why do you waste your money on that rubbish?”

“Oh it’s just girlie stuff baby, and it wasn’t at all expensive and Vicky knew that she wasn’t telling a little white lie as sometimes she had to do.

“How soon will you get tired of that one as you do all the other?sighed Danny.

“Well… I don’t think that I will do that soon; if only he had bothered to take his nose out of the newspaper Danny would have seen her eyes so bright and sparkling, her face rapturous, her hand unthinkingly dropping to her crotch.

Now the house was quiet. Danny at work, her chores done, Vicky took the black box from its hiding place. She had quite deliberately hidden it so that if her husband had been curious, a casual check would not have revealed it. Time was needed to explain, if necessary, this small, bright object. Most certainly not allow Danny to know its true function; he most certainly would not approve.

Her hand reached out and her fingers almost touched the shiny object, but she stopped. She had the opportunity, she had the time, and that old familiar itch began to grow; she had to do it!

In the bathroom Vicky took out her make-up and carefully made up her face as if for a night out with the girls. NO! As if going on a date! Her hair was a mess as usual, but that was beyond minor titivation.

Such were her thoughts that her thighs were soon wiggling back and forth as if the call of nature was urgent. Mother nature was decreeing something different than emptying her bladder.

The mirror approved of her efforts and she grinned at her reflection, “Dirty little cow she laughed.

In its box on the bed the object winked at her; the sun through the blinds reflecting from it.

Vicky wondered, when John had bought this present for her how did he imagine, how would he demand that she would use it.

Would he, as usual in the chat room, want in her undies straight away? Perhaps he would want her naked. Maybe he would be considerate as she knew he could be if his horniness didn’t rule everything he did. “Vicky” he would say, “do what ever you want, it’s your gift”.

In her imagination she saw them in a car, in some parking area, dark and empty. Climbing into the seat in the back, kissing for the very first time, passionately.

Inevitably his hand would reach for her boobs and the warmth from them would penetrate her thin dress. As his fingers moved over her exposed cleavage she would want him to caress her boobs and nipples. She in turn would reach for the lump that for certain would be in his pants.

Vicky roused herself from that dream and decided to sit in the bedside chair fully dressed.

“Hmm, no instructions, oh shit… there’ll be no batteries!

At the blunt end of the cylinder she located a tiny switch; one touch and the object purred into life.

“Oh my dear gosh, it is so quiet! Only the vibrations indicated its purpose.

Changed into her most revealing dress Vicky stroked the cleavage with her gift; strong vibrations sought out her nipples and she didn’t even try to stifle a moan of pleasure.

Using the free hand she scooped a boob out of the dress and as the golden object was stroked this way and that, the other hand tugged at the hem of the dress baring her thighs. Vicky knew what was to come, her hands shook with excitement and the tiny silk panties were no barrier to impatient fingers. They dived under the thin band and straight to her mound.

Tentatively Vicky licked the vibrator to prepare it for its ultimate goal, realising as she did that no extra lubrication was going to be necessary.

Any thoughts of slowly caressing her body, aiming lower and lower were forgotten; the golden cigar was going to be smoking, deep in her pussy, and right now!

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