A trip

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I glanced at my watch as the wheels of the plane touched down. I thought, “Finally. I never thought I’d get here.” My connecting flight was delayed through Chicago and I was extremely grateful to you for upgrading me to first class. It made the delay that much more tolerable. As we stopped at the gate I stood up, stretched, and pulled my bag from the overhead compartment. I smiled at the younger guy who was across the aisle when I caught him staring at my bare belly as my t-shirt rose when I reached up for my things. Hmmmm, I wondered if you realized what you had? Even though I had wanted it to be bit longer trip at this point in time I was thankful for only having to pack a small bag and not needing to check luggage – which ultimately meant more wait before I could be in your arms.

As I walked into the terminal I was again thankful for the upgrade and not having to wait for everyone to rush, get out of their seats, collect their bags from the overhead compartments and then stand there (more waiting), staring at each other as they waited for everyone to begin departing. Oh you are such a dear sweet man and I was going to make sure to pay you back, perhaps not financially – but definitely in various other ways.

As I walked down the steps to the baggage claim area I saw my name on a sign, an older gentleman holding it. I was somewhat disappointed. I had hoped you would meet me at the airport. I sighed as I approached the driver and nodded as he turned for me to follow him to the car. With all the extended security measures at our nation’s airports I was amazed when he opened the back passenger side door to the shiny, new black town car sitting curbside; exactly in front of the sliding doors to the Baggage Claim area.

I slide into the seat and drew in a breath as he closed my door. It wasn’t as chilly as I had expected for this time of year. Yet I shuddered. “It must be the anticipation,” I thought. I rested my head on the back of the seat and gazed out the window; my typical position when riding in a car, and noticed how clear the sky was tonight. In complete view sat a full moon to guide us into the city. It was like you ordered the picture perfect San Franciscan evening just for me.

As we pulled up to the hotel I realized where I was, Clift. You sure know how to treat a girl. Evidently you had already checked me in because the driver handed me a pale purple envelop and a large box wrapped in thick, shiny white paper with a huge red bow and ribbon wrapped around it. “My birthday present,” I thought. He left me curbside as he went around to the trunk to get my luggage. A doorman approached and the driver handed the bag to him. I saw him also give the young man what appeared to be cash. My head dropped and I stared at the sidewalk for a moment. I wasn’t use to all this, seems you had even taken care of tipping the staff to help me to my room.

Another young man pulled open the large glass doors and we entered the lobby to my favorite hotel. I thought to myself that you definitely pay attention, and smiled. We immediately turned left, then another right and came up to the elevators. The porter hit the up arrow and turned to me, “So, did you have a nice flight?” I was daydreaming of you and startled when I realized he was speaking to me. “Yes,” I replied, “It was an easy trip.”

The doors to the elevator opened to our left and we entered into the red glow of the plexi-covered walls of the elevator. He looked at me questioningly, “What floor?” I had to set the large box down at my feet and as I leaned it against my leg I tore open the purple envelope with the hotel’s name on the upper left corner. Inside was a magnetic card key and a small piece of paper with a number written on it. “22,” I said.

He punched the button for the 22nd floor and we began the ascent. The door opened and he once again looked at me with that quizzical look young people today seem to carry around on their faces. I felt like an idiot and he seemed to think I was quite the airhead. I smiled and told him I was in room 2214. He started down the hall and after rounding a couple of turns we stopped in front of the door with the number 2214 on it. I noticed this floor had what seemed like fewer doors than the other floors I had previously visited during my stays here.

He opened the door and led me into a spacious suite. It was exquisite, as all Ian Schrager hotels are. But this, “Oh my,” I said aloud. The simplicity of it was not lost on me. He sat my bag down on the edge of the large bed within the first bedroom and told me to enjoy my stay and if I needed anything to just ring the front desk. I thanked him and tried to tip him, he wouldn’t take it telling me that it was already taken care of. He then shut the door behind him and I stood listening to his soft footfalls as he headed back to the elevator.

I set the gift down on the bed and started unpacking. Even though I was only here for a few days I still wanted to be comfortable and began putting my things in the drawers and bathroom. My breath caught when I heard a knock on the door. I wasn’t ready for you but I was dying to see you. I quickly approached the door and upon opening it was once again disappointed, but only somewhat.

It was room service with an iced wine bucket. I told him to set it down by the couch as we walked together into the main room of the spacious suite. I watched as he placed a single champagne glass on the side table and remove the cloth that was covering the bottle. As he pulled the bottle from the sparkling ice a lump appeared in my throat. It was Crystal. Not my favorite but certainly something to not take lightly knowing the expense involved. He uncorked the bottle with a pop and asked if I’d like him to start me a glass? “Yes, please,” I answered.

I reached for my wallet that was still sitting on the desk. I pulled out a $20 and offered it to the steward but he declined, again informing me that it was already taken care of. Before he headed for the door to depart he handed me another pale purple envelope. He backed towards the door and told me to enjoy the wine. “Oh, I will, thanks again.”

I picked up the glass and took my first sip. The bubbles tingled my nose as they always do when I drink from a flute. “God, this is a little slice of heaven,” I thought. The wine was delicious and I filled the glass as I glanced at the envelope in my hand. I took another sip then set the glass down so I could open the envelope. It simply read, “Open the box now.”

I wasn’t finished unpacking, but I was eager to see what was in the beautiful package. So I moved to the bed and sat down beside the box. I couldn’t wait any longer and tore into the paper. I lifted the lid and on top of the gold tissue saw a black envelope. My name was scripted in gold letters and I took more care in opening this. I pulled out a single sheet of gold paper and read, “Put everything on at exactly 7:00 p.m.”

I glanced at the clock. The red numbers glowed, 7:01 p.m. I pulled back the sheets of gold tissue and folded there was a black, silk Versace robe …. and a single black satin blindfold. I gasped. Not wanting to disappoint you I quickly took off my suit and undergarments, leaving on my black patent leather pumps– my own little touch I thought. The robe was extremely shear, see-through, soft and the most beautiful piece of fabric I had ever had touch my skin. I looked down at the blindfolds and picked them up. They had a wide satin ribbon by which I tied them around my head. My knees got weak as my other senses came alive. I sat down on the edge of the bed, a flutter in my heart.

I heard the door click open. My hand instinctively covered my heart, it was beating way too fast, I thought. Soft footfalls approached me but nothing was said. I heard more champagne being poured and the bottle being returned to the ice. Slender fingers reached around my elbow and suggested I stand up. “Who are you?” I whispered. No response as I was lead to the couch, turned around and those same slender fingers pushed down on my left shoulder. I sat slowly. “Who are you?” I repeated.

The door clicked again and I sat up straighter and wondered if this person was leaving me alone? I felt utterly confused. I heard the footsteps across the carpet come closer. There seemed to be the sound of what I determined was paper tearing. Certainly this person did not come in to clean up the paper from the gift package? I heard the sound of something being spread across the bed. Suddenly, at the same time, the champagne glass touched my lower lip. My lips parted as I accepted the delicious nectar into my mouth. I drank deeply, I was nervous.

Two hands reached down and encircled my wrists, pulling me up to a standing position. I was led straight away and then gently pushed down onto the bed. I felt something soft and fluffy all around me. The aroma was sweet, delicious. I wasn’t sure what it was I was lying on, but it was intoxicating. I felt the slender fingers check the blindfold, evidently to ensure I couldn’t see. “Trust me, I’m as blind as bat,” I chuckled nervously. Obviously satisfied I could not see a thing, I felt the silk ties of the robe being untied. I felt my body start to shake as my skin was exposed to the air around me. I wasn’t sure what was happening but I went along.

I became completely naked as the robe was gently pulled out from under me. I felt a different kind of silkiness underneath and all around me. I smiled, it was a wonderful feeling. I lay there for a moment wondering if this was it? I tried to get up but the slender fingers became a hand, strongly keeping me down on the bed. Another moment passed and suddenly I felt a warm breath on my right nipple, unexpectedly it was engulfed by the most sensuous mouth. I gasped and my back arched to meet these luscious lips. The tongue moved around a slight bit taking me to another height. I knew this was a woman touching me and felt myself moisten. I was very much enjoying the sensation.

Her lips moved around my body, eventually finding their way to my pulsating hot wet puss. I knew what was coming and couldn’t believe I was lying here, going along so freely. But damn, it felt marvelous. As she reached my pussy another set of lips slipped around my left nipple. I moaned from deep within, this too was a woman. My entire body racked with shudders. I felt a breast graze my face, I turned my head, my lips parted and found her nipple to insert in my own mouth. I was almost at a climax and they had just started. Hands were all over me, lips on one nipple, fingers pinching the other one – all while this creature devoured my now dripping pussy, her fingers probing inside me, others thrusting hard in and out of my ass.

Time must have stood still as this continued for a while, me screaming in delight as I climaxed two more times. I thought I heard a gasp from somewhere else in the room but thought I was just imagining it. The blindfold heightened my senses, I was too wrapped up in the event to focus on anything else that may or may not be around me.

I felt them pull away from me. Remnants of my wetness dripped onto my thigh as I felt the two women leave the bed. I pulled my arms over my head, moving the substance I was lying on with them and thought I felt so totally relaxed. But I knew I had to get up and start getting dressed for dinner, we had reservations at 9:00 p.m. and time definitely had drifted towards that moment. Suddenly the four hands were back with a warm wet cloth cleaning me, wiping the dribble of my own juices from my thigh, in between the lips of my still throbbing pussy, onto my stomach and around my nipples – leaving a chilly trail as the air cooled the sensation. These motions were quickly followed by a dry towel and the chill was as quickly removed as it appeared.

Slowly I felt the hands turning me over onto my stomach. I resisted but was strongly held in place. I then felt a warm liquid being poured all over my ass. It was as silky smooth as the beautiful robe – it felt light as a feather and I wondered what it was as I smelled more of what I was lying on top of. It was confusing but the most wonderful scent so I let it consume me. Suddenly a voice, a husky whisper in my ear told me to stay there, “DO NOT MOVE, not even an inch,” definitely a woman’s voice. Hmmmmmm, I lie there feeling satisfied beyond my imagination.

I heard the click of the door once again. I lie there for what seemed forever but in reality it was only a few minutes. I heard something move towards me, coming from my left, across the room. Then strong, firm hands around my hips; a man, his strong hands pulling my hips up so that I was on my knees, my arms straight out in front of me. It was then that I realized this person had been in the room the entire time, watching me be pleasured by the two nymphs. These hands began to rub the silky liquid all around my ass, his fingers finding their way to my hole and sliding the liquid in between my cheeks.

As the head of your cock slowly entered me I realized it was you. Nothing in the world felt like you do when you’re in my ass. I purred and backed against you, giving you some leverage to move deeper, stronger, as I threw my head back the shutters of yet another orgasm overtook me. You, still not saying a word, pumping slowly at first, but quickly moving deeper; I could feel you swelling inside me and my cheeks squeezed you tighter. I knew this drove you mad, it caused my hole to tighten around your shaft. I smiled as I felt your fingers squeeze me back, around my hips, pulling me closer into you, all of you now inside my ass. The guttural groan that escaped from you as you filled me up told me how hot you must have gotten watching the two women’s lips and tongues all over my body.

Still inside me you leaned down, kissed the bottom of my neck and ran your lips around to my earlobe. “Happy Birthday, Michele,” you breathed into my ear. And then you pulled yourself out of me, leaving your cum running down the back of my thighs. You reached up and untied the blindfolds. As my eyes focused in the darkened room I realized what I was laying on top of – rose petals – hundreds of white and red petals all over the bed. I buried my face in them and realized then that candles illuminated the entire suite. I never heard them being lit and wondered who and when that had been done. You turned me over and kissed my lips.

Helping me off the bed you told me to go shower and you’d get dressed in the other bedroom. I headed for the bathroom door and as I entered I turned to you – you looked at me and I once again saw that twinkle in your eye as you said, “I’ll meet you in the lobby once you’re dressed … hussle up young lady, you’re night has only just begun.”

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