A wish yet to come true

I’ve just walked into you’r room to see you lying on you’r bed you look

so beautiful and sexy lying there…i walk over to you and slowly pull

the blanket’s down to find you naked i cant help but look at you in

amazement at how hot you are and i slowly run my hand’s over you’r

back…you wake up and turn over with a smile i tell you to lay on

you’r front you do as i say and i sit just above you’r lower back and

run my hand’s down from you’r shoulder’s down the middle of you’r back

all the way down to you’r sweet ass…then i move my hand’s down each

side of you’r hip’s and run my hand’s up you’r side so they are now

just at the side’s of you’r supple breast’s as i do you let out a small

and a oh so sexy moan…i now sit just above you’r thigh’s and bring my

hand’s up to you’r shoulder blade’s and run my thumb’s down the center

of you’r back…as i get to you’r sweet ass i let my thumb’s slide them

just on the iner most part of you’r butt and with a little preasure

push my thumb’s against the lower part of you’r warm cunt and slowly

spread you’r lip’s so that each thumb is on the outside of you’r

cunt…as i get up you ask why did i stop i say i just gona make you

more comfortable i grab a pillow and tell you to raise you’r ass up

enuff for me to place the pillow just under the lower part of you’r

tummy and let you rest on it…i now sit just at you’r side and spread

you’r leg’s just enuf so i have better acess to you’r wet and warm

pussy with my index finger i run it up and down you’r sweet cunt…i

now place my finger inside you and with my thumb i start to rub you’r

clit with my other hand i start sliding it over you’r ass check’s

gently squezing them as i do this you start to squerm and moan telling

me to finger you faster and rub you’r clit even harder…i take my

finger out you turn and look at me why have you stoped now and without

a word i grab both you’r hip’s and pull you’r ass up and back so that

you’r as far back as you can go while still having you’r breast’s on

the bed…i kneel at the back of the bet so that i now have full acess

to you’r cunt i place my face behind you with my thumb’s i spread you’r

lip’s just enuff to hear you moan i start licking up and down from

you’r clit to just under you butt…as you start to sqwerm i keep

licking the lower part of you’r cunt and insert a thumb in you as i do

you moan so i nsert my other thumb..as i insert my other thumb you push

back and scream so quietly as i start increasing the speed of my

licking of you’r sweet driping hot cunt and push 1 thumb in further

while i withdraw the other just enuff so it rest’s on the outside of

you’r pussy…i then start to pull my other thumb out but as i do i

reinsert my other thumb back in deep you moan with such pleasure of the

feeling of my thumb’s alternating in and out as they pass each other i

start going faster harder till you start squerming with each thrust all

of a sudden you let out a scream and juice’s start dribbling out and

you colapse in utter pleasure…i lay you down on you’r stomach

removing the pillow after letting you rest for a few minutes while i

caress you’r body keeping you exited i now roll you on you’r back and

place the pillow under you’r lower back…with hip’s raised i spread

you again this time wider so i can enjoy every part of you’r sweet cunt

that is wet with you’r sweet juice’s i grab you’r hip’s and start

sucking on you’r clit and licking it hard..you start breathing harder

and moan louder and louder i stop sucking on you’r clit remove the

pillow and lower you back down i lay beside you you roll on you’r side

as i do you start playing with my cock..i move closer to you and slide

my hand down to you’r dripping cunt as i insert two finger’s i start

licking you’r breast you start increasing the strokeing on my cock i

start to nibble on you’r nipple..as soon as i do this you roll onto me

with you’r hand still on my cock you slowly lower you hot cunt onto my

throbing cock…when i am all the way in i put my knees up and slam

into you as hard as i can i grab you’r ass check’s and force you to

rest you’r breast’s on my chest …the moment you lay down you push

back on me and each time you do i push harder and deep with each moan

you make i go faster and faster deeper and harder…i push you up and

roll you on you’r back i put you’r leg’s up as far as they can go and

push my cock all the way in you as far as you can take it…with you’r

leg’s raised i grab you’r hip’s and start fucking you with all i have

as hard and as fast as i can you start moaning more and more with that

i say i cant hold back anymore…you tell me to take it out as i do you

sit up and stroke my throbbing cock that is coverd in you’r juice’s

untill i come all over you’r lower stomach…i push you down and lay on

you and say to you you are amazing and i love fucking you and will fuck

you just as good hard and deep each time with this you smile and say

you had better as you love me fucking you

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