Battlestar Erotica: The Sleeper

Kayla “Thumper” Leeds was flying Viper 5 when it happened.

Thumper had just pressed in her flight codes and she had settled back for a routine patrol mission when suddenly, it seemed as if her Viper fighter craft had come to life.

She looked between her legs and where she expected to see just the old leather seat she had ridden so many times before, now the leather was contorting, morphing itself into a face, a face that looked up and leered at her. As Thumper watched, she saw the face stick out its tongue and slide it between her legs and it was if she was wearing no flight suit at all. That tongue probed her pussy and then it drove inside her, pushing deeper and deeper inside her, deeper than any tongue could possibly go.

The harness that crossed in front of her came to a latch point just over her abdomen but that harness was no longer dull and lifeless. The straps were like arms draped over her body and the latch was like hands clasped over her tummy and then the hands seemed to move up the arms. Up and up they went until they were caressing Thumper’s tits.

The seat wasn’t just probing her pussy. It was if the seat had sprouted hands and was fondling her ass and squeezing her cheeks.

Her flight suit offered no protection against the amorous advances of her fighter. She might as well have been flying naked for all the protection it afforded her, and still, there it was, the hands on her ass and the ones on her tits, and that incredible tongue probing deep inside her cunt.

Thumper let out a short gasp as that tongue probed even deeper. Those hands were massaging her even harder. As hard as they were going, they might have hurt her but they didn’t. They just fueled the fire within.

There was a second tongue between her legs. This one, unlike its counterpart, was shorter but more flexible. This one was designed for only one thing. This one went after her clit.

The woman gasped as her orgasm overtook her. She was cumming harder than she had ever cum before and she was still cumming and cumming and then it was over. Her Viper was back the way she had always known it to be, and Thumper knew what she had to do.

The patrol was uneventful and Thumper returned to the Battlestar Erotica with her compatriots. She was weary and tired but she had a mission, too.

She found Chuck Geary in Engineering just where she’d expected him to be. He was tinkering with some fool part, Thumper thought, when what he should be tinkering with is me.

Geary looked up at the girl’s entrance and he was standing by the time she got to him. He’d barely gotten his arms around her and then she was kissing him again and again with wild abandon. He felt her slide a hand down his overalls and then he felt her wrap that hand around his cock. She gave him a squeeze. “I want this,” the Viper pilot said. “I want it now.”

“You’re sure hot today,” the Chief Engineer said.

Thumper gave the man’s cock another squeeze. “I’m always hot for this. I want it. I need it.”

The man looked at his watch. “I get off in about fifteen minutes. Why don’t we get together at my quarters then–“

“No,” Thumper whined, “I want it right here, right now.”

“What? You mean like right here in the middle of the engine room?”

“Yeah,” the woman said excitedly. “That’s it. Fuck me right here in the middle of the engine room. Hell, bend me over one of those big engines of yours and let me feel it as you fuck the hell out of my pussy.”

“You’re serious.”

“I need it bad,” Thumper confessed. “I need it real bad.”

Geary rubbed his chin as he looked around him. Sure, it might be a bit wild, but what the heck. “Come on,” he said as he led Thumper into the bowels of the Engine Room.

The Number 2 engine was back in the corner, nice and quiet, where no one would be likely to see them.

Even as Geary led the two of them back there, Thumper was already shrugging off her flight suit and then her hands were on the Engineer’s coveralls, and then she was pulling them down, exposing his underwear. Off came his t-shirt and then Thumper pulled his underwear down and she purred happily as she wrapped her hand around the man’s shaft.

“Oh yeah,” she purred. “This is what I need.”

A moment later and Thumper was on her knees, sucking away on the man’s cock. Her mouth worked that cock like a piston taking it in and out and in and out, and when she wasn’t sucking it, she was stroking it hard.

There was no way Geary could last long under an assault like that and he didn’t. The man soon let out a low groan and then he just seemed to deflate as his cock emptied itself inside of Thumper’s mouth.

The girl just kept sucking and swallowing and swallowing and sucking and even after it seemed as if the man’s cock had given up everything that it had to give, the Viper pilot kept sucking on that cock.

“Oh geez, you’re going to get me hard again,” the man moaned.

Thumper looked up at the man and grinned. “That’s kind of the idea, you know,” she said and then her mouth went back to the man’s cock.

All things considered, it really didn’t take Thumper all that long to get the Chief Engineer hard again and then she was bending over the engine cowling and offering up her pussy to the man. She could feel the engine’s vibrations and it made her even hotter. “Come on,” she begged, “you know what I need. Fuck me.”

The man stepped up behind her and he worked his cock between her legs. Damn, he thought as his cock slid right in, this girl’s pussy is wetter than it’s ever been.

Thumper moaned happily as the engineer pushed his cock inside her and then she just kept right on moaning. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that’s good. That’s really good. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.”

That was one of the things that Geary really liked about this girl. She might not have been one of the most experienced people at sex, but what she lacked in experience, she more than made up for with enthusiasm.

Geary was shoving his cock even deeper into the girl’s pussy and the whole tone of her moaning changed. “Oh shit,” she cried, “that’s it. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Come on. Fuck me like that. Oh shit.”

Damn, the engineer thought. This girl has such a fucking wet pussy. Being an engineer, he could appreciate it when things were properly lubricated and this girl was definitely properly lubricated.

She looked over her shoulder at the man. “Come on,” she practically screamed, “fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

The man drove his cock even harder into that pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the girl moaned. “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit, yes. Come on. Fuck me like that. Fuck me harder.”

Chuck Geary groaned as his cock emptied itself into the girl’s clenching cunt. Man, he thought, he’d never come that hard in his life and he was spent.

The man never saw it coming. Even as he pulled his cock out of Thumper’s drooling slit, the girl turned around and clubbed him. She hit him again and he crumpled to the floor, and then she hit him once more.

She would have succeeded in sabotaging the Erotica’s engines, too, were it not for the opportune timing of a young ensign. He didn’t know who she was but all he knew was that some non-Engineering moron was trying to fool around with some of the engine controls. He called out after her and she ran. He chased and she ran out of room. She was cornered, and then a stun gun took her down.

“What got into her?” asked the commander as he looked at the sedated Viper pilot in sick bay.

“She’s Sx’Non,” the doctor said. “Genetically altered to be almost indistinguishable from the rest of us.”

“How can you tell?”

“These organs,” the doctor said, pointing to an xray, “and these here, too. They give her away.”

“But wouldn’t they have been there before?”

doctor brought up another xray and the tell tale signs were gone. “I would have thought so, too, but they’re not. Somehow, the Sx’Non’s figured out how to mask them.”

“So what you
‘re saying is–“

“She’s a sleeper agent, commander, programmed to do one task, and her true nature was only revealed when she got her orders.”

“So, what do we do with her?”

“Honestly, sir, she’s almost human anyway. A few more modifications on our side would push her all the way over. Sterilize her so she can’t produce any Sx’Non babies and turn her loose in the civilian sector. Whatever they did to her has made her nearly perpetually horny and she’s good enough looking. With the fact that she wouldn’t be getting pregnant and with a few suggestions on our side, I think she could make a hell of a lot of money turning tricks in no time at all. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a go at her myself.”

The commander looked at her. “Nor would I,” he said. “Go ahead and do it, doctor, but now here’s the important question, doctor. Do you think there’s more?”

The doctor sighed. “I really couldn’t say, but I wouldn’t bet against it.”

The commander shook his head. “Neither would I.”

A few months later, Kayla Leeds was sitting atop a man, riding his big, fat cock. She’d been a Viper pilot not that long ago, but right now, this was the only thing that mattered to her, the only ride she wanted to take, and when it was over, she’d go out and find another cock and then another and another and another.

to be continued …

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