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I’m going to have my way with you…

The fire’s crackling softly, quiet music on the stereo. You look beautiful, just enough to take my breath away. I love what you’re wearing: black stockings, held up by a black garter belt; heels that I simply will not let you take off tonight; a little black g-string that you put on outside your garter belt (you already know that I love to peel off your panties slowly, without having to take apart your garters; and who wants to ruin the effect, anyway?) You know these things because we’ve already had a number of discrete, illicit liaisons, each better than the one preceding it…).

Your black lace bustier looks divine on you, clinging to your skin and pinching softly your curves, lifting your breasts up and out of the top of the lace, inviting my tongue to once again do its magic. Topped off with a white pearl choker for contrast, you simply take my breath away! And just for effct, you’re wearing a sexy shirt and a short skirt… Don’t worry, though; these won’t last for long!

You stand before me, with a devlish smile on your face. You slowly unbutton your blouse, but dont quite remove it.

Your breathing is flushed, shallow, and somewhat rapid; you know what we’re about to do, and it makes you more excited than ever before, hardening your nipples and making you wet. We haven’t even touched yet, and you’re already feeling so hot, so wanton, so slut-like…
I’ve never had anyone strip for me, certainly not like you are about to do. I on the sofa, and you between me and the fireplace… casting your whole body in profile as you slowly undulated to the music; not easy to do to classical, but you master it nonetheless.

Never taking your eyes from mine, you slowly removed your outside garb; first your silk shirt, one button at a time, then slipped slowly over your shoulders, allowing me just the barest glimpse of the straps of your bustier. Then, as you turn to face the fire, you look back at me over your shoulder. With a smile, you strip off your shirt. Still moving your body to and fro, you unzip the fastener of your short dress, allowing it to slowly slip to the floor.

You know that, of all of you, I like your ass the best. It looks so pretty, round and soft, framed by the black outlines of your garter belt and g-string. Still weaving, you slowly moved back to me on the couch, gently pushing you ass out, slowly moving it to my face. Eventually, you’re only a few inches from my mouth; I move my head forward, and lightly run my tongue up and down the crack of your ass. Barely touching the skin, I leave these kisses as promise of things to come. You’re so close, I can smell your woman-scent, see the glistening moisture on the upper parts of your thighs… It makes me just want to take you in my mouth, which I promptly do…

Easing myself back on the couch, I have you sit facing away from me, and on my lap. Just feeling you there makes my cock hard as a rock. Slowly, I lean your body forward, your breasts touching my knees. Then, I pull you up against my body so that your knees are up over my shoulders, your hot wet pussy only inches from my lips. You lean on my legs, your head hanging down between my legs… The blood rushes to your head, making you a little dizzy; though, in truth, you can’t tell if its from having your head down, or just from the anticipation of what I’m about to do to you…

I slowly take you into my mouth, first playing with your pussy lips, then drawing on you with increasing fervor. I dart my tongue deep into your gash, making you first spasm in surprise, then moan in delight. I love doing this to you, because it seems to excite you so much. I watch as you slowly arch your back in response to my ministrations. Slowly at first, and then with increasing rapidity, your ass bucks back and forth across my mouth as I French your pussy. Just before you start to get too excited, though, I ease back my tongue, pull my lips from yours, and blow gently on your hot steaming pussy. I take an ice cube from my drink, and place lips to lips once again, alternately moving the ice from my mouth into your pussy, and taking it back into my mouth. This seems to move you quickly to distraction, as your moans come both louder and more frequent. Using the movement of your ass and the sound of your moans, I tell you “Not yet. You’re not excited enough.”

With a whimper from you, I pull back from your hot box, and then tease you for some minutes as I run my tongue all around your upper thighs, above the seam of your stockings yet below the warm moistness of your pussy. Occasionally, just to tease you. I run my tongue up the length of your g-string, all the way from your clit to your ass crack…

I notice that you respond best when I flick my tongue over the material covering your clit; slowly, I suck material and all into my mouth, holding it for a long moment while you gasp for
breath… I also noticed that you squirmed invitingly whenever I ran my tongue across your ass, particularly the closer it got to your crack. So I decide that for the next few minutes I’m going to take a risk, and concentrate on the most beautiful portion of your anatomy…

You stand up from my lap, trying to catch your breath; don’t catch it too much, though, as I’m just starting with you…

I pull up a kitchen chair, and have you kneel on top of it, hands and head over the back, your beautiful ass facing me. Reaching out, I start to run my tongue up and down the outside of your
lingerie, all up and down your ass. After you’re excited enough, I also tongue you across your derriere, moving slowly yet ever closer to your little pink rose. Your gyrations back and forth become more insistent as I move closer… “Yes! Please do me there… Please!.” In answer to your call, I gently yet forcefully push the small of your back down with my hand, making you arch your back up in the most sexy way. As a result, your legs are spread even more on the chair, opening yourself to me as you’ve never been before. Your buns are pointed straight at my face, exposing the cutest little bung hole, hungry for me to please it…

Holding you by your hips, and moving your ass ever closer to my lips, I slowly weave my tongue back and forth across your ass, making you hot, tightening your sphincter as I draw ever closer… That’s my responsibility now; not just giving you indescribable pleasure, put loosening your muscles for later that night. Moving my tongue closer and closer to your pink rose, I can feel your bun muscles reflexively tightening up. I go from a soft caress to a forceful butt rub, calming you down and relaxing your muscles a bit. Then, listening to your cries, I know it’s time to take my tongue and apply pressure. First slowly, just enough to make you insanely excited, and enough to loosen your pucker so I can then French your ass. This drives you into a frenzy; I have to hold your ass very hard, lest I loose my place. It really turns me on to see you so excited like this! You don’t have to tell me ‘more;’ your body is doing that for you!

Then, just as when I went down on you, I quickly draw back, telling you that you can’t come yet, as you aren’t excited enough yet.

Since it’s your turn to be my sex slave for the night, you acquiesce… But only for the moment… and with only the slightest whimper.
Before you have a chance to move from the chair, and before you totally catch your breath, I have you lean forward on your arms once again. Putting a coat of KY on the pair of Ben Wa balls that I am going to surprise you with tonight, I gently yet firmly push them beyond the bounds of your little pink rose, only the string hanging out indicating that they were even there at all… You gasp in surprise, a look of concern on your face. My French kiss tells you not to worry; I live to give you indescribable pleasure, not pain. (Well, maybe just a little pain…) The smile returns to your face after a few deep, deep kisses…

You do notice the BenWa balls, however. As you turn to me, straddle my legs with yours, and rest your pussy against my already-hard cock, you give me the deepest, most lingering soul kiss I’ve ever had, making me even harder than before, if that were possible… You know that doing this, and doing it slowly, teases me to distraction; that’s why you love it! With the sweetest smile on your face, you reach down, grab my cock in your hand, and gently rub the head up and down your gash. After an eternity of this, you very slowly raise up, and sliiiiide
me into you — deeply, as you settle down, taking my full length into you.

For a few minutes, neither of us moves. When I first entered you, you smiled, arched your neck back, and opened your mouth, the wave of pleasure momentarily overtaking you. Your breath quickens for a moment with that initial, indescribable feeling of having a rock-hard cock fill you to bursting; that first wave is so memorable! As you subside, you notice how tight I feel in you, because of the Ben Wa balls rubbing up against the inside of my cock. It feels almost as if two lovers had pierced you at once, each filling you as much as physically possible, both collectively making you want to cry out in ecstasy. You move slowly at first, as you want to draw this moment out forever; yet you know that as soon as you move, the pleasure is going to build to a point that you can no longer stand it! Till then, you are going to savor every moment…

I love holding your hips in my hands, feeling you pump your body up and down on my cock, increasing the speed, increasing the depth. Listening to the moans issuing from both our lips, I gasp “Stop! Stop!” just before I’m going to come.

You don’t really want to stop, but you realize that it will extend and intensify the pleasure for both of us. Over the next hour, time and again, you ride me to the brink, sometimes you crying stop, sometimes me… Each successive session places us higher and higher! During the quieter times, I get to suck on your nipples and play with your breasts. Squeezing them together, I try to take both nipples in my mouth at the same time! This just gets you going all over again, which is fine for both of us. When you really get moving, riding my cock up and down, I hold your hips in a viselike grip, forcefully moving your body up and down, ever faster in response to your cries. Sometimes you stare into my eyes, at other times your back arched, you throw your head back, and you moan from the soul!

Watching this turns me on even more! Blood boiling, we can no longer maintain control. Since it is my turn tonight, I have my way with you. Lifting you from my lap, we both stand up. Quickly, before the boiling has a chance to subside, we stretch out a comforter before the fire. You know what I like best as you get down on all fours, pointing your ass up in the air. “Fuck me, Michael” you gasp, barely above a whisper. As I move my cock into you from behind, you move the material of the g-string aside, clawing at your clit, sometimes running your fingers up and down my wet cock as it pistons in and out of you. “Do you like, My Lady?” “Oh, yessss!”

I move very quickly for a few minutes, then slow almost to a stop, moving my body from right to left, putting a whole different pressure on you inside than you ever experienced before. Then faster, pumping, listening to your breath grow more ragged, your cries coming at increasing frequencies. As you get more and more excited, I spank you unmercifully a couple of times; then, just before you come, I pull out quickly, leaving you gasping. You arch your back even more, presenting yourass to me so that I would continue again… “More… Please more…” you whisper.

After you beg me some more, I rub the head of my cock against your pussy, making you moan continuously. Finally I slip into you and start teasing you again! We both know when it’s over; no more “stop”; just ramming into you harder and harder, sometimes lifting your knees right off the carpet in our frenzy. The entire evening was bent on this, fucking you hard, fucking you long…

Near the end, I can feel you building and building; you body haunches back into me with increasing force; we both move faster and faster; I ram into you harder and harder! I can feel your pussy walls contract, then ripple back and forth as the first waves of orgasm hit you. Just as you start to cry out, head up, mouth open, back arched, I rip the Ben Wa balls from your ass. Not only are you dealing with the convulsions of your own ecstasy, but now they’ve doubled with the movement of the balls across your little ass hole! Just as you scream out, I explode into you, gushing rivers, spasming again and again and again as I feel your body spasm beneath mine.

After we calm down, I sit back on my haunches pulling your limp body back against mine, me still deep in you. Both of us afraid to move… until a bit later.

And that’s the rest of the fantasy!

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  1. Anonymous

    That was good! I was totally there the whole time.

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  2. Hi Saint

    Hi Saint!

    I’m glad you liked my fantasy “Firelight” that I posted on What was the part you liked the best?


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