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Special Delivery

“what a week, thought daron as he pulled up to his final stop.”i havent gotten laid in 7 damn days and i need some pussy.” Daron worked for UPS and was their best deliverers. women thought he was incredibly handsome and sexy, and many have told him so. One women even told him his little shorts showed off his “package”. anyway, eddie knocked on the door and this fine ass white women opened the door. she had blonde hair, hazel eyes, and looked to be about 5’6. her thighs were thick and her hips wide. eddie thought he was gonna blow his nut right then. he snapped out of his stare quickly and said ” package for ms.trish johnson.” while she was signing the paper she couldnt help but notice eddies smile and a huge lump in his shorts. she always had a thing 4 black guys, especially the tall ones.

when he handed her the package, she got bold and grabbed his and said ” i’d rather have this one instead.” she dropped her package on the floor and led eddie into the living room by his dick.

she turned around and dropped to her knees. before he could say anything she deep-throated all 10 inches of his cock.she sucked and sucked and sucked until he shot 7 big wads of jizsm in her throat, which she swallowed every drop.

she dropped her daisy dukes to reveal and red thong, which was completely soaked.

“fuck my pussy hard!”

eddie pushed his dick all the way in and started slamming into her with all of his strength. he made her moan and scream unti she orgasmed 3 times in a row. she screamed out “fuck my ass, please fuck ,y ass hard!”

eddie never fuck a women in her ass but that was all about to change real quick.he pulled out of her dripping pussy and jammed his cock in her ass fast as lightning. it was too hard too soon but she didnt say anything as the pain soon went away and she felt nothing but pure pleasure.

” fuck fuck fuck” she moaned as she slammed her ass into his pelvis, trying to get every inch of his cock inside her asshole.

” god im cumming ” he yelled as he unloaded a furious load inside her ass, which made her go over the edge and cum harder than ever.

after they got cleaned up and exchanged numbers
eddie said to her” thats an extra gift from ur friendly ups man”

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