older is better part 2

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i went home and waited. when i checked my email there was one from him begging to meet again. i gave him my address and told him to come over around 10:00 that night and to go through the gate around back so he could have a private view into my bedroom. i showered and dressed in my barely pink lace satin slip with white stockings and garter and heels and then dimmed the lights, lit candles and layed back on my bed with my legs slightly apart in front of the window and started stroking my legs with one hand and lightly pinching my nipple with the other. then i heard a car in the driveway and i felt scared but excited and so i slowly lifted my slip and started to touch my clit and then i heard a soft tap on the window and saw him with his cock, at least 7in and the thickest one i had ever seen! the head was massive and he was holding it with two hands, one at the top squeezing the head while he leaned against the window, looking at me fingering myself. i finally couldn’t resist him any longer and motioned for him to come to the door so i could get the fucking i had waited all week for. when i opened the door, he got down on his knees and plunged his head under my slip and started licking and sucking my clit and moaning how good i tasted and how it was time to go to the bedroom. he undressed and sat on the bed and said very firmly “walk over here to daddy and lay across his lap now, i love your sweet wet snatch, now i want to see your ass” i did what he said and when i did that, he started talking to me in a strange voice, almost a whisper but very strong at the same time, and he started to rub my ass through the silk slip very slowly while calling me his little girl, and telling me how he was going to spank me and then fuck me there too..he layed his arm across my back, just above my ass, and down came the first stinging smack, and with that, i felt his rod digging into my side…smack! another one came down, and pussy juice started to flow. he reached up my slip to feel the wetness and rubbed it all over my ass and then whack! tears poured into my eyes but my pussy started to come without being touched and when i screamed i was coming he wiggled his thumb into my ass so he could feel it clenching and told me to start kissing and licking daddy’s stiff cock…

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