The Spa Weekend Part 1

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I think my Fantasy would be to go a nice spa we are greeted at the door with a nice glass of red wine and shown up to our suite… It is large with a king size bed and jaccuzzi in it and a sitting area… the balcony looks out on the Ocean and it is the begin of summer the weather is warm but the ocean breeze cools the room very nicely… as we walk into the door I pull you to me… pressing your body close to me kissing your lips my tongue slides into your mouth… and I can taste the wonderful taste of you and the wine it is wonderful… my hand runs down your back and across your ass pulling it into me pressing it hard into me… I feel your breathing getting harder and can feel the rise and fall of your breast against me… and especially the hardness of your wonderful nipples pressing into my chest…

your sun dress is so sexy it is low cut and has a zipper in the back which I begin to unzip you know how you turn me on with what you wear so you let me just find out that you only have on a thong I move away from you and removing the thin straps from your shoulders let your dress fall to the floor your standing there with nothing on but a thong and look so good… I unbutton my shirt and you move toward me stopping me from unbuttoning it and once my hands are no longer in the way you begin to do it yourself… removing my silk shirt from my body and moving in so your breasts just barely touch my chest moving them back and forth across me watching the excitement coming to my nipples…You lean forward to kiss my lips flatting your breasts against my chest and putting your arms around my neck and leaning into me kissing my lips again and then you begin to move down my neck kissing and running the tip of your tongue down it licking me and working your way down to my nipples now hard with excitement… You suck them into your mouth I feel your tongue running over them and feel your teeth nipping at them… Then I feel your hands sliding up my leg feeling my hard cock cupping my balls and cock in your hand squeezing it as you continue down my stomach with your hot wet tongue… when you get to the top of my pants your remove your hands from my cock and slowly start to un button my pants… letting them drop to the floor you then with both hands start sliding my shorts down my legs exposing my hard dick to you… I feel your tongue again beginning to trace down my stomach and soon I again feel your hand only this time it is on my bare cock I feel it running up and down my shaft and then your lips begin to suck the head of it into your mouth… tasting the sweet juices of me… your tongue traces around the head of me… licking up my taste… then your lips slide around me and you begin to suck it into your mouth and soon have it all in… I watch your head moving up and down on my lap and I’m holding your hair as you do… I lift you up by the arms and kiss your lips again telling you that it is your turn now… lifting you up and caring you to the bed softly laying you down on it….

Your nakedness is so wonderful and the small thong makes you look so sexy… I lay down on you my legs on either side of you and my chest laying against you pressed hard on you… My tongue probes your mouth your lips sucking on it.. my hard wet cock rubbing over the smoothness of your silk thong making it wet…. I then start kissing down your neck my hand cup your breast lifting them and pinching on the hard nipples as my tongue and mouth come to meet them sucking them into my mouth pulling on them with my lips… rolling them with my teeth feeling your reactions…. then I begin to lick further down your stomach kissing it and with that my tongue hits the top of your thong I continue to lick and as my tongue goes down your stomach I’m pulling your panties off exposing the place I love to excite… I slide your panties off your legs and spreading them wide begin to lick down them kissing you tasting the wetness that I have caused… I lift your legs and begin to run my tongue in you licking out the juices from your sweet pussy… and split your lips with my tongue quickly finds your swollen clit… my tongue begins to lick it and I suck it into my mouth… Your hands are pulling my hair and pulling me into you even more… I lick your clit even harder and my fingers begin to slip in you first one then the second… your so wet and my fingers slide in you so easily… your moans are getting louder and louder… as I lick harder… and then I can feel the pulsing of your pussy around my fingers and your hips moving uncontrollably as you climax…. Once you have finished I lay back by your body and hold you tight… telling you that this is only the beginning and get up to fill the jaccuzi… and we move slowly to the edge of the tub as it fills up I slip in it and you lean against the side of it and I’m right next to you…

You move over and slide between my legs facing me and press your oh so nice breasts against me again… my legs are around you holding you there and your hands are massaging my still hard cock… The weather is warm as is the room and you tell me to get on the edge of the tub I do and spread my legs wide so you can slide in between them… again I feel your mouth go around me only this time it isn’t nice and soft it is much more intense I feel the suction of your mouth as you pull off me again and again and your hands massage my balls…. Your fingers taking some of the wetness from me begin to massage my ass using those juices to slowly begin to slide your finger in me as you continue to suck me… I’m leaning back feeling all the wonder of the many sensations going on and I know that I’m not going to last much longer and with that I feel that wonderful warmth that comes over me as I begin to cum… I feel the pulse of me in your mouth and your lips slow the sucking motion so you can savor the tastes… and you continue to suck till I am soft in your mouth… You look up with at wonderful smile and tell me that now were even… and you pull me back down into the tub… holding me tight as my body slowly relaxes… Afterwards we get out of the tub and after drying off move to the balcony and have another glass of wine holding hands and kissing… The night is still young and I’m looking forward to the rest of the wonderful weekend… but then that is another story…

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