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Just Neighbors

There are these people that live down the street from my house, and they have for about 6 years now. They have 2 young children that I baby-sit quite often. The guy, Mike, is always home with the kids, and the wife, Miranda, is always out. No one knows where she goes, but I have a hunch. When Mike takes business trips, the children stay at our house with my little brother, and there are constantly guys in and out of the house while Miranda is there. Anyway. Mike and I get along very well. We playfully flirt all of the time, and there is no harm. It is all just innocent. One night I was at their house watching the kids, and I was supposed to spend the night, because my parents were out of town. Mike came home, and was furious. He had said that Miranda called him and told him that she went on a last minute trip for her company. I told him my suspicions of her fooling around, and he told me that he thought so too.

He was still mad, however, and he stormed off to the bedroom, and slammed the door. I put the kids in bed, and knocked on his bedroom door. He asked me to come in, so I did. He told em to shut the door behind me and lock it. I said “what about the kids?” He turned on the baby monitor, and said, “They’ll be fine.” I sat down on the bed next to him, and he asked me if I thought he was wasting time with his wife. I told him that in my opinion, yes, but it was his decision. He took off his jacket, and untied his tie. He started to unbutton his shirt, and said, “Why don’t you get more comfortable. I don’t know why you wear jeans all of the time. You have great legs.” I blushed and replied, “Mr. D! Thank you, but I am not sure you should be talking like that. I am only 17, and you are 31.” He said “age doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t. it is just a number. You know you want me, and you know how much I have wanted you since the day I met you. We are perfect for each other. We never fight, and I can’t make love to my wife without seeing your face.” In shock I just sighed a little sigh. He said, “Come on! Lets just sit here and chill.” I figured, what was the big deal. We can chill. I took off my jeans, and he stood up and took all of his clothes off, and crawled under the covers. I looked at him sort of appalled, and he said, “Don’t worry. You can keep your clothes on if you want. You can even stay on top of the covers.” I knew that I wanted to be with him. The truth was, when I had sex with my ex-boyfriend, I couldn’t help but see his face!

I shrugged my shoulders, and slowly took off the rest of my clothes. I pulled up the covers and crawled in. He put his arm around me, and kissed my forehead. He said “I have never felt this good in my entire life. This feels so right! I never felt this with Miranda.” I smiled and said “you know what? I like the feel of this too. It is different, but it feels right!” He looked down at me and smiled. He picked up the remote, and turned on the TV and VCR. The moaning and screaming I heard coming from the TV was incredible. I looked up, and there was a man and a woman making hot passionate love. Not the usually porno. He was not ramming his dick into her. They were caressing each other, and making love. I looked up at him, and he looked down at me and winked. He started caressing my breasts, and kissing me passionately. I ran my hands all down his back, and around to his chest, feeling his muscles. He moved lower kissing my neck, and then sucking on my nipples.

I felt like I was in Heaven. He moved his hand down and fondled my pussy for a minute, and I thought it would be appropriate to move my hand down to his dick, and give him a hand job. Soon after, we slid farther down, and I grasped the headboard of the bed, as he moved down on me. He slowly and passionately kissed my stomach, inner thighs, and then ran circles with his warm tongue around my enflamed lips. He then got rough with it, and started tearing away at my clit. My hips jolted foreword, and I tried ever so badly to keep my screaming to a low level. I came 2 times. The first, he slurped up every last drop, and the 2nd, he left for lubrication.

He came back up and I started to go down on him, but he told me not to worry, my pretty face and hot body was better than any oral job. He kissed me passionately and asked me if I was ready. I nodded yes, and winked. He spread my legs and lined up his cock. He put the head in my pussy, and then lifted my legs, and slowly inserted the whole 10 inches. I whimpered a little bit, and he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I said “Oh God no! Keep going!” He slowly pumped in and out. About 5 minutes went by, and I couldn’t stand it. I shouted “Faster FASTER!” He said “Are you sure. I don’t want to hurt you. I want you to enjoy this.” I said “I like it rough!” He said “so do I, but I just didn’t want to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable” I said “not at all!” He then started pounding me harder and faster. I kept screaming for more and more. He kept pounding more and more. My body spasmed and I had 3 or 4 orgasms. He said that he wanted to switch positions, and he told me to get on my hands and knees. He mounted behind me, and lined up his dick, and rammed me doggy style.

I moaned and screamed for more and more. He rammed harder and harder. I orgasmed some more, and he asked if he could try my ass for a minute or two, and I was so turned on by him anyway, I said sure. I licked his fingers and massaged my asshole first. Making me want it more and more. He then made circles around my asshole with the head of his cock, and all of a sudden, rammed it in. My tight asshole was not ready for such force, so I let out a loud yelp. He said he was sorry for hurting me and that he would pull out, but I said no, keep going. I grabbed my sides and pulled me onto his bulging cock, and rammed my ass for a good 10 minutes. I took his dick out and stroked it for a second, and flipped me back over onto my back. He lifted my legs and inserted into my throbbing pussy. I told him to pull out before he came, but he said “no. I am going to fill you up with my shit. I want you to have a lot of babies with me. I want up to be a happy family. Fuck Miranda!” I was still lost in the sexual high, so I didn’t argue. All at once, I felt a warm juice shoot inside me, filling me to the brim with Mike’s baby batter. He shot two or three loads and then pulled out and shot one on my tummy. It felt so good. Like warm massage oil. That night was the best of my life, and now when he goes on business trips I go with him, and when she goes on business trips, I stay the night. And we make hot steamy love all night long.

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