The Tub

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Let’s face it. I’m not as young as I used to be. But the lure of the bathtub proved impossible to resist.

One day, long ago, I discovered the most amazing orgasms could be had under the bathtub faucet. Ideally, the water would be on the warm side, because it couldn’t drain from the tub and it would get cool pretty fast. [Wouldn’t want to get chilled.]

So one morning after exercise class you’re on my mind, and I decide to venture into the tub. I figure I deserve it, and it would be worth any orthopedic consequences that ensued.

I strip off my clothes as fast as I can and regulate the water to just the right temperature. Once I’ve got a flow of the proper intensity, I plant my feet on the wall above the faucet, scoot my ass to the end of the tub and feel the water on me. It comes in a steady stream but, for some reason, occasionally slows to a heavy drip. Thus, I have to continually adjust the faucet, not to mention my position.

As the water flows over me, and I feel my clit swelling, I think of how you might participate if you were here. I imagine you kneeling next to the tub, caressing my right leg, your dick straining against your jeans. Your eyes are wide as you take in the scene, tempted to participate but unsure how. Besides, you don’t want to ruin the natural progression of things.

Of course you are kind enough to talk dirty to me to enhance the effects of the water. You tell me how much you’ve missed me, how you want nothing more than to fill me with your stiff dick. Your words are evoking images which are familiar to me, since I’ve considered them many times before in similar situations.

The best thing about this is the freedom to move ever so slightly to magnify the effect a great deal. As I get closer to exploding, however, I’m pretty still. I’m trying to maximize my payoff since, as noted earlier, it took some effort to get where I am.

I’m listening to you and trying to prolong things when I remember something I used to do. Rather than going for it right away, I wait until just before I start to come and then pull back. I give myself a chance to come down, and then get back in position. Then I do it again. I think you’re surprised because I’m so hot and ready, but I’m determined to get the most out of this.

[Meanwhile, if my eyes could focus I would wonder just how you’re able to stand having your dick so firmly at attention inside the confines of those jeans.]

After getting to the brink and coming back down twice, I decide to let go on the next one. As I feel it building, I try and think unsexy thoughts, but your presence makes that an impossibility. When I can’t hold off any longer I come very loudly, just in case there was some doubt of the effect you have on me. It seems to take a very long time.

When it’s over and I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, I climb out of the tub and go immediately to your rescue. Carefully I undo your zipper, and as I do your cock springs forward, testing the bonds of your boxer briefs. I reach inside to complete the liberation, and you moan as you slide off your restraints.

But rather than do what you expect, envelop you with the wet warmth of either my mouth or my pussy, I decide to delay. Straddling you and grasping your prick firmly, I use the wetness at its tip to draw on my inner thigh. As I do this I offer your waiting mouth one of my tits, which you gladly accept and begin licking.

After a while I decide to move the focus gradually southward, eventually to the origins of the enormous amount of heat radiating through the bathroom. I start by kissing you, long and slow, on the mouth. [If time and opportunity were unlimited, I would spend a lot more time kissing you.] Then I use my tongue to caress your nipples, and plant little kisses down your middle, on my way towards your cock. Much to your chagrin, I bypass it completely (not at all easy) and continue kissing my way down your legs, finally pausing to suck your toes.

My pussy isn’t that good at waiting. It’s still plenty wet from the tub, and playing with you has only intensified this condition. Even so, I give your cock priority.

I begin by very softly licking all around your dick. This is accompanied by a very gentle caress of your balls, occasionally with a fingernail. Yes, I am well aware of your need to be sucked. I also am aware of my need to suck you, but these are being outweighed by my obsessive desire to be the cause of your ultimate pleasure. And in order to do this properly, it cannot be rushed.

At first the licking seems random, all over your surface. But then it gets serious by addressing the underside with a continuous flicking motion, and the caressing of the balls intensifies to squeezing. Previous experience tells me you will respond to this, and you don’t disappoint. Although I thought it impossible for you to get any harder, your moan is accompanied by a very slight, almost imperceptible stiffening. Excellent.

As much as I am enjoying doing this to you and the effect it is having, I long to feel you in my slick cunt. In order to get to that point, I must move on and take you into my mouth. Very slowly I suck you in, using my mouth like a pretend snatch. When my lips are flush with your groin, I draw you out again. On the next trip in, I use my teeth to scrape against your sides. Then back to the sucking. While I’m doing this I’m drawing circles up and down your length with my tongue, squeezing your balls with my left hand and grasping your rod firmly with my right. You are going wild.

Sooner or later you decide my wetness below is too good to wait for any longer, and you position me so I’m just above your vertical cock. I have a second to decide if I want to engulf you slowly, or all at once, but as I start to consider pros and cons I suddenly feel you enter me. You got tired of waiting and thrust into me from below, but it’s clear I’m responsible for the action from that point on.

I decide slow is the way, at least right now. I feel incapable of planning more than five seconds ahead, because the joy of finally getting you inside me is clouding my brain. At last the interminable wait is over.

While you’re still inside from your initial thrust, I squeeze you with my pussy walls and then let you go. I position your tip at my opening and sit down, only in excruciatingly slow motion. Obviously neither of us will be able to maintain such a slow pace for long, but it certainly will be fun to try.

In actuality this lasts for a whole three entries before you pull out, eager for a little more control. You lay me down on the tile and raise my feet to rest on your shoulders. I feel you slide effortlessly back in, so deep I’m sure you’ll break through. You pull all the way out and, slowly, thrust back in. Very gradually we begin speeding up. Each time you enter me it is with increasing force, and I wouldn’t be surprised if steam were rising from our bodies. We’re moving faster and faster, your hands are on my tits, I’m staring into your eyes and we’re both about to blow. It’s some kind of miracle, my first ever orgasm from fucking, and you get all the credit. Meanwhile, you’ve got a little something special of your own going on, cum exploding into me again and again, then pouring out. Screaming my name over and over. Telling me I was worth the wait.

But in the end, it’s just me in my bathtub. Thinking of you…

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