another dream yet to happen

It’s early Friday morning about 4am and we wake to the sound of thunder…we can hear the sound of heavy rain we sit up and open the curtain to look out the back window of the camper and see a flash of lightning…we close the curtain and sit back in bed and look at each other realizing that the plans we had for the weekend have now changed…well there goes the hiking trip this weekend i say but as i say it i see a smile on your face and you say oh well we will have to stay in bed for the day then won’t we…i smile and ask whatever could you be thinking even tho i am thinking the same but an idea pop’s into my head as i remember that i have still many more day’s of your punishment to give you…i move closer to you and say whatever idea’s you have now changed you ask why all i say is punishment and you smile at me knowing you are going to get teased so good…i sit back against the back of the bed and tell you to sit in front of me on your knee’s with your hand’s behind your back…as you sit with your back against my chest i reach my left hand around you and take your right breast in my hand and with my right slide it under you so i can start sliding two finger’s up and down your pussy…as my finger’s are gently rubbing your cunt while my left hand is gently playing with your erect right nipple you start to slide your hand’s up and down my cock…i can feel the wetness of your pussy with my two finger’s i pinch your clit between them as i do you let out a small moan and push back on me so you have better access to my throbbing cock…as you push back i move my left hand down over your stomach and replace the playing with your clit with my right hand with two finger’s of my left…now that my two finger’s of my left hand are playing with your clit i slide a finger in your sweet cunt and slide it in and slow at first but as soon as i push it in you turn to me and beg me to go slow but deep…i smile back and tell you you know i will as i slide it in deep you grab my cock even harder and start jerking me faster with this i put another finger in your wet cunt and push them in as far as i can going slow and deep enjoying the feeling of your sweet body and start kissing your neck…you turn around again and tell me you want to suck on my cock with a smile on my face i oh god yes…as soon as i move my hand’s away from your beautiful and sexy body you spin around and tell me to lay down i do as you ask and tell you i want to lick your sweet cunt while you suck on my cock…you smile and and without a word turn around and take my cock in your mouth and place your wet cunt above my face…as soon as you do i start licking your clit and slide a two finger’s deep into you with this you start sucking me faster this make’s me go mad with pleasure…so i start fingering you fast and deep while still licking your clit faster to match the pleasure of you sucking my cock…you stop sucking my cock and move away from me and turn and tell me that you want my cock in you now…i sit back up with my back against the back of the bed and tell you to turn around and sit on your knee’s with your back against my chest…as you sit on your knees just above my cock i take hold of your hip’s and lower you onto me slow …but as soon as my cock enters you wet and so sweet cunt i pull you down hard so my cock is all the way in you scream with pleasure as you start riding my cock fast and hard…i move my left hand up to your left breast and start pinching your nipple and slide my right hand onto your clit and start rubbing it…as soon as i do you push back as much as you can so i can please you even more we are breathing so hard and our moan’s get louder and louder….as soon as i pinch your clit you start shaking and let out a scream as you have a orgasm i tell you to get up and turn around as i can’t hold it back anymore…you face me and grab my cock and start jerking me off as hard and fast as you can it doesn’t take me more than a few jerk’s i cum on you…we clean up and lay down totally exhausted from the pleasure we gave each other we pull up a blanket and lay down you on me we smile at each other and just lay there hugging each other…

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