Beauty And The Butch Part Four

She rolls me over onto my back, and takes possession of my breasts. She kneads, fondles, gropes, caresses, licks and sucks both of them. Giving each one meticulous and ample attention. My hands reach for her head. In my state I try my damnedest to give her the same scalp massage she had given me. My digits ran through her dyed locks as her mouth worked its way down to my drenched pussy.

Like a pro, she parted my thighs and went to work on me. I have to tell you people, I have never orgasmed that many times off one tongue EVER. Her mouth was truly magical. Her technique had me begging for more and she was all too happy to oblige. Her use of her lips, teeth, tongue and fingers kept me in euphoria. Every so often she would peek up and stare at me. Looking into her eyes I could tell she was truly at peace for once in a long time. She was happy licking me from one mind blowing orgasm to another. When her jaw began to ache, she stopped and slithered up to me. Holding her tight, I kissed her with a long and passionate kiss. Tasting myself on her, I realized I do taste good.

Leaning against her arm she asked, “ you approve?” “Hell yeah, I approve!” I retorted. Wiggling my finger, I beckon her to come closer. I embrace her again kissing her madly. With all our frolicking and play somehow my makeup was rubbed off. She remarked about how beautiful I am without it. Sort of a natural beauty as she puts it. That is the single most romantic thing ever said to me. She cuddles up to me and we lay there. After taking a break for a few minutes we pick up where we left off. This time I take the lead.

I make love to her upper body first. Licking and sucking each breast. Making sure each one is well taken care of. I turn my attention to other parts. Kissing down her left arm, I bring her hand to my mouth and lick her palm. After my tongue does its tricks in her hand I begin to suck each finger one by one. Taking her manicured nails past my lips and between my teeth. All the while she is watching me in amazement. With my body pressed against hers, I scoot back up to her face, hands out to cradle her head. I lean in and kiss her before I make my descent.

I straddle her body, my juices dripping onto her tummy. I dip in and run my tongue between her breasts and work my way down. At the same time my body is sliding down and my nails are dragging down her chest. I taste myself when my mouth reaches her stomach and I continue to slide further down. Looking at her, my teeth grip the waistband of her panties and gently tugs them off of her. Pulling them down her legs, past her feet I spit her undies out on the bed.

I licked her feet and sucked on her toes as a prelude of what was to come. I started making my way upward. Dragging my lips along her inner leg I made my way to her hole. I ravaged her pussy for quite a while. Licked and sucked her piercing, then took her clit in my mouth like a tiny penis. I sucked on her nub and brought her to several climaxes. Gnawing and biting her lips, I slid 2 fingers deep inside her. Using my shoulders to urge her legs up, my mouth migrated to her backside. I licked her butt while driving my fingers deeper and deeper. Her body twitched and shook. She came over and over all over me. After she seemed satiated, I slid back up and collapsed next to her.

Though we didn’t say anything for a while I believe we both thought WOW!!!

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