Beauty And The Butch Part One

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Hey everyone!!! I had some spare time so I thought I would toss out another story for you folks. As usual this is another true telling of one of my sexual liaisons. This will be long story and parted in many chapters. I hope you find it a compelling and erotic read.

Are you ready? Let’s begin…

OK so, one day I was digging through my desk drawer and came across a gift card for a salon. I had received it on my birthday and forgotten all about it. I know, bad Vanessa. Spank me later, I have a story to tell. Anyways, I called the salon to make an appointment for a basic cut and style. After the booking, I looked online at their other services. It’s a pretty much a one stop and shop place. Most any amenity is taken care of.

At the back of the store I found the salon. I checked in and took my seat waiting to be called. The stylists were great. Chatting up and carrying on with one another and their clients. Seemed like a very fun atmosphere. I took it all in, thinking I really need to thank my friend again for the card. This place is truly great!!!  Upon hearing my name called, I met with my stylist. He was a diminutive Hispanic guy. Quite gay and before you weirdos get an idea in your head, no I wasn’t out looking for guys. LOL

He lead me to the back, placed a apron over me and showed me to the chair. Making idle chit chat, the chair tilted back and I was treated to one of the most luxurious shampoo jobs ever!! After which, I told him how relaxing it was. I learned it’s how they are trained. Everyone, has their technique, but the situation is the same. Good to know. My head was dried off from the excess water and I was lead back to the stylists station.

Settling into my swivel chair, that’s when I saw her. Yes people, a her not a him. The object of my lust was working on another client. I could not even focus on what my stylist was telling me. I was so captivated by that lady that I pretty much forgot why I was there. I kept thinking why, oh GOD why, didn’t I get her? In my eyes she was perfect in every way. More on her later I promise.

As we all sat, people would input their personal slants on topics of discussion. I kept relatively quiet and pretty much just admired this beauty from across the aisle. As my hair was being done, I made sure to note her name on her smock. Tina was her name…Moan it with me people, TINA!  I wanted her next time and by GOD there would be a next time. Well, my styling was completed, and I hopped  up to pay. Before leaving, I asked what products did they suggest for my hair needs. She spoke up, and that’s when our eyes locked. A cute shy smile came over her face and she gave me some of her suggestions. Taking her recommendations I got my purchases and headed out.

Weeks went by and I figured it was time to get something done with my hair. My hair splits easily. This time, I requested Tina. With my appointment set, I had a couple of days to work up my courage and seduction of this goddess. The more I dwelled on her the hornier I got. Needless to say, my husband, whether he wanted it or not, was getting sex. Yes, I was that horned up.

Appointment day, I was dolled up. Low cut blouse and matching lace skirt. Makeup painted on like I was going out on the town. And, just enough perfume to stimulate the olfactory nerves. I hoped this would arouse her enough at least to let me know she was interested. After signing into the guest book, I took a seat waiting my turn. At this point I’m a bit shaken. I am sexually bi but this was a first time that I ever tried to seduce a woman. I wasn’t sure if I even could. The more nervous I made myself, the more I hid behind some magazine I was holding. I couldn’t even tell you what the mag was.

So there she was, giving me a smile and a wave. OK I suppose this is where I describe her to you all. Tina is about 5’8″ tall. I guess by the terminology she would be called a soft butch. She has a tomboy build. You know, like a thick chick. Not obese, but nowhere near a size zero. Her overall style is what I would call a punk rocker type. Her hair is a short cropped buzzed hybrid dyed blue and black. Her lip is pierced and she wore long spikes through her earlobes. And me, I’m little Miss conservative. Almost like mixing oil and water, wouldn’t you say?

I was worried about making a fool of myself with her. I was getting nervous. Men are easy. Just show the slightest interest in them and they go “ga ga”. Since I have never actively pursued a woman I began to rethink this. Am I cute enough? Am I her type? My confidence was fading fast. I started to talk myself out of this. I told myself, get the hair done and get out. No funny business. Be professional. Well that worked until she shook my hand. Her hand lingered as if we were old friends. At that moment, I was melting inside and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. She took my hand in hers, and led me back to the shampoo area.Was this finally happening? Um didn’t. Wait it does get better. Don’t quit reading now.

As she shampooed my hair, her fingers worked their magic on my scalp. My head got a full on massage, which in itself was worth the trip. Her hands and fingers slipped down to my neck and behind my ear lobes giving them some real sensual touches.  I was in my own world. At that moment, I would have easily given myself to her there. But it wasn’t meant to happen. She got called away to the phone. After what seemed to be a 10 minute absence, she resumed shampoo and rinse. But she was not as personable and flirty. She was definitely in a bad mood. Her instructions were very matter of fact and somewhat curt. She finished my cut and style, rang me up and sent me on my way. I was a bit relieved yet felt deflated. “OK, so what the hell just happened there?” I thought.

She did an awesome job on my hair. Everyone noticed and commented how great I looked. Regardless of the failed attempt to seduce her, I planned on making her my go to stylist from then on. By my next appointment, I had totally given up on the idea of ever being with her intimately. Signing into the log book, I took my seat and began fiddling with my phone. After an extended wait, she called me back. We exchanged pleasantries and small talk. This time she was a bit more chatty, at least it wouldn’t be a total loss. I could hear new stories instead of the same hum drum crap from my friends. During the shampoo, I felt her thumbs roll behind each of my ears. Then they crept up along the side of my head. I was laying there in ecstasy under her touches asking myself is this really happening? Is she trying to seduce moi?

As she gently and lovingly massaged my head she apologized for her previous behavior. She told me of some personal issues she was having with her present girlfriend. I offered her advice and some solace. Letting her know I was an attorney, she could contact me anytime and I would do what I could to help her. She continued with the scalp massage and shampoo but making it more sensual this time. I began to think this was showing promise.

Lead back to her station, taking a seat in the barber’s chair, she fixed the apron on me. Her arm brushed against my boob. Oh yeah, this is getting good, I thought. The first several minutes were her “accidentally” touching me as she positioned herself. When she was working on the back of my head, she would graze me with her breasts. So began our little cat and mouse game. I placed my arms in such a position that my elbows were barely off the arm rests. My hands were just outside, of course all covered with the plastic drape. I wanted to see if she would lean into my body parts so maybe I could get a feel. Well round the chair she went, cutting one side then the other. But not once bumping against me. She spun the chair around to where I was facing the mirrors. Looking up she smiled and gave me a knowing wink. That was the end of our session.

After paying my bill I jotted down my number and told her to call me if she needed any legal advice. OK guys, that’s three times I struck out. It is what it is. No one can win all the time. But, it never changed my desire for her. I was determined to keep trying. Especially after that seductive encounter. Who knew shampoos were so much fun.

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