Beauty And The Butch Part Six

The next morning I rolled from my slumber and looked at my phone. Yep it’s there. I said it. I told her I loved her. OK, if this leads somewhere let’s see what happens. It’s not uncommon for a married woman to “switch sides” as it were. Happens all the time, right? I got dressed and headed off to work. I called Tina on my way and we talked as I drove. Actually she has a soothing voice, very calming in traffic. She gave me her schedule for the week and we made plans when and where we could. We had to work around my already hectic schedule and steer clear of her jealous ex. It wasn’t ideal but considering what was going on, we made it work.

A few months went by and my daughter had begged and begged to go stay with a friend of hers for the weekend. It was OK with my husband since he was going to his deer lease. I allowed her to go and made plans with Tina. With my husband and kiddo gone for the weekend, we decided to go dancing. She arrived at my house shortly after her shift at the salon. Once ready we made the trek east. I had never heard of this club, but it seems to be the only gay and lesbian friendly bar outside of downtown Dallas. Took us over an hour to get there and she was immediately let down. It turned out it was fetish night there. LOL What a happy happenstance.

She was dismayed there wasn’t any dancing go on. Just a lot of loud rock and people clad in leather. I was amused and intrigued. I begged to stay. With a sigh she agreed and we shuffled up to the bar. I was quite enjoying myself watching the BD/SM crowd mingle. I think she saw a glimmer in my eyes when she asked “Oh you like this stuff huh”. I nodded with a smile. Leaning into her ear I responded, “What’s not to like? This is HOT!!” I think that’s all the coaxing she needed. She went from fragile and needy to full on domme mode within a snap of a finger.

She grabbed a fistful of my hair, twisting my head toward hers and spat in my face. Screaming at me “Who is my slut? Who is my dirty home wrecking slut?” I meekly looked at the ground, grinning on the inside, responding ” I am, my Mistress.”  “You will do as I tell you. When I tell you. How I tell you. Understand?” she exclaimed. All I could do was nod. That began a new dynamic in our relationship. We were lovers, we were in love and that night she became my Mistress.

We enjoyed the club a while longer, until the crowd started thinning out. We decided to head back to my place and be with one another. On the ride home she asked how long have I been into that stuff? I told her a complete life history of my experience with it. She remarked how looking at me, no one would think that. That’s the best part about people. Beyond the skin there’s a lot more. People are complex and fun to get to know. I asked her if she had any dirty secrets. “One or two that I may let you know of in time,” she replied.

We got back to my place and before making it to the bedroom we were both totally nude. We had sex the rest of the evening. After several orgasms later, I was worn out and needed to pee. As I sat on the toilet she came barging in. She dipped her hand in my pee stream and wiped her chest with her hand. That was a first for me. No one has ever done that. And as shocking as that was I was turned on. Crazier still, I instinctively leaned in and licked my pee off her tits. I don’t know what came over me, but the naughtiness of it all just awoke something that had laid dormant for years. It opened doors to discussions and sexual discoveries. Those dirty thoughts we all are afraid to share with others in fear of being ostracized.

We spent the rest of the night cuddled together with the glow of the television on. Talking about what we liked and what we didn’t. What we wanted to try and what was strictly no go. The next morning she went off to work and I piddled around the house. I couldn’t wait until she got off that evening. During the day I would get texts from her like, “What’s my slut doing?” ” You are not allowed to wear panties!!!” Pretty tame stuff but just enough to let me know she was in control.

After getting some chores done, I decided to go to Petsmart. I bought a collar and a chain leash. If I was to be her pet, why not go the play it up. It was a simple black leather choker and 2 foot chain lead. It worked well enough for our needs. I dashed back over to the mall and picked up some lingerie, under garments and some sexy outfits I affectionately call slutfits. Figuring out what I would wear when my Mistress got home, I dressed up. Hair, makeup, clothes, the lot.

When she arrived back to my home, she was stunned by my choice of outfits. I went from suburban mom to wanton sex  goddess in an afternoon. Giving her the the collar to place around my neck, that instant I became hers. She played the role of Mistress well. Dinner time I was forced to eat on the floor. When we went to bed I had to sleep at the foot. She took control of my house, my life, and my body that weekend. When Sunday came and we were forced to part ways, she instructed me on what I had to do. She laid out the rules for our new lifestyle and I was too eager to comply. Everything had changed and at that time I wasn’t sure how much.


OK folks that concludes just the first part of my story with Tina. There’s tons more to tell. Some of it funny, a lot of it sexy and some really shaking moments. Just on our relationship alone I could write a novella. And looking back on these parts, I just may. BUT, that’s where you come in.

I wanna hear from you readers, editors, literary authors, everyone…should I continue? Is it entertaining enough for you to want more?  Let me know.

Feel free to write with questions, comments, anecdotes, jokes, or whatever to




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