Beauty And The Butch Part Three

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That next day, I worked a half day. Was out of my office by lunch in case Tina wanted to meet up. Phoning her up, she invited me to drop by her place. I didn’t get my hopes up too much. I was strictly playing this by ear, though I’ll admit I was hoping. I arrived at her modest 2 bedroom apartment in the gay area of town. She shared it with her soon to be ex girlfriend. Though at the time only Tina and I knew her lover was soon to be tossed out. Following her directions to the letter, I quickly found my way to the door. Hugged as we met, she invited me in to sit. We chatted a bit and I was assured we would be alone.

As she cuddled next to me, she commented on how pretty I was. I confessed how attracted I was to her, in which she replied she already knew. She could tell from that first day when I watched her; for she was watching me too. We talked about her life pursuits and my home life. We caressed one another as we were talking. As she was telling me the latest tale of her girlfriend’s exploits, I put a finger to her lips. “Shhhh” I whispered, as I kissed her for the first time. I wanted this and I wanted her. I didn’t want the mood spoiled over some mishaps of a junkie soon to be ex.

Our lips met, our breasts heaved against one another as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Her hands on me, mine on her. Both of us pawing at one another. She broke off the kiss, stood and reached out for me. Pulling me up from the sofa, she lead me to her bedroom and promptly locked her door. We quickly picked up our kissing. Mouth meeting mouth, mouth meeting exposed flesh. Our hands pulling each other’s attire off to expose more flesh. I’m in heat and in awe of her body. She is exactly my type of girl. Our kissing resumes as we work to get each other’s pants off. Held against this woman in my under garments, I grab her pulling her down to the bed. Her body now resting on top of me.

Our petting continues as I fumble for the clasp of her bra. Once unhooked, I use my teeth to pull the shoulder straps off her arms. Freeing her C cups from their binding, I take her brassiere and toss it across the room. She leans down and basically gnawed through mine. My double Ds totally exposed, my nipples hardening from the rush of cold air across them, I just sink further into the mattress. Yes, this lady has me for what ever time we have. I am hers.

She kisses down my neck. Her hands reaching out cupping my bosom. Her mouth works from my neck down. Stopping at each breast and working her tongue all around ‘em. I’m writhing under her in anticipation. My head arched back, my chest pressed upward. She kisses further downward and begins to play with my belly button. Her tongue digging deep, I am squirming at this time. It tickles ferociously. Begging her to stop, more so I can scoot back on the bed, I take the advantage and flip her over.

My mouth begins its assault on her. Much like how she tortured me before, my tongue trailed down her neck. Taking her hands in mine, putting them above her head, I continue to lick downward. Taking each breast into my mouth, my lips engulf them. Tongue flicking as my lips and teeth hold them firm. I make my way down to her belly button, as she screams out,”Don’t you dare!!” So I do. LOL  My tongue buries itself and flickers all around. This time she is squirming. I stop and tell her, “Now you see what I went through.”

My panties were saturated as I straddled her leg. Grinding up and down her thigh I was that close to cumming. I slowed the pace down a bit and crawled on top of her laying my head into her neck. Her arms around me, we held each other as my mouth made love to her ear. Her breathing got heavier as did mine. She let go of her clutch around me and began to pull my undies off. My lower body all too eager to comply, my backside arched up as her fingers pulled them off of me. At the same time my hand slipped inside her underwear and found her wet pussy waiting for my hand.

My fingers lightly fondled her landing strip.  I kissed her passionately as my fingers were running up and down her pussy. Light and sensuous strokes over her mound.  My middle finger found a nice surprise. She’s pierced down there. Intrigued, my finger plays with the metal stud as I nuzzle in her ear. Whispering I ask if it hurt getting pierced. She groaned, “Yes, but in a good way.” Exhales of GOD, followed by moans were amplified after her mouth devoured my ear. She wraps her tongue around my ear ring and my body turns to jello.


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