Beauty And The Butch Part Two

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Next couple of weeks were uneventful. Work, home, activities, laundry, bills, sleep; routine stuff. Now as my rotten luck would have it, I’m sitting in a client meeting and I get a text from Tina, wanting to talk. I text her back I will call once back into my office. When the meeting was over, I RAN back to my office and dialed her up. She inquired about some legal stuff. I was too happy to help her with her questions. Figuring that was the end of that, I went on about my work. Few hours later my cell phone was buzzing across my desk. It was Tina texting me.



Tina…”It’s Tina”

Me…”What’s up buttercup?”

Tina…”Wanted to ask you one more thing”


Tina…”Are you a lesbian?”

Me…” Oh no I’m not”

Tina…” ;-(”

Me…”Why the ;-(”


Me…”No tell me”

Tina…”You’re gorgeous and I was hoping…”

Me…”Awww thank you sweetie…I’m not a lesbian but I am bisexual and believe me I couldn’t stop staring at you. That’s why I requested you as my stylist.”


Me…”Yes, really”


Me…”Yup wow…lol”

Holy smokes she was into me. My mind was a torrent of thoughts and other ideas. What seemed to be a wash out might have a saving grace. If nothing else, I made a friend. I called her when I got off work and agreed to meet up for coffee. I would had preferred wine to take the edge off, but she didn’t drink alcoholic beverages. We met up at a Starbucks.

Looking around at the coffee shop we decided to get our drinks and go elsewhere. It was loud, crowded and nowhere we wanted to be. I suggested the mall, which was shot down due to the same noise concerns. After some coaxing, I got her to relent. Following her in my car, I could barely keep up. This woman drove like she was trying out for NASCAR. Sheesh.

We entered the mall, walked and talked. Passed by one store then another. Taking my hand in hers, she led me around and I was all too willing. She had me, she knew it. We strolled into Vickie’s Secrets. She pointed out all the stuff she liked, and though I offered to buy her some things, she refused to accept. Hand in hand we continued our stroll through the mall. We made our way back to our cars, embraced each other then parted ways. On the way home I was frustrated. No kiss. Damn, am I losing my touch?

Settling in for the evening, she texts me again.

Tina…”Hi :-)”


Tina…”I enjoyed today”

Me…”So did I”

I became bold. I mean really people….how many of you folks aren’t bold behind some sort of electronic device? Be it computer to troll someone, or you old school perverts who used to dirty talk someone you randomly found in a phone book? We all get bolder when we’re anonymous. I figured it was do or die time.

Me…”So I need to say something and I hope I don’t offend you”

And I waited and waited and waited some more. My way of building up tension.

Tina… “OK”


Tina…”What did you want to tell me?”

Tina…”You there??”

Me…”Do you realize how bad I want you?!?!?!?!”

Tina…”I want you too baby. When can we?”

Me…”Talk tomorrow and we’ll figure it out together?”

Tina…”Sure. Call me when you can. I’m off tomorrow and not doing anything”

Me…”KK good night sugar”

I went straight to the shower and got myself off with the shower head thinking of all the things her and I could do. In a pinch a shower head works wonders. I went to bed totally relaxed and quite proud of myself. I drifted off to sleep.

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