Being Worthy ll

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Since I’d lost track of how long I’d been bound, gagged and plugged while in this fetal position, it gave me time to think about the blonde haired babe who lured me into this trap. Her drop-dead gorgeous face was accompanied by pear shaped breasts with strawberries on top. Her toned thighs and calves were accented by a pair of half-moon shaped buns. She was enough to make any man’s manhood stand at attention.

She and Andy had gone upstairs to presumably to take up on her offer to suck his cock. . Then I heard footsteps on the stairs, hoping it was my lady. The sound of feet hitting steps was too light to be a big man’s, so I was sure they had to be hers. And when I heard her voice, I smiled inwardly. “Well scumbag, are you ready to fuck me now?” The question was obviously rhetorical, but I bobbed my head anyway as best I could. “Well, she continued, you will still need to earn my pussy. Like I said earlier, I don’t let any fucker stick his fucking dick in my cunt!” For emphasis she sauntered over to where I was lying and jabbed a foot into my vulnerable stomach. It wasn’t hard enough to knock the wind out of me, but I got the point.

Then she removed the duct tape and yanked out the panty-gag. “I’ve got something you may do with your mouth.” That’s when I saw her right big toe pressing against my lips. “Open up dickhead. Let’s see if you suck toes as well as you suck pussy. You did an admirable job on that.” When I remained silent she reached down between my legs and got a grip on my balls. “Do I hear a ‘thank you Mistress’!?” The words came quickly. “That’s better, now suck my toe!” Opening my mouth so the pressing digit could ease in, I heard her again. “Suck that toe like it’s a cock.” Slowly and steadily she moved the toe in and out. “Ever sucked a cock, slave boy?” Somehow I managed to mouth,” No Mistress.” That’s when I felt a slap across my face. “Don’t you dare bite me, asshole!” Cheryl was literally fucking my mouth with her toe, when she switched to her left one.

“You know you just might be required to suck Andy’s cock in order to earn my pussy,” she declared with a snicker. This was abhorrent to me. Never in my thirty-two years on this earth have I ever had a desire to suck a man’s cock. “Did you think you’d get my pussy for free, scumbag!?” Another foot-jab in the stomach emphasized her statement. This time some air did whoosh out. “But, since I just sucked his cock, there might not be any juice left in his balls for you,” she said with a cackle. But Andy’s got some big balls.”

Then I heard her call up to Andy. “Come down and put our slave boy on the St. Andrews Cross, face inward.” Once again I felt like I was being toyed-with, and it wasn’t long until I was stretched out, arms and legs to the infamous torture device.

Cheryl spoke again. “I think, slave, you deserve a little more punishment for having the audacity to think you would just give me the ‘slam-bam- thank you ma’am’ routine. As an accent I could feel her hand reach between my legs from the rear to get another grip on my there-for-the-taking balls. My loud response was a cause for increased pressure. “I love to hear a man beg for mercy. It gets me wet! That’ll be a good thing for your fucking cock! But I love torturing balls, it’s my favorite thing to do to a wimpy man! She stressed her point by squeezing me harder. Tears streamed down my face when she finally released her grip.

Then I heard her walk across the room behind me, and walk quickly back to where I was stretched out. “Andy, I think this slave deserves a whipping, don’t you?” “Yes Mistress Cheryl, he does,” was the deep-voiced reply. “Whip him good, it turns me on too!” I tried to steel myself against what I knew was coming, but when the first slash landed in the center of my back, the ferocity surprised me. The lady packed a mean wallop. Arching my back in an effort to ease the discomfort, I felt another thwap an inch lower than the initial one. Then with steadiness and precision, the lashes marched their way up and down my back. When she reached the backs of my thighs, I howled the loudest. “Yeah that’s it!” Andy encouraged. My butt cheeks received plenty of stern attention as well. Then the whip-lady told Andy to turn me around. When I faced the little blonde blue-eyed lady holding the black flogger, my cock was hanging limp. Laughing at me sarcastically she held up my dick with her thumb and forefinger. “I guess your dick doesn’t like its owner getting a whipping.” Then she squeezed it hard. “Fucking wimp! You’ll never get this piece of shit in my cunt!” She said as she squeezed harder. Letting go, she then turned on a vibrator and touched it to the head of my shriveled cock. When she saw it rising, she exclaimed, “Here it comes! Atta boy!” In what seemed like seconds my raging cock was standing strong. Then she held the whip firmly. The next slash hit my left nipple forcefully, which was followed by a quick backhander across my other nipple. My chest, stomach and thighs received heavy dosages, which had me writhing. Red splotches appeared all over the front of my body.

Then she gave me a respite, allowing me to absorb the punishment I already received, gingerly fingering my cock to make sure it stood straight out. Surprisingly she then knelt and began licking my dick like it was a lollipop, around the head, down the shaft to my balls. Down there she sucked both of my balls in her mouth and I could feel my juices rumbling. Then from her knees she looked up at me with the most seductive smile. “Want to fuck me now, big boy?” I was so turned on I could barely mouth the words, but I managed a “Yes Mistress.” At once she stood up and grabbed the menacing whip. In one motion, she raised the lashes above her head and brought it down forcefully onto my raging hard-on. The blow surprised me as much as it hurt. Truly I wasn’t expecting that. When I heard Andy’s cheering voice I sounded displeasure and sagged with my head resting on my chest.

Leaving me to hang up the whip, Mistress Cheryl looked over at Andy. “Take him down and put him back on the floor. I’ll deal with him some more later.” Once again I was tied in a fetal position, gagged and plugged. I wondered, was all this worth a fuck!?

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