Caught by my cousin Mary

Caught by my cousin Mary
By Ronnie

I was just 18 years old and was in my room jerking off to a porno magazine. It was a Saturday morning and my parents were out playing golf. I was going to mow the lawn but when my parents left I decided to jerk off, I could mow the lawn later, with them gone I didn’t have to worry about getting caught. My friend Rita was with her parents at their camp so I didn’t have a girl friend to play with.
I hadn’t even closed the door to my room because I thought That I was the only one in the house. I was naked on my bed with my hard cock in my hand and I had a box of tissues next to me to clean up the cum. I had a magazine with fat women sucking cock and getting fucked and I loved it. I was only stroking fast enough to stay hard because I hadn’t decided which fat girl I liked the best.
“Nice cock!”
I heard a girls voice say. I almost shit! I looked to my right and saw my cousin Mary standing in the door way to my room. Mary was almost exactly my age, our birthdays were less than a week apart, and was thin and flat chested. She had long brown hair down to her butt. Her brown eyes were to big for her face, she had a small nose and almost no lips. Her ass was almost nonexistent.
“Damn you!” I said as I tried to cover up. “Go away!”
“Let me help you!” Mary said. I’m sorry I scared you.”
I had pulled a blanket over myself. “Help me?”
Mary said. “I came over to ask if you could get my parents lawn mower working, but I would rather fuck!”
“You would? But we are cousins!” I said. I was interested to say the least.
“So what?” Mary said “As long as we use rubbers what difference does it make? Besides I’m horny and obviously so are you!” She pulled off the blanket and grabbed my cock. “I’ve always wanted someone near by I could fuck whenever I wanted to.” Mary said as she stroked my cock a couple of times. Then she stood up and took her clothes off. “I know they are small but my nipples loved to be sucked! You do have rubbers around her don’t you?”
I was getting over my shock and said. “Yes up in my room in the attic where I make models.”
“Lets get them and we can have some fun!” Mary said with a huge grin. “Unless you want me to tell your parents what I caught you doing!”
I grabbed her arms and pulled her down on the bed and sucked on one of her nipples and lightly pinched the other. Then I kissed her and slipped my tongue in her mouth. She responded with her tongue and ran her hand across my ass. We made out for a while before I spread her legs and sucked on her clit and tongue fucked her pussy. She was moaning and playing with her tiny hard nipples.
“Holly shit!” Mary said. “No one’s ever done that before! I’m going to cum! Oh! Shit! Damn!”
She came hard screaming like she was in a cheap horror movie.
“Tell my parents what?” I asked with a huge grin.
Mary was shaking and her hips were grinding and her nipples were so hard that they were smaller than a dime.
“Where did you learn to do that?” Mary asked.
“From a girl I know.” I said.
“Jesus that was awesome!” Mary said “What else did you learn from her?”
I smiled and said. “Lets get a rubber and I’ll show you.”
We went to my attic room and I opened my hidden stash of porno magazines and took a box of pre lubed ribbed condoms. Mary looked at some of my magazines and asked where I got them. “From my girl friend.” I said.
“She must be fat all these have fat girls!” Mary said.
“Yes she is we’ve been fucking for four years now and it’s great.” I said.
Mary looked at me and said. “I hope you don’t mind a skinny girl.”
“Lets see.” I said. “We can go to my room or to your house if you want.”
“My parents are home so lets go to your room I’m horny as hell.” Mary said.
“Won’t they be expecting you to come home soon with me to start your lawn mower?” I asked.
Mary laughed and said. “I’ll tell them that you were working on your lawn mower and I had to wait.”
We went back to my room and were making out again. Mary was wet and ready but I wanted to have her suck on my cock before I fucked her. When I told her what I wanted.
“I’m not doing that!” Mary said with a disgusted look on her face.
“Rita loves it!” I said.
“I’d have to see it to believe it.” Mary said.
I got up and pulled a box out from under my bed and took out several Polaroid’s of Rita and I that Rita had taken with her dads camera. There were several pictures of Rita sucking on my cock that we took using the timer built into the camera. There were also other picture of us fucking and me eating her pussy.
“Awesome!” Mary said. Then she pointed to one of the pictures and said. “I know her she lives next to you!”
“Yes I said and if she were home today I’d be fucking her.”
“Well I’m still not going to suck your cock.” Mary said.
“That’s OK.” I said “You aren’t a virgin are you?” I asked.
“No I’m not!” Mary said. “I’ve had sex with three guys.”
“Lets make it four.” I said as I put the rubber on my hard cock. Mary just grinned. I had her lay on her back at the edge of the bed and slowly pushed my hard cock in her cunt as I fingered her clit and she played with her nipples. She was moaning as I stroked my cock in and out as slowly as I could.
“I love it! I love it!” Mary said and moved her hips in sync with my thrusting.
I pumped faster and faster and said, with an evil grin. “Does this make us kissing cousins or just fucking cousins?”
“Shut up and fuck me!” Mary said just before she came.
I kept on pumping my hard cock in and out and she came twice more before I came. I kept on humping until my cock went limp just as she came again.
“Wow!” Mary said. “I’ve never cum so many time in one day.” She got up and gave me a kiss and said. “We have to do this more often.”
I said. “Maybe we can get Rita to join us.”
“That would be cool.” Mary said. “I think I would like that.”
“I’ll ask Rita next time I see her.” I said.
“Please don’t tell her my name until you find out what she says!” Mary said.
“I won’t.” I said. “Lets go to your house and get your lawn mower started or your parents will wonder what’s taking you so long.” I said.
“Maybe we should get dressed first.” Mary said.
” I had planned on that.” I said.

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