Pleasure Cabin

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The snow fell fast and heavy around my feet. The bundle of wood I held in my arms made me sink into the snow above my knees. My body had been wanting, begging me to fill my desires since I woke up this morning. The wetness I had felt all day temporarily subsided as a freezing gust of wind blew through me. Steadily the weather was getting worse; it wouldn’t be long before visibility is zero. I hurry up the two steps into the cabin, brushing the snow off my boots. The cabin had been here forever, hidden in the mountains, my favorite little secret. A friend had asked me to vacation with her and her husband’s family in the cabin this week. They were all scattered along the mountain today, snowmobiling and skiing, the perfect opportunity to have some time to myself. I had the perfect way to fill my needs, and the perfect person to dream about.
The fire I had started an hour ago still burning and popping in the fireplace. I sat on my palate in front of the fire, warming my frozen body. The only place that wasn’t in need of thawing was soaked, my horniness constantly tugging at my mind. I slowly removed my clothes, taking my time removing my bra and silky thong, touching myself slowly and teasing my nipples and the lips of my soaked pussy. I lay back, rubbing and touching every part of my naked body. I imagined his hands wandering my body, his lips caressing mine. Little sighs escaped my lips as I threw my head back and circled my nipples. I lick my lips thinking of the pleasure I was about to indulge in. I let my fingers slide down between my legs, grazing my fingers along my inner thighs, slowly making my way back to my clean shaven pussy. I began trailing my finger along the lips of my vagina, before sticking one finger deep inside. I slid it in and out slowly, very slowly, taking my time before sliding another finger into me. I began to move my fingers in and out faster and faster, using my thumb to tease my clit. His naked body filled my mind, his erection filling every inch of me. I moaned, encouraging my fingers to dive deeper, faster and harder. My other hand squeezed my breasts, pinching my nipples. My sweet juices flowing onto my temporary bed before squirting all over, soaking my bed. The air smelt of sex, encouraging me to continue my pleasure ride. I take a moment to catch my breath, playing with my breast and licking my juices off my fingers.
I reach into my bag and pulled out my favorite toy, slowly lubing it up in my juices. I inserted it, cranking up the speeds of my vibrator until the point of driving me crazy. I massage and tease my clit, still playing with my peaked nipples, their sensitivity almost painful. I wet the tips of my fingers, groping and licking my breasts and nipples. I moaned, my juices flowing again, dripping. My moans and cries grew louder as a got closer to squirting, holding back as much as possible. My body was hot, soaked in sweat. I could feel the pleasure rise through me, filling every inch of me.
A cold burst of air filled the cabin, the sound of heavy boots echoing in my ears. The dark eyes and handsome face of my friend’s brother-in-law stared at me. My cheeks burned with embarrassment as I tried to cover myself. He stripped off his snow gear, not taking his eyes off me. He began to undress, pulling his shirt off, then removing his pants, locking the cabin door behind him. He was hard, extremely hard. He rubbed himself a little with one hand. He approached me; pushing the blankets I had wrapped myself in off my body. He turned the vibrator back on, all the way up. His hands cupped my breasts, squeezing, taking my lips with his. His lips traveled down my neck to my breasts where he patiently traveled in wide circles until he was sucking my nipples. His arms wrapping around me, pulling me close to his hot body, his erection rubbing my inner thighs, driving me into a heated frenzy. I moaned in his ear, about to squirt for the second time. He pulled the vibrator out quickly, jamming his dick into me. I squirted all over him, his moans filling my ears. He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom, his erection still deep inside me. He set me on his bed and rolled me over so that I was bent over the edge of the bed. He began to thrust into me with a steady rhythm. His moans matched mine as he began to pick up speed, his thrusts diving deeper into me, harder and harder. I was incredibly wet, dripping all over him. He slammed into me, his dick hitting all my spots.
He flipped me over again, moving me onto the bed, pinning my hands above my head. He pulled a pair of handcuffs out of the bedside table drawer and cuffing my hands to the bedpost. He pulled my legs apart and ramming into me again. His hands grabbed my hips as he pulled me onto his shaft. He moaned uncontrollably, my pleased screams filled the air. This continued until he reached for a condom and I slipped out of the cuffs. I rolled him over, and put the condom on with my mouth. I cuffed his hands and began to ride him, filling myself with his cock every time, hitting my G-spot every time. I could see the goose bumps rising on his skin as he got close, driving my pleasure to the edge. As he came I squirted on last time before collapsing onto his chest. Our bodies were drenched in sweat, and the window was fogged. We both laughed after catching our breath. Kiss lips caressed mine sweetly.
“How long have you been thinking about this?” he asked. I laughed. I’d been fantasying about him since the first time we met. I didn’t have to answer.
“I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you, and I was dreaming about this ever since,” he said. I nodded.
“By the way, everyone else won’t get back until the storm lets up. So we have this place to ourselves for the next couple days,” he said with a wicked smile.

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    I really loved your story!!!! Thank you!!

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