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A quick note about my partner, she is a really respectable and straight girl. She is a journalist who is very beautiful and ever so particular about her appearance and image. The one thing is she gets horny, and when she does she forgets about her image, her straightness and just wants to fuck, thank god for that.

Read on,

It was about 8pm one night and my partner had knocked off work. I was horny driving home and she was pretty keen to have my cock inside her also. We drove past a park which had a public toilet in it and a car park well away from the road. I suggested that we have some fun in the park, she was all for the change in scenery while we had sex.
We parked the car and started to get it on, she said that it was a little cramped and would be more fun if we had more room. We locked the car doors and went into the darkened toilet. Once in the toilet we started kissing, I pulled her top off and exposed her breasts and unbuttoned her jeans. She in turn unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock out and started playing with it.
Next thing we heard someone entering the toilet, we shut the door of a cubicle and went quiet. Two males walked into the cubicle and started talking while they stood there making out they were having a piss. Another male walked in about 1 minute later and joined them at the trough. My partner and I had stopped what we were doing and were now intently watching what these guys were doing. All 3 of them looked to be playing with themselves, it was amazing, that is what they were doing! I knew my partner had always wanted to see men have sex together so I was sure she was getting turned on, and to be honest the fact that they were now playing with each other was turning me on also. One of them was now on his knees and the other two were kissing each other and playing with the others nipples. My partner was watching through a hole in the door, naked except for her socks and boots. I placed my hand on her pussy and she was dripping wet and moved against me, I moved behing her and slid my cock inside her and she was hotter and wetter than I had ever felt her.
She looked at me and whispered that she wanted to see this close up, then she opened the door. The 3 guys nearly died I am sure as they did not realise anyone else was there. I stayed where I was and watched as she walked out into the dark with 3 strange men. One of the guys said, ‘how are you doin’ mate, you scared us all’, she replied, ‘I am doing fine and would really like to watch you’. They again nearly died and one made comment of the obvious, ‘christ, you are a girl’. She said, ‘yes and I would really like to watch, is that ok’, yes was the reply.
All 3 of them got back to playing with each other, I could hear my partner talking to them, telling them how hot it was to watch and how turned on she was. I then heard one ask her if she would like to join them, saying he was only here for sex and had a wife at home. The other 2 said the same, they too were into women also. She said, ‘maybe I just want to watch for now’.
They got back to having sex together but I could tell they were now more interested in my partner than each other. As one of them sucked anothers cock the guy who was watching approached my partner and placed his hand on her breast, she allowed him to do this and just kept watching. Then his hand started to play with her breasts and he started to suck them, she started to breathe heavier. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and she started to stroke his cock. She mentioned how big he was and that she liked big cocks. The other 2 now turned their attention toward her and they were all rubbing her breasts stomach and pussy. She was now playing with each of their cocks in turn as they had hands all over her, I could see them feeling her brests, her ass and her pussy. One of them got behind her and started kissing her neck while the other 2 were sucking her breasts, she was now moaning and breathing heavily and seemed oblivious to everything else. Then one of the guys pulled her head toward his cock and she started to suck him, she was wanking the other guys cock and the guy behind was now set up for what they all wanted. As she sucked the cock infront of her the guy behind tried to push his big cock into her, she pushed him away saying no for the first couple of times before he grabbed her forcefully and drove it deep inside her. She screamed and tried to move away but they held her firm and he pounded her pussy. She was saying no and that they could with a condom but not unprotected, but they had a taste of it and wanted her, and knew they could have her however they liked. I was watching and playing with myself and was helpless to stop them. I could hear him slamming his cock into her and then, groaning, heard him cum deep inside her pussy. As he squirted inside her she came at the same time, the cock in her mouth muffling her moans of pleasure. He pulled out and the next guy was inside her, again forcefully as she objected. He only lasted a minute or so and he too filled her wet hot pussy with his thick cum. The last guy to get behind her was huge, she asked him to go easy as she knew she would not escape him, she could feel her pussy burning and cum oozing out of her. This guy moved behind her and slid his cock inside her in one stroke, she moaned deeply as he filled her with his huge size. He was slowly sliding his cock in and out of her and one of the guys started to lick her pussy while the other licked her breasts. I could hear her nearing orgasm again as the guy behind was now pounding her pussy. She asked him not to cum until she was about to so he slowed down. She then told him to fuck her and cum inside her and he took to pounding her hard and cumming deep in her as she came with a scream of ecstasy at all of the attention on her. A cock in her pussy filling her with cum, a tongue on her clit and a mouth on her breasts. He remained inside her for a minute or so afterwards and they made small talk while they were still kissing and playing with her. I then heard her start to moan again and start to cum as the guy with his cock still in her held her tightly and told her to, ‘take that you slut’. After her orgasm subsided she asked him how he could cum with that much force and that amount of cum. So much that it made her cum and was now running out of her pussy. He told her he just pissed inside her, she said, ‘wow, it felt amazingly good’. He then pulled out and they all left, my girl returned to me full of cum and piss and told me that was the best fucking she had ever had, I turned her around and entered her, I could feel the cum inside her and that turned me on amazingly. I fucked her as hard as I could and came so much and so deep inside her it made her cum again. We then left and went home, I then put her in the bath and turned on the spa. She washed herself and soaked in the spa for an hour before coming to bed where we fucked again while she told me all about her toilet sex with 3 strangers.
She then admitted that her 3 fantasies were to have sex with a stranger, group sex with several guys and to watch guys have sex together, she never imagined doing them all, especially not all together while I watched.
About once a month we venture back there so that she can be gang fucked, the only difference is we take a supply of condoms. I sometime make out I am a guy who walks into use the tiolet and fuck her with the others in the toilet and they have no idea it is my girl they are fucking, we love it.

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