An unexpected autograph

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An unexpected autograph.

He was an unknown actor. I don’t know much about him except that he acted in most movies and tv series. My friend wanted to have his damn autograph. However to gutless to ask her himself. He lived in her neighbourhood. I lived in a crummy apartment in the city.She asked to housesit for her and for me to get his autograph while she’s out of the country. “It will be an opportune time”. She said. Bitch.
But here I am standing on his porch ringing his doorbell. The door opened revealing a grumpy looking, tall caramel coloured guy with an eight pack for stomach muscles and the rest including his bulge covered with a towel. Of course naturally I hoped and wished it would and would not fall off. The towel I mean. I dragged my eyes back up. “Yes?” He asked.”Sorry for disturbing you but could you please just sign this damn thing and I’ll be on my way?” I asked. “Why?” He asked. Now I know why this guy isn’t famous. He speaks only one word sentences. Holy shit. What was my friend thinking?” So that I can get my friend to stop nagging me”. I said with a smile which might have looked goofy and psychotic at the same time. I tend to do that.”Why don’t you come in?” He said. Wow, A full sentence.”No, thank you. I really have to get going. I just…”. that’s as far as I got because I got yanked into the house by my arm. He shut the door.
Next thing I know I’m up against the wall with his whole body shoved up tightly against me. His hand was on the side of my face and his lips was gently kissing on my mouth then moved to my neck. My virgina burst open. His hand then moved down to my breast. With both hands he ripped open my shirt, pulled my bra down and sucked my breast one at a time. I was gasping for air at this delicious onslaught. My fingers somehow got tangled in his short hair, pressing his head closer to my breast. His hands was loosening my pants and taking it completely off me. The rest of my clothes disappeared off my body aswell. With licking kisses he trailed a path down my stomach straight to my clitoris. I screamed as his tongue entered. I started to caress the top half of my body, moulding and squeezing my breast. While his tongue totally wetted my pussy. On and On it went. I lost track of everything except his tongue and hands. They were driving me crazy. If it’s not his tongue it’s his fingers violating me. My whole body was on fire. My hips started to gairate on his tongue. Then he pressed me hard agaisnt the wall to stop me gairating but he kept on licking me faster and faster and faster untill I exploded all over his face.I was limp. He picked me up and carried me like a baby to the bedroom where he unceremoniously dropped me on the bed.
He pulled both my legs towards the side of the bed and lifted them up together. He, keeping my ankles in one hand, used his other hand to put his penis into my pussy. Slowly he started to pump me. Groaningly he picked up the pace. My pussy was swelling from all the lust building up.”Oh yeah. O-o-h Yeah. Huh”. He mumbled. He was enjoying this while I was getting frustrated. I wanted to hold him. Have him all over me. I wanted him to grined me untill it hurt. Then he just simply opened my legs pushing it down so that my knees were next to me. My right leg went over his left shoulder and his right arm placed so that my left leg don’t go down. Then placing his left knee next to my hip on the bed; he continued to fuck me me even harder. It felt as if his dick was fucking my lungs. I was the one crying out with every thrust. Suddenly I just pushed him away with both feet. He fell agaist the opposite wall. I manage to scramble up and get half way across the bed when to powerful arms grabbed my waist. Holding me with one arm he put his penis into my ass. I was still on my knees on the bed when with a bear hug from behind and keeping me bended forward forced his swollen dick with one long thrust into my ass untill it was hilted in my ass. I was dizzy know. Rythmically he worked my ass. His hand found my pussy. It was to much. I screamed at him to fuck me. That I wanted it. I reached behind and grabbed his ass hoping he would fuck me harder. He did. I thought I was being spanked with a sement slab. Then explosive screams ripped from our throughts as we both cummed at the same time. We collapsed on the bed. He turned my upper body to him and we started kissing. Tongues duelling. Then I realized something. His dick was still hard as a rock and felt like a damn pole in my ass. With unbelieving eyes I looked at him. “Your not sated?” ” No.” Was his simple answer. He took his dick out of my ass.”Straddle me.” He commanded me. He layed on his back and I slowly lowered myself down his pole. He then sat up and cupped my face with is hands and we french kissed. He looked down to my breast and moulded them with his hands. As he layed back down he pulled me down with him and then suddenly just rolled over so that I was now at the bottom. We made slow love then. Not caring about time or anything else. He slowly fucked me with his whole body. Not once lifting himself up. My legs was rapped around him. I barely noticed the darkening room. I did notice how he was grinding me, his hot breath on my ear and his lips trailing kisses from my mouth to my neck and back to my mouth. The room was completely dark now. Only the light from the moon lighting the room. Then he buried his face in my neck and started to jab me with his dick. Faster and faster. Then spasming his cum shot into me.
Well, I’m sure glad I asked for that autograph. We fell asleep with his dick still buried deep in my pussy.

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