south beach nights

It was a cold and breezy night, and hell i needed someone to put me to bed. So i got dressed, put on the sexiest thing i had, some black lace tights on my thick carmel legs. Black push up bra on these DDs, some red 6 inch heels, and my long black hair flowing down my back. i was ready to find my next victim in the nite. I walk down the beautiful streets of south beach as my ass swift left to rite grabbing all the attention i cud. And thats when i seen him. This tall fine stallion, standing at 6’3 dark chocolate skin with dreads pulled back in a low ponytail. YUM! Just like i like em. My mouth begin to water of the thought of how his dick taste. I tried to grab his attention as he went for a lay up on the bball courts. He looked dead in my eyes and walked over. He said now wuts girl like u doing out so late. I smiled and said looking for u. He said how bout we go bacc to ur place and i said thts just wut i had on mind. Damn we cudnt even make it to the door, he ripes a hole in my tights and begin to eat my pussy on the stair case. He flicked his tongue back and forth on my clit making me wet. I could feel the juices run down the lips of pussy. Then he sucked on my clit as he places his fingers inside me. I pushed him and sat him down, i pulled out his hard black dick and begin to suck his head real fast as i played wit his balls. I place all of him in mouth and suck he puts both his hands on my head pushin my head up and down. I stop and say lets go in the house. Hes picks me up pressin his dick against my pelvis as we kiss makin r way to the bed. He throws me down and rips my clothes off exposing my hard nipples. he squeezes em and suck em as i pull on his dreaded hair. He turns me over and place his dick inside me, and start fuckin me hard. Making my ass clap against his pelvis, smakin my cheeks makin me wetter…he ask whose pussy is this…i said its urs baby fuck that pussy up. He pump me harder and harder. I moan so loud, he covered my mouth wit his hand. Then he sits on the bed and pulls me bacc on top of him. I begin to bounce up and down on his dick making his toes curl. As i ride him he rubs my clit. Damn that shit feel good. Hes a nasty muthafucka. I start riding him faster until i feel myself bout to cum. His body begins to lift up. O yea hes bout to cum, and so am i. I take it up 1 more notch. He grabs my hips and says make me cum baby. And i scream out im cumming. He said me too…and i cum all on his dick. Making him bust all inside me. Damn that was great. He got dressed and left his number on my dresser. And said call anytime, and left. And i went fast asleep. Mslustalot over and out.

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