i love my girlfriend!

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i was flirting with my girlfriend for 4
months but nothing interesting was happening. she was, if you kinda think, a fuckbuddy. just two pep talks and straight to sex. our interests were different and we had nothing in common, but truth be told, she was a very good fucker

she was a britney spears maniac and there was a concert in our city. she begged so much that i gave up and said i’d take her to the concert. i hated pop, and i didnt give a fuck about britney, but damn, she was sexy, and besides i could grab 2 or 3 chicks at the concert.

we went to the big stadium, there was an enormous crowd, screaming like morons to the pop star.the concert started and i noticed that, christina aguilera was sitting at the front row, watching her “friend” with joy.

the concert finished and my girlfriend took my hand and dragged my fastly out of the stadium, and brought me to a small, filthy door.she took a card out of her pocket. it was a backstage pass card. she was waving it in joy and then she opened the door. to my (and especially her) luck there was noone else, so i didnt have to wait for this bullshit.we went to britney’s dressing room and she disappeared behind the door.

after 10 or 15 minutes she came out of the dressing room, screaming madly, ran back out of the door wich we came in, but totally forgetting me. britney’s door was still open, and she gazed at me and called me in. i wasn’t nervous at all, but my dick started to harden very little.she was wearin a dress, wich i would call: “nothing”

-was that your girlfriend? she asked
-yeah, replied
-loser, she smiled
i smiled back and said “she left and didnt see me at all”.

-well that makes things easier she said and she jumped on me, rapping her legs to my hip, slamming the door shut and started kissing me like a maniac.now i was nervous, but i replied her kisses. diving my tongue in her mouth, i was starting to lose balance, but luckily she had a wide bed and i fell on it, britney above me. we tore our clothes off, still kissing each other after 5 minutes or something, she got up and zipped my pants, suprised to see my dick still small.”what resistance! nah, we’ll handle it” she said and started to suck it hard.well,that proved she wasn’t a virgin, ’cause she was doing it good. we were moaning together when i heard a click on the door. the door opened and i saw christina aguilera, first an amaze but then with a smiling face. “guess i’m not late yet” she said, closing the door, undressing. we started kissing while britney was taking care of my cock. then christina bent down to help her co-worker.they were like two birds going for the same worm.then they laid down on the bed spreading their legs, begging me to fuck, but i hadnt tasted them yet.i ate both of their pussy licking the inside and biting their hypnotizing slits, listening to their moaning. both of them were delicious. after that, i got brit to the doggy style, while fingering christina’s pussy. god! her ass was beautiful, i couldn’t help myself spanking it. she liked it and asked for more, but i was kind to her ass and stroked it. she liked this more and moand like a horse. now it was cristinas turn. i fucked her pussy while she was licking brit’s pussy, who was kissing me like a slut, strange triangle. christina couldn’t hold herself and blasted her juice to my still pumping-dick. i got of and britney laid on c’s body like a 66 (yes not a 69) position. their pussy’s were paralel, looking at my dick with hunger.i teased them both by slightly touching my cock to their clits, the moaning was outragous. i fucked them good in the same position as they were playing with their bodies. i couldn’t take it anymore and ordered them to kneel, immediately obeyed and looked at me like hungry cute kittens. usually my cum comes out in small amounts, but this time i thought i was opening i water hose. i sprayed my load to their mouth, especially to their faces. they licked the cum on eachothers faces and cleaned my dick, although they sucked me dry, they continued deep throating for 10-15 minutes. whoa! what was that! i didn’t want to leave, i wanted this sex to last forever, but my girlfriend came to me mind and she would definately give it to me by the ecstasy of the concert.

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