I'm fucked my rap stars

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That evening I was really horny and was going to arap concert. My boyfriend and me planned to have sex afterwards.In the middle of the concert,my boyfriend said however that he changed his mind, and does not want to do that. We had an argument and he left. Chingy was performing and lookibng up at himiconsiosly reachedinto my panties and started rubbing my clit. I could seethe rappers gazestooping on me,his eyebrows lifted and in the end of his performance he looked back at me. A the end of the concert a body guardcome up to me and asked me to follow him. Ashe pushed me into the roomand closedthe door in sawthat Chingy and Busta were there. “Why were fingering your self, slut aked Chingy. I could feel my panties getting wet. Take off you clothes, slut saidChingyWe know you want to be haevily fucked! i obeyed.It wasalready midnight out and went naked into the car with Busta and Chingy.They both went into the back seat wioth me. How old are you? bitch?- 14. You are such a slut for such a small age said Busta Rhymes. He sat down with his pants unzipped and lowered me onto his cock. It washuge! 10 inches long cock is not a joke especislly when you are 14! Busta started fingering my clit and Chingy wasplaying with my yet so small titties/ You are on the road to becoming raper slave for life! Where are we going aked I? To Dre’s place in Sex Mansion.”
…More to come….

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