A Chance Encounter, Part 4

Colleen came around the wall wearing nothing but a necklace and a huge smile, her large breasts jiggling and bouncing as she walked. Her nipples hard and erect, her waist swaying back and forth, with her pussy freshly trimmed to the top of the hood of her clit about an inch wide dark and prominent, she came through the gate and looked for Dale. As she came through the little gate, Dale opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony. Standing there in all his nakedness, his cock thick and engorged, his dark pubic hair trimmed short against his body, he was a sight for sore eyes. His firm muscular legs propelled him through the door. Colleen caught her breath as she hadn’t seen this man up close from the front and what she saw she really liked.

Dale smiled and said, “Welcome. Did you like the flowers I sent you?”

I very much loved the flowers, thank you so much.” she said as she walked up and kissed him on the cheek with a light caress of her fingers across his chest.

Dale kissed her cheek back and ran a hand up her side to caress the side of her amazing breast, her eyes closed as she moaned. Dale pulled back and offered her a chair. She accepted the chair, sitting with her legs partly open to tease him even more with a pussy lip flash. His cock jumped and she looked right at it as he moved toward his chair and lifted the silver lid that was on her meal, lifting his off at the same time.

Hope you like chicken?” he smiled.

Love chicken, very thoughtful. And does your wife get this treatment when you aren’t flirting and teasing single ladies in hotels?” she teased.

No wife, or girlfriend, for that matter.”

Really!! And what do you do that allows you to stay at hotels of this caliber, if you don’t mind my asking?” she giggled.

I am a security consultant,” Dale stated. “And what is it you do that your company can put you up in this place?”

I work for a national chain of high fashion lingerie outlets. I design and market them.”

Very interesting, so do you do your own fashion shows as a model?”

HAHA, no I am way too old to be a model, but I do like to wear my own creations. The green negligee I was wearing last night was one I created. Hard to fit these two in over the counter stuff,” she said as she lifted her large round full breasts into her hands, gently running her fingertips over her nipples as she did so.

Dale took a deep breath and his eyes locked on her nipples as they grew even harder and her aureoles puckered and made her nipples harder and longer. Colleen’s eyes closed as she runs her fingers around her nipples again and again, moaning softly as she did so.

Dale’s cock is rock hard under the table and for just a second he feels he is violating this stunning creature’s intimate moment to herself, but he just shrugs and leans forward to get a better look and his left hand slips under the table as he strokes his hard shaft a couple of times, enjoying this view.

Colleen broke herself out of her revery and smiled at him, “Sorry, they are very sensitive. Would you like to lick them, Dale?”

Oh yes, very much I would love to lick them and suck them too.”

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