A New Spirit

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“Oh how could he, how could he?” Sabby felt tears well up in her eyes and her temper rise as she watched her husband Rob’s bare butt thrust forward again sending the dick that she had experienced so many, many times doing for her what it was doing now for the naked female lying on “their” bed.

At thirty-two years of age Susanne Andrea Belvoysan, SAB or Sabby to her friends, felt that her husband’s behaviour would cause her to die of a broken heart, but that was a silly thought, after all, she had already died, three years back. “Shit, so am I really thirty-five? No way, dead people don’t get older! Better dead than a twenty year old whore seducing another woman’s husband!”

Sabby took the girl’s inner pussy lips between finger and thumb, pinched hard and chuckled to herself when the action achieved a yell from the girl who slapped Rob’s ass hard and told him to take it easy. Sabby could have told her that Rob loved a little pain during lovemaking.

A half open can of beer stood on the night table, or it did before Sabby pushed it off so that in fell on the bed where it glugged its contents onto the covers and seeped under the young woman’s body. As the cold liquid spread beneath her the girl yelled again, “What the fuck!”.

Enjoying the developing situation Sabby noticed Rob’s hand close to the girl’s head, and grabbing a handful of thick black hair she tugging it hard.

“Fuck you Rob, I am pissed off with this, go get a street whore, she might like an inadequate clumsy oaf” yelled the now irate young woman.

No matter how he whined, begged and cajoled Rob couldn’t get the woman to stay and just stood, open mouthed as she left, his still rock solid dick in his hand.

Standing behind her widower husband Sabby grinned as he stood in front of the large bedroom mirror tugging so hard at his meat that it was a wonder he didn’t pull it off. Never before had she seen him wanking so unrestrained, believing that no one was able to see him.

“If only I can taste him once more”; she positioned as so many times before, on her knees at his feet placing her mouth ready to catch the spurts of hot, strong semen. Looking up at him, she was astonished at the strain and ferocity in his face as he neared what might have been his first orgasm for some time.

Five times Sabby heard the splash of Rob’s seed as it hit the mirror behind her, she had to accept that as a spirit, damn it, the taste of cum was no longer to be her joy.

Sabby was learning that time has no meaning in the state of death, what seemed just a moment ago could be years passing in the state of living. She also learned that not all those that pass from the living world ever experience the form in which she now found herself; non-corporeal substance. Most pass into that state of nothingness, where nothing exists yet there is everything. Where nothing happens yet everything happens. Where those that had gone before waited yet nobody was there. When standing behind Rob, in the mirror she saw her image yet she saw nothing tangible.

Sabby felt strangely smug, in her life she considered herself a dumbo, now, just how didn’t matter, she knew all that she needed, as she needed. Just like that… her finger and thumb snapped but no sound was made; yes, there were circumstances that she had to get used to.

A time later…

This room looked squalid, dark, tiny, just a bed, a night table and very little else apart from an incredible amount of what appeared to be dirty laundry. Sabby sniffed but hadn’t quite mastered the complexities of olfactory sensibility but it just had smell rank.

The sounds emitted by the couple on the bed were horrendous; a woman on her back, legs spread wide, her knees threatening to bruise her shoulders was alternately yelling expletives and whimpering as if in excruciating pain; the guy, his hands pressing hard on the female’s upper legs, pounding her ass like a pile-driver was grunting like some prehistoric dinosaur, and using a string of expletives, some that Sabby thought must be thought up on the spur of the moment.

Putting her mouth close to the woman’s ear Sabby whispered “whore” and was disappointed to observe no discernible reaction. Then realised that Rob, pounding at the ass beneath him was yelling that and worse so gave up on the idea of scaring the female.

One advantage of being a spirit was that of being able to be anywhere at any time, so Sabby observed Rob’s cock from just six inches away as it plunged into the anus of the girl. It was as she remembered it, wonderfully hard, thick and long. It glistened with what she tried not to think of that lubricated it in that awful hole.

The pussy above it gushed juices and male fluids past blood engorged labia that had obviously enjoyed the same type of pounding that her ass now experienced. It was a pussy that normally nestled between young thighs covered only by the merest wisp of lacy nylon, which was easily pulled aside by excited male fingers as it almost begged hard action.

Sabby kicked and threw the dirty washing in the air and observed the pair for any reaction. Their eyes were tightly closed so knew nothing of her actions. She investigated the bedside table and found in it a giant dildo that looked more like a weapon than a source of pleasure. Rob’s ass reciprocating back and forth looked like a suitable recipient for the dildo but she decided to allow him to take what little pleasure he could from the skank female writhing beneath him.

None too soon the fornicating couple reached a crescendo of effort and sound, Rob let out a cry that, had she not been a spirit would have scared Sabby. He sank his dick to its limits, squashing his tight balls against the girl’s young butt cheeks and roared long and loudly as he filled the girl’s innards with the hot fluid that once had Sabby moaning with delight as it splashed deep in her grateful pussy.

Reviled yet strangely fascinated, Sabby watched as Rob withdrew his cock from the girl. Fascinated by the raw, red appearance of the anus and the incredible size of the orifice that remained. Now his sperm began to pour from the anus and the girl reached down to scoop it up. Sabby closed her eyes but this didn’t prevent her seeing an eager young female tongue lap up the fluid. The young woman made to kiss Rob but sensibly he declined.

Sabby knew, promised herself, that as her abilities improved that she would influence her former husband so that he found the best substitute for her that she could.

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    very interesting will she gain more control over the corporeal world and give him what he needs?

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