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My Cute Teacher

My Cute Teacher

Its almost one year ago when my exams has finished. My Hindi madam is so sexy we have some perfect breasts and her dress showing her nipples clearly. Her name was Annie and 28 years old, whenever i feel alone and horny i always think about her. She is married and unhappy with her husband. After all, i went to her home for studying English. When i saw her she looks very sexy and pretty in short shirt and trouser. She started to teach me and my eyes were on his body and my dick getting harder. Suddenly she noticed and asked me what you are thinking i confusingly replied nothing just try to understand what you are saying.

Then she said let me bring another book that was on the cupboard which is high from her. And she try to pick the book but she failed and i was looking at her and her shirt blow up i can see her naked waist. Suddenly, i said can i lift you up with smile and i can not expect that she said can you. I said yes teacher i can she replied OK lets try how powerful you are. Then i pulled her from his back and her butts touching my belly. I was feeling very strange and i said teacher did you find the book she said wait. I moved my hands down slowly and she realized i have been tired and she getting slip. My dick was getting harder and harder is like tear off my underwear. She said yes lift me down and i did. Her nipples were too hard and i can see clearly from her shirt.

She said there is no book around i am just coming from the kitchen. Then i was all alone in the room i pressing my dick, and teacher came and saw me. But i wanted that teacher see me and teacher smiled and asked what you are doing. I said nothing and feeling embarrassment. She gave me cold drink and she locked the door and i was looking at her surprisingly. Then she sit next to me and looking into my eyes in romantic ways. It looks like she wants me. I think to touch her but i was afraid of with my teacher. She asked me do you ever did i said what… she said do not be child. I feel happy inside and replied yes once. Then she asked just kissing, touching or fucking. I replied all of them and i could not control myself.

I grab her and pushed toward the sofa and kissing on her face passionately. I can feel her warm body and she did not say anything i continuously sucking her lips wildly and my dick was so hard. Then i pressed her boobs she started kiss me wildly then i took off her shirt she was doing red. I started to press her boobs and slowly sucking her tits. I said please teacher turn back she did. Then i took off her trouser and pressing her big butts i cant express my feelings. I was amazed and pushing strongly. She laid down on the sofa and said fuck me now. Her butt on top and i lay down top of her. And my dick was touching on her Butts and Vagina. My dick was fully hard and I try to push my dick on his vagina and started moan aaahhh ummmm…. then i forced hard and my dick inside her. We did almost 10 to 15 mins and took break but after 10 mins we started again but this time she was top on me. And i cant control myself and cum inside she said do not worry i can manage. So guys tell me do you like my short story if you want next time how we meet again so you can join chat room for part 2.

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