A nice encounter

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It was summer in Australia and had been a long night of clubbing. My friends and I had stumble across this new dance club so we decided to head in. The club was packed! Scantly clad girls danced everywhere. I didn’t know where to look first. Everyone was just dripping in sweat due to the heat of the Australian climate. I made for the bar and bought myself a drink. I joined my friends and looked around the club and noticed a few girls looking my way. After finishing my drink I made my way to the toilets. I passed the line for the ladies on the way… it was longer than I’ve ever seen in a club.
I made my way into a cubicle and flopped my cock out and let loose. I was just finishing up when I felt someone come into the cubicle behind me. I quickly turned around thinking it was some weirdo but to my surprise it was this hot little raver girl dressed in a short white skirt and a tiny little top that could barely contain her beautiful breasts. She had to be around 18 or maybe older.
I was so surprised I was lost for words. I managed to splurt out “err this ones taken”. She just smiled innocently and explained that the line was to long at the ladies and asked if she could use this toilet. I couldn’t say no so I said “go ahead” I went to move around her to walk out of the toilet but she looked me into the eyes and said “could u stay and make sure no one else comes into this cubicle” well how could I say no to that. We swapped places and I closed the door and locked it as she asked. I couldn’t believe I was just standing there as she dropped her short little skirt to the floor to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My eye nearly popped out of my head! I didn’t know where to look! She sat down onto the toilet and did her business. The whole situation had me so turned on that even the sound of her going to the toilet made my cock grow instantly hard in my pants.
As she finished she gently wiped herself then her eyes locked onto my crotch. I could see her eyes light up as she saw the massive bulge in my pants. She licked her lips and looked up at me. I felt so bad for being turned on by the whole situation. I quickly said I was sorry but she immediately replied with “don’t be sorry… I’m not” And with that she reached for my belt and undid it. She slowly undid my pants and then pulled down the fly. Then she looked me in the eyes again and said “what do you u have here” then she pulled the opening of my boxers a side and reached in and pulled my cock out. I felt even more blood instantly rushing to my already enlarged cock. She flopped it out and gave me a cheeky grin then she reached down and pulled my big heavy ball sack out.
I just stoop there, still in disbelief, as she massaged my balls with her hands. I couldn’t remember a time that I had ever been this hard before. Then she grabbed my cock again and held its base and looked me into the eyes as she slowly wrapped her beautiful mouth around my swollen head. She flicked her tongue around the tip of my cock and then pressed her tongue into the opening. I nearly cried out as it felt so good, I had never felt any thing like that in my life. She then drove her self right down to the base of my cock taking the whole thing to the back of her throat. She moved her head around so I could feel her throat rubbing against the head of my cock.
By this time I was in total ecstasy. I was just standing there having this awesome girl suck my cock in a night club toilet. She grabbed one of my hands and put it on the back of her head. I put my other hand on the back of her head and held her hair in my hands. I started to push her head back and forth on my cock. Her mouth was so tight I couldn’t believe it. I started getting into it and in no time found my self furiously pounding her mouth. She began to moan in enjoyment.
I felt my balls tense up but I didn’t want to come yet so I motioned for her to stop. She sat back up right and I said “now its ur turn”
She lay back on the toilet exposing her snatch. I could smelly its musky aroma even before I got down on my knees. I spread her legs back to see her glistening pussy. She had it waxed with the tiniest bit of hair remaining looking like a landing strip. I looked up at her right into her eyes as I gently kissed her thighs. Slowly making my way to her pussy. I spread her lips apart to see her beautiful clit all perky just begging for attention. I ran my tongue up the left side of her pussy all the way to the top carefully making sure I didn’t come into contact with her clit just yet. I then repeated the same thing but on the other side of her pussy. Her whole body was quivering. I did this a few times more. Each time getting closer and closer to her clit. By this time I knew she couldn’t take it any more so pushed up her clit with my tongue and began to lick it. I pushed her clit round and round with my tongue fast and faster as I heard her begin to moan. I began to suck on her clit. She reached down and pushed my head hard into her crotch as she battled to keep from crying out. I kept sucking as I felt my chin pushing into the bottom half of her pussy. Her pussy was so hot, and then I felt hot sensation on my chin and my neck as she came. Her delicious juice was flowing madly. It was all over my face now. I kept sucking until she pushed me away. Her pussy was now very tender and she couldn’t take anymore.
I got back onto my feet and she stood up and passionately kissed me. She kissed my face and my neck and lapped all of her juices up. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest in the small cubicle. They were so firm! I reached down and pulled her top. Her nipples were large and erect so I kissed her neck and made my way down to her breasts. I kissed around and around her nipples and then I took one in my mouth. It felt so nice in my mouth. I gently sucked on her nipple as she pushed my head into her breasts.
She then pulled my head back and looked me into the eyes and said “I want to fuck you”. Well I wasn’t wasting my time. I stood back up straight as she turned around and put both knees onto either side of the toilet seat. She arched her back up so that her arse was right in front of me. I could see her beautiful pussy lips hanging down and her hot wet hole just begging to be fucked. I lined my cock up with her hole and gently pushed the tip of the head into her pussy. I grabbed her by the waist. She turned back and looked at me. I said “you want it” she just moaned with anticipation. With that I rammed my cock hard and fast right deep into her gash. I heard her gasp with delight. Her pussy was so fucking hot and tight on my cock. I went harder and harder as she bounced back and forth on my cock. Her face pressing up against the toilet wall. Her pussy felt so good. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer. I managed to say to her “I’m going to cum”. She turned back and said “I want you to cum, cum inside of me with that big fucking cock” I couldn’t take it any longer so I blew my big load deep inside her hot wet hole. She moaned as she felt it fill her up. I slowed down the pace. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. I slowly pulled out and she got up. I put my cock away and she got dressed.
She gave me one last kissed then cheekily said “thanks for watching the toilet for me” we opened the door and left the toilets. I walked up to my mates who looked at me and said “you looked exhausted” to which I replied “hahaha yeah I’m fucked”

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  1. Sinsational

    Very nice indeed. I’ve always loved bathroom encounters.

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