A night to remember

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As I walked through the main doors to the club the bassline making my heart throb, feeling quite drunk already I knew this would be a good night. We all made our way to the bar, noticing all of the extremely hot guys around tonight, “wow this is really where the beautiful people go” I joked to my best friend Sarah, nodding my head towards a group of guys stood not too far away. She followed my gaze to lock eyes with one particularly hot guy in a red checked shirt and midlength dark hair, “absolutely. And to think we weren’t going to come here tonight” she smiled.
Drinks in hand we made our way to the dance floor where we danced like no one was watching even though we could tell we had the gaze of the people around us, we danced away acting oblivious. I felt someone brush past and turned to look to be greeted with curly dark hair and a thick dark beard framing the most piercing green eyes. At that moment, our eyes locked, I felt my stomach flip and my heart start to beat even faster. He was soon gone and we continued dancing.
A little later I felt the deep green eyes once again piercing my stare so I walked over, holding the gaze as though our eyes were connected by a string that was pulling me into him. Standing face to face he paused, there was silence broken only by him leaning in to kiss me. A perfect kiss, tender but passionate finishing with him sucking my top lip as he pulled away to look into my eyes once more leaving me breathless. At this point he did not need to initiate anything as I pulled him to me this time, both of us getting extremely hot I could feel his heart beating as fast as mine. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side of the dance floor out of the flashing lights and into a space only for us.
Leaning his face against mine so our eyes were closer than ever I could feel his breath on mine, his heavy breathing proving to me this was making him as hot as me, he grabbed a hold of my head kissing me more passionately than ever before. His hands running through my hair made me wetter than I had ever been. His passion was getting the better of him, pulling at my hair which was turning me on even more, his hands moved down to my waist and my thighs, moving up my dress to caress and squeeze my bum. He was thrusting into me, feeling his hard cock against me made me want him there and then.
“Let’s go back to mine” he didn’t even need a worded response from me; I kissed him as my response and led him by the hand to the exit of the club. We jumped into the first taxi where we continued where we left off, his hands all over me I climbed onto him still kissing so passionately he slid his hand between my legs and gave a gasp at how wet I was. I gave a sly grin and he proceeded to caress my clit almost to the point of orgasm as the taxi pulled up to blue front door.
He paid the taxi driver, not even able to wait for change and we continued up the path to the door. As soon as we were the other side of the door he pulled my dress over my head as I undid his jeans and pulled his top off him. I could feel his cock bulging more than ever now knowing he wasn’t going to be able to wait much longer I released his cock from his boxers and pulled him inside of me. He thrust a few times then picked me up by my thighs and fucked me hard right there in his hallway still kissing me passionately as the position allowed our faces to be as close as earlier in the night. He kissed my neck and immediately we both came together, collapsing into each. He rubbed my pussy as my cum ran down my leg and led me upstairs where I knew the night wasn’t yet over.

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