A Perfect Surprise

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He told me wear my sexiest underwear, my sexiest dress and fuck me shoes. ‘ I’ve got a surprise for you tonight ‘ he said on the phone, I couldn’t see him but I knew he had that cheeky smile on his face. With my hair, nails and make up done. My new red lace knickers and bra, a little black dress and black patent fuck me heels on…I was ready for my surprise.

I opened the door ‘ wow ‘ he said…. ‘ You look perfect ‘ he came closer and we had the most passionate kiss he ever gave me. That made me tingle. He took me outside whilst covering my eyes. He kissed my neck and moved his hands…a beautiful black limo. ‘ Its taking us to the restaurant and the hotel ‘ I was so excited, even more to get him into that hotel room and fuck his brains out.

The limo ride was tense. We drank champagne and got giggly. I wanted to rip his clothes off there and then. Hard sexy kisses, hands roaming around. Before we knew it we was at the restaurant…oh how time flys. By this time I was pretty horny and ready for his cock. We ordered. We ate. His hand running up my leg and his finger just slightly running over my pussy. God he was a tease..and a fucking good one as that. We skipped desert as I knew I’d be getting mine and headed off to the limo once again. This time I was ontop of him. Grinding my hungry pussy on his rock hard cock. I knew I was in for a good night.

We checked in. The receptionist knew by the look on my face what kind of night we had ahead of us. Hand in hand we got to the room. We walked in and I stopped dead. A beautiful women lying on the bed. Size 12, perfect curves. Her arse and breasts, so round and pert. Perfect. Her long dark wavey brown hair over her shoulder. Piercing blue eyes and a cheeky smile. Black lace bra and french knickers. And fuck me shoes. Thank fuck for fuck me shoes. He came up behind me, pulled my arse against his cock… ‘ Surprise baby ‘ he whispered in my ear. Oh how I loved this man!

‘ I hear this is your first time with a women, you have a very loving man ‘

‘ Yes it is. And I know, he’s just full of surprises ‘

She put her hand out and I walked over to the bed. She kissed me. She had such soft lips, her tongue touching mine. Her hand wandered to my neck, into my hair and pulled it slightly. He’s told her what I like. Such a good man. She carried on kissing me, down my neck. She bit me..and again. Mmm felt so good. She unzipped my dress and let it drop to the floor. She sat a second, admired me. It was sexy. Then I felt his hands on my arse. Working his way to my waist. He pulled my hair back and kissed my neck. As he did so, she undid my bra and was licking and biting my nipples. I was in heaven and fucking loved it.

He turned me round, bit my nipples and she pulled down my knickers.
‘ Leave the shoes on her ‘ he ordered her. He layed me on the bed and kissed me ‘ Enjoy baby ‘ and moved back. Her hands were stroking my body, across my nipples and down my stomach. Her touch was so soft she gave me goosebumps, my nipples rock hard, she licked them. Then kissed all the way down to my cunt. I looked over at my man. He winked at me. He was already naked, his cock rock hard. She ran her finger along my lips then slid one finger into my pussy. Pushing slowly but hard, hitting the right spot. Then I felt her lips, kissing my cunt then her tongue on my clit. Ooo her tongue. Licking my clit softly, but finger fucking me hard. She got faster and faster. I pushed her face into my cunt, harder and faster she went. I could see him wanking, loving the fact I was about to cum all over the pretty girls face. Nearly there, I could feel it building up. Like nothing I’d experienced before. And there it was. I came so hard. She carried on, it was driving me crazy. My back arched, my body hot. I gripped onto the quilt so hard and let out a moan. Fuck she was good at this.

He came over and lifted me off the bed…kissed me and gave me a cheeky wink. My hand found his cock..I knelt down and took him in my mouth. Then licked the head of his cock..gently running me tongue across it then taking him deep in my mouth again. I called the girl over. She knelt down next to me. And started to lick his balls. The moans he made, I loved he was loving this. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pushed me onto his cock. Making me gag then pulled me away. Saliva running down my chin onto my breasts, eyes watering. He mouthed ‘ I fucking love you ‘ I moved her onto his cock. I tendered to his balls. He moaned louder. I grabbed her hair and forced his cock down her throat. A wink came from him. I left her gagging on his cock for a few seconds and pulled her away and kissed her.

I pushed her to the bed and sat on her face. Pulled my man over and he slid his cock deep into her cunt. He started to fuck her hard. He leant over and kissed me as she her tongue was deep in my pussy and his cock deep in her. He kissed me harder and harder. Pulling my face towards him. Me scratching at his back with pleasure from them both. I could feel her orgasm from her mouth. I could feel it again, oh my god, again so soon. As I let out a moan he kissed me again. Feeling all of me cumming.

Soon as I came he pulled me off her. ‘ I want you now ‘ I got on my knees and he took me from behind. Holding my waist. Pulling me harder onto his cock. She was lying infront of me, legs spread wide, rubbing her clit. She put her fingers deep in her cunt and then put them in my mouth. My first taste of a women. God damn she tasted good. She was my surprise, my present. He knew I had never been with a women before. She slid down, closer to my face. What was it going to be like, her smooth silky cunt in my mouth. I was breathing harder and quicker. Excitement. Nerves. Orgasm. All rolled into one. He fucked me harder. Slapped my ass. I kissed her cunt. And again. She smelt good. I opened her lips with my fingers. My tongue exploring her clit. Licking it slowly, getting faster and quicker. I sucked it a little. Slid my fingers deep in her. Fucking her pussy with my fingers. Harder and harder. Picking up the rhythm to his. Then I put my tongue deep in her cunt. Rubbing her clit as hard as he’s fucking me. Fuck me she tasted good. I could feel her tensing up. Me tensing up. Everyones breathing getting quicker, shorter. It was hot. He was fucking me harder than before. Deep inside me. I was cumming and so were they. Moans from everyone. I pulled her harder to my face. She pulled on my hair. He pulled me onto his cock, scratching my back. Fuck fuck fuck! There it was. He stayed inside me untill he was done. We all collapsed on the bed. Hot. Sweaty. Cum covered. The room smelt of sex. I fucking loved it. I kissed him hard. ‘ Thank you ‘ I whispered to him. He pulled me close. ‘ My pleasure baby ‘

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